Sunday, 28 April 2013

How Many More Deaths?

A petrol-soaked man in Plymouth was burnt to death after being struck by a police taser.  Andrew Pimlott was 32 years old.  As the death-toll from tasers runs out of control, the RESIST CARDIAC ARREST Campaign asks for some sanity, accountability and Democracy.  Follow the campaign and help us get these diabolical devices banned for the sake of one and all.  

For printing and distribution: (note these flyers need updating – since they were printed, the taser-Death-toll has risen from 516 to 779.


‘Extra Dangers’ Article discusses taser use in proximity to explosive fluids, published at the launch of RCA Campaign, 6th February 2010:

The Guidelines for  police taser usage issued by ACPO LTD., (The Association of Chief Police Officers  Ltd.):
RESIST CARDIAC ARREST – The Limpet 53: A vast wealth of taser info:

Text of the United Nations Convention Against Torture:

Text of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

Taser safety issues:

A case from Australia with similarities to the case of Andrew Pimlott:

RCA Manifesto:

Attempts by RCA to discuss legal status of taser with Britgov & Britpol:

If you check through the ‘Blog Archive’ at the top of the page, you can find numerous other articles concerning the work of RESIST CARDIAC ARREST and the campaign against stun guns…

A list of the Dead….

Please support this campaign to eradicate these dangerous weapons – let’s remember the dead, and work for the living…