Thursday, 22 October 2009


Will the NUCLEAR ROUTE PARTNERS be allowed to destroy the habitat of the Purple Sandpipers with their 100,000 ton 'development'?
Since less than 1% of residents voted for a concrete beach, it's time to raise a Pen & Ink for Penzance -- who to write those letters of objection to?
CONFLICT OF INTERESTS: Cornwall Council's lawyers advising developers AND planners!!
Who are the Sinister Vociferous Puppet Minority?
And DUDE -- where's my Out-of-Town Freight Depot??
Find Out in 'THE LIMPET' No.41, downloadable from:

Flyers to print and give out:


Friday, 2 October 2009

BATTERY ROCKS is in your hands-will YOU save it?

REMEMBER - it's not just the pier, the rockpools and beach that the ROUTE PARTNERSHIP want to destroy. They also plan to fill in a large section of the sea. This is the realm of nature and wildness. It is the territory of seals. What the RP are proposing is a Crime against Nature. Together we have the power to stop them.