Monday, 31 December 2012

Let’s Not Destroy Our Heritage! St.Anthony's Chapel Penzance

With moves afoot to ‘develop’ the area around what is now the ‘PZ Gallery’, Coinagehall Street, Penzance;  a site of great sanctity and antiquity is threatened with obliteration.   
Please be ready to object to any planning decision that puts in jeopardy the site of St.Anthony’s Chapel, the most ancient building in Penzance, and the place from which the town grew and took its name, which is Kernewek, or Cornish, for ‘Holy Headland’. 
Please support the Proposal for the Restoration of St.Anthony’s Chapel
Don’t allow the bureaucrats to sell off our ancient heritage!

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Please follow link to read The History of St.Anthony's Chapel, Penzance: