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Harold Hempstead, Murder Witness Talks To The Limpet

Harold Hempstead believes in honouring the truth.  
He's a man who will not be silenced until the truth bears fruit - the fruit of justice.  This is a rare man with an incredible story to tell and I feel honoured to be working with him. Please hear his story with an open mind, reflect on what you've read and be ready to take action to help the cause of truth, justice and human rights.
"The amount of witnesses and evidence that exist proves Ofc. Clark was torturing mentally disabled inmates and that he murdered Rainey.  Affiant cannot think of any reason why an arrest and prosecution hasn’t been instituted against Ofc. Clark and etc. since June 23, 2012 with as much witnesses and evidence existing that proves Rainey’s murder.  Affiant prays that the Rainey’s murder hasn’t been receiving the treatment that it has received because Rainey was a poor, black mentally disabled, Muslim, prisoner and his life did not matter.  Affiant prays that the U.S. Department of Justice and State of Florida will not let Rainey’s killers get away with murder, and that they make a public statement that Rainey’s life and the lives of all poor people, all black people, all mentally disabled people, all Muslims, and all prisoners matter by arresting and prosecuting Raineys killers."

From a sworn affidavit by Harold Hempstead to Ms Vanita Gupta, Assistant U.S. Attorney General, U.S. Department of Justice, 5th May, 2016.
You can read the complete document here:

Darren Rainey

Jeremy Schanche:   Now Harold, I’d like to introduce you to some folks in my country of Cornwall and all around this old world, readers of The Limpet newspaper.  First of all, if I may, I’d like to start by asking you your full name, date of birth and nationality.
Harold Hempstead:  My full name is Harold William Joseph Hempstead.  I’m known by family and friends by a short version of my middle name which is “Joe.”  I was born March 5, 1976, in St.Petersburg Florida, and I’m American.
JS:   And would you tell us where you live please Harold? 
HH:  I’m currently incarcerated at Martin Correctional Institution which is in Indiantown, Florida, in the United States of America.
JS:   And how do you come to be in such a place? 
HH:  I was placed in prison when two people told the police that I told them to burglarize several houses, and pawn stolen property.  In Florida, if anybody tells the police that you told them to commit a crime, you can be incarcerated like you committed the crime.  The foregoing led to me being placed in prison on thirty-four counts of burglary and one count of dealing in stolen property.
JS:  Now, would you please tell us when you were first imprisoned on these charges?   
HH:  I was arrested March 23, 1999, and I’ve been incarcerated since.
JS:  And when are you due for release? 
HH:  I was sentenced in April 2000 to 165 years in the Florida Department of Corrections
JS:  Could you repeat that please?  
HH:  I was sentenced in April 2000 to a hundred and sixty-five years in FDC.
JS:   You mean to say you got 165 years for allegedly telling others to rob some houses?
HH:  