Thursday, 22 March 2018

Out Of The Cocoon

Street scenes of the everyday night – Phone-boxes of the street-corner hook-up – Phones off the hook and hangs dangling by the wire – Carriages rattle past oblivious to the pathos of the scene – Here-s where – tendrils whirling – I have had the melting experiences of meeting the Caterpillar – encountering the entity face to decapodic face – Katapliktkos and simultaneously cataleptic this beast flowed with a natural rhythm that defied artifice and nullified the bourgeois mind in one fell swoop -  This Caterpillar was the repository of myriad untold dreams from many creatures of many aeons and epochs of singular collective popular and universal flow and human surge through time-s tapestried halls and space-s unfathomable caverns – the lucky beast!  
Well luck was with the humans too as the gifts of caterpillactic knowledge culture and science would soon be spread amongst – disseminated among and generally bestowed upon a seething and pullulating species of monstrous dream-primate sometimes known as Homo sapiens sapiens – the thinking man-s ape –
Dreading that forces unfavourable to the transmission of these cultural treasures were at work – pitting their unwholesome strength into an attempt to thwart the Caterpillar-s work – he reacted by spinning a cocoon of activity – changing form and occilatory-rate – seeming to become more aethereal yet palpably sentient and present – almost human – no – much more than human – and so capable of seeing into the human heart – the human body and blood – the endocrines and adrenalin – the biological underlay that has such influence on the constitution and thus on the typical thought-process – He could observe all these things with his sweeping – scanning antennae and drink in the essence of any activity to which he was exposed –
Plankton-papyri and ambergris archives were opened and revealed by the hundred feet and the swirling papillae – namely the psychic-antennae but fundamentally he would work by direct-communique – he could talk straight into your mind – thus eliminating the need for the crude semaphore of flapping lips and tongues – the monotonous music of the human voice was obsolete and seemed unutterably primitive once he had established the direct method and cut out the middle-man of verbal verbosity -  Such things as happen in red public phone-boxes at midnight in the main streets of Kernouac towns – namely in Pendoze – a quiet little place by the sea where nothing much ever happens – a cobbled hobgoblin hovel huddling high on ramparts of steel-slate pewter skies -  
{For your mini Caterpillar chapbook simply print - fold and cut as previously instructed - a video will appear on this one day - meantime - if you-re stuck - ask your kids!}
Feel like I-m under water – like I-m in a trance and I can-t wake up – My mind is blunt and I can-t wake up -  Handel bludgeons me unconscious with his ancient formal-garden layouts - lead-lethargy is aemic and osseous - invading the body with its insidious weight - puling as gravity pulls and wrapping bladder-wrack around me ankles as I stumble and tumble in slumber I wander and seek and search and wonder still with head aloft unto the sky and to the stars my eye doth shine a twinkling reflection of all this - of all this -
All twinkled in the eye of a reflective movement like the birth - life and explosive death of a vast Universal System - a Tri-Chilocosm - a Maha-Loka - Births coming and going and exploding and popping like thoughts - The thoughts of an ant - The thoughts that fill the head that fills the aunt-s hat - The ant-s heart and the hart-s panting breath - Breathess entranced - the Arhat has no thoughts -
Inexhaustible realms of consciousness - States of mind - programmes - mental-worlds - mind-sets - beliefs - feelings - feelings - feelings - feel - 
Death-s Little Imps come and tap you on the shoulder - Mini-deaths - deaths miniaturized and minisculed - death-hints delivered by the Imp Servants of the Skeleton Lord - A bony finger taps you on the clavicle - "You haven-t got forever you know - 
What do you think you-re doing ~  
What do you think you-re doing~" 

Phenomenal flow radiating through the tangible part of the universe - atomic poetry unravelling into molecular chemistry and cellular biological entity - Hallo human - please step forward - you-re on -     It-s your show - You are the star - it-s yours - all yours - your world - take it - take it easy but take it - take it back to the source and shake it - take it to the shiny void - to the misty cloud - to the starry sky - take it away and sing it to life - offer it life and reflect on it -
Ravens and crows have plenty to say -

The last thing you need is more words in your head - but have some anyway - just in case you do - Anything is better than serious media - a squawking crow is a refreshing sound after you-ve enjoyed the sound of ten thousand fiddles steeped overnight in maple-syrup by demented goatherds  - punctuated by the percussion of krogens - carapaces - cocoanuts - goat-skulls - tongueless bells and drums that don-t stick - The sound of falling earth is sweeter than any radio and the sea has more to say than ten million monkeys all chanting the words of Shakespeare - Chaucer and Dickens - So in the light of these revelations you can follow this trail back to the realm of the Caterpillar

Monday, 12 March 2018

The Limpet 187 Mini-Edition on State-Violence and Religious Abuse - An 8-Page Chapbook

