Saturday, 20 May 2017


In January 2012 Dade C.I. staff started using a shower in Wing J3 of the Dade Correctional Institution Transitional Care Unit (TCU) that reached temperatures of more than 160 degrees Fahrenheit to torture mentally disabled inmates.  Inmates who refused to do what staff said were placed in the shower and the water was turned on full hot with no cold.  Inmate-patients placed in the shower for punishment would stand as close as they can to the shower door to avoid the hot water.  What made the shower punishment wasn’t the hot water that they could avoid but the heat and steam from the shower they couldn’t avoid.
From January 2012 till June 23rd, 2012 several mentally disabled inmates were placed in the shower as punishment, each of them were placed in the shower one or more times.  All the inmate-patients to some degree or another yelled, kicked the door, or made noises wanting to get out of the shower.  The foregoing always happened on the 4:00pm till 11:00pm shift.
For the inmate-patients housed in Wing J3 of the TCU, the above happened so much it was considered normal.  
I explained this numerous times to the MDPD and Federal Government.  The Dade County State Attorney knew this.  The reason why I’m explaining the following is because the Dade County Florida State Attorney contended in her 3/17/17 memorandum that the fact that the inmates only went to their cell windows a few times in Wing J3 on the night Rainey was killed, in essence showed nothing unusual was happening in the wing that night.  She makes this assertion but fails to state in her memorandum that the reason why nothing unusual was happening in Wing J3 the night Rainey was killed was because it was normal for us inmates housed in J3 to hear inmate-patients in the shower for punishment, trying to get out of the shower.  
Also, the Dade County State Attorney hopes that everybody doesn’t use common sense in realizing how it’s a common instinct for people who don’t want to get hurt to not make themselves seen when they’re in an area where somebody is getting hurt.  If you’re in the area of where a person is severely hurting and killing a person and you could avoid being seen by the suspect, would you hide?  Most people would.  Does the Dade County State Attorney expect the witnesses to the Darren Rainey murder to have stood at their windows all night long and in essence tell the staff torturing Rainey “Hey, I’m watching you torture Darren Rainey?”
Anyone using reasoning when reading the Dade County Florida State Attorney’s 3/17/17 memorandum stating they aren’t going to prosecute Rainey’s killers will see that the State Attorney used unreasonable, trivial and frivolous reasons to attempt to attack the circumstances of what happened on the night Rainey was killed and etc..
If you have any information to show corruption with the Miami-Dade Police Department and/or Dade County Florida State Attorney’s Office, will you please share that information with us?  
Please share this blog with your friends and anybody you think can help us with getting justice for Darren Rainey.  Please sign our petition at entitled THE LIFE OF BLACK, MENTALLY DISABLED MUSLIM PRISONER DARREN RAINEY DOES MATTER.
Harold Hempstead, a.k.a. Caged Crusader, Tennessee Dept. of Corrections, USA, April, 2017

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