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In December 2018 Harold Hempstead published his first book - "DEPARTMENT OF CORRUPTION - Darren Rainey - The Untold Story" by Harold Hempstead - With meticulous attention to detail he deconstructs the State of Florida-s cover-up of the brutal torture of mentally disabled inmates in a super-heated steam-chamber in which black Muslim inmate Darren Rainey was found dead with large quantities of his skin peeling off from his body - Harold Hempstead earned the nickname "The Caged Crusader" for his years of struggle and undergoing persecution from prison guards and authorities who were not happy with his revealing to the press the horrific and unconstitutional conditions inside the Florida Department of Corrections - His revelations eventually led to a massive overhaul of the State prison system and many corrupt officials were fired - 
This book is many things -  A book of detailed evidence in a case of torture and murder by the State -  A book of profound religious faith and absolute dedication to justice - humanity and the core Christian values -  An account of Civil Rights activism under potentially lethal conditions that required constant quick-thinking and courage to avoid attack - A grim portrait of a penal-system that makes Dostoyevsky-s accounts of 19th century Russian prison seem relatively humane and progressive - and a document of the inhuman world of America-s mass-incarceration policy - 
But surely the most important thing about "DEPARTMENT OF CORRUPTION" is that it is packed full of hundreds of facts which can be substantiated and which add up to an overwhelming case showing that the State of Florida allowed guards to starve - abuse - torture and kill inmates with impunity and that the handling of the Rainey case was a disgraceful and crude cover-up which cannot be allowed to stand unchallenged - 
Harold Hempstead risked life and limb to tell the world what happened to Darren Rainey - His unique and inspiring story continues with several new publications which detail various events that paved the way to his being sentenced to one hundred and sixty five (165) years in prison without parole - 

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The Miami Herald newspaper played a vital role as the first paper to break the story of Darren Rainey





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