The State kills "for you" but arrogantly refuses to discuss it with you -  MPs work "for you" but won-t talk to you - Llanelli cops think it fine to chop off a man-s fingers - they are confident they will get away with it as they think they are above the law - in effect they are  -  Meanwhile in Florida schizophrenics walk in chains - blood and puss dripping from their shackle-ulcers  - 21st century treatment of the mentally ill in the World-s richest country -  Even in the sleepy Shyre of Cornwall the police kill with impunity - ignoring international law - with collusion from ignorant MPs and a corrupt IPCC - In the religious sphere we find rampant abuse of the innocent - A simple request to a Christian Bishop and a Buddhist  Lama for a statement against this class-predation is not deemed worthy of response - hunger-strike or no hunger-strike - Such is the World today - Enjoy!
To make your Souvenir Chapbook edition of The Limpet 187 just copy it into a document and print it out - Then fold longwise - then crosswise through centre and again through quarters - Then cut out dotted area in centre and fold into your wonderful pocket-sized edition of The Limpet - Cornwall-s notorious home-made human rights paper - If you fold it right you-ll have the pages in numerical order!  Enjoy The Limpet - please print some out and share with your friends - 

Monday, 5 March 2018

Chief Constable Challenged To Live Debate On UNCAT - Taser - Death of Marc Cole - Falmouth 23 May 2017

To:  The Editor etc - The Cornishman newspaper - Please consider printing this in the letters section thank you -
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Open letter to:  Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer - Devon and Cornwall Police     4:3:2017
Re:  The Death of Marc Cole -Falmouth - UNCAT
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Dear Chief Constable Sawyer-
Four days after Marc Cole was killed by Falmouth Police taser in May 2017 I wrote to you requesting clarification on the legal status of the taser weapon -  As I have been pointing out to the British government and police for eight years now the UN declared the taser x-26 a weapon of torture in violation of the UNCAT back in 2007 - To this date I have never received a satisfactory response from any representative of the government or police - You responded to my letter by sending it to the IPCC as a complaint!
My Conservative MP Derek Thomas promised me on youtube to look into the UNCAT back in 2016 but he has never responded over this and refuses to respond to me or represent me at all -
I asked you to liaise with the British government and the UN to clarify the legal status of the Taser X-26 Stun Gun - You have now told me you are passing this matter to a Superintendent to deal with - This is not satisfactory as a Superintendent lacks the authority required to liaise with the government and United Nations - 
Since I have been campaigning against tasers I have watched the death toll grow from just one in Britain to over ten - Andrew Pimlott was burned to death in a taser-incident in Plymouth and now Marc Cole from Falmouth is also dead for no justifiable reason whatsoever -
Since I am the main anti-taser activist for this area and you are the main policeman I suggest you rise to my challenge - if you really represent open - transparent and democratic policing as you claim - and meet me in the arena of public debate - An unedited youtube interview would easily clarify this legal and moral problem for the public - You can hardly expect the police to start using lethal weapons on the streets of Britain without some kind of open public discussion of it -
I have no legal training and am a busker by trade - I challenge you to debate me on taser and UNCAT -
Sincerely - Jeremy Schanche

Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche and the second HUNGER STRIKE FOR ZERO-TOLERANCE OF ABUSE IN BUDDHISM by Jeremy Schanche

Public message to: 
Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche - 
Rigpa London - Please forward to him -
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From: Jeremy Schanche
Dear Rinpoche
You may remember me as the British Buddhist who wrote to you a few weeks ago requesting an interview on the above topic - As a former student of Sogyal Rinpoche I have taken a stand against the violent - sexually and psychologically exploitative behaviour of the founder of the Rigpa Organization that has recently been revealed to the public and the sangha as I feel this crucial issue is not being addressed properly and the Rigpa Organization is drastically under-reacting to this disturbing and traumatic turn of events - For a while now I have been publicly requesting those who teach at Rigpa London to denounce Sogyal and support the Zero-Tolerance policy -
Response from Rigpa Organization has been zero!
As I said in my previous message to you - I understand that you are extremely busy and plan your schedule far in advance so probably do not have the time for an interview with me on your current tour of Great Britain - Having had no response from you or your Khyentse Foundation I am assuming that the interview will not happen on this tour -
However - I understand that you are a film-maker and thought that if you happened to be in Western Britain at some time in the future I would be happy to show you where Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche lived with my friend Bill in a village in West Cornwall where I live - I could also show you the Buddha-statue that Trungpa Rinpoche fashioned out of clay and gave to Bill Pickard - an English scholar and practitioner of Buddhism since the 1940s - Bill passed the statue on to me in the 1980s when I became initiated into Tibetan Buddhism - West Cornwall also has many interesting things to see such as a prehistoric stone-circle used by Druids which would make an excellent theatre of public debate on film - And an excellent meeting of the cultures of east and west in pursuit of truth -
Again however I realize that with your busy teaching and practice schedule such travels are unlikely - Therefore I would be happy to travel to a different part of Britain to interview you at any time in the future that is convenient to you if you would be happy to grant this -
In the meantime - whilst I know that you have made some public statements on the problem of abuse in Buddhism I would sincerely appreciate it if you would respond to my approaches with a statement in support of the offering and the principle of ZERO-TOLERANCE OF ABUSE IN BUDDHISM - or conversely - if you feel unable to do this it would be most helpful if you would give a statement saying why not - This would help further clarify your position on the topic for the public -
I hope Rinpoche can see the motivation for my actions -
Sadly - if I receive no response whatsoever from you before you teach in London I will go on HUNGER-STRIKE for Saturday and Sunday in protest at your non-response - if such is the case - I hope not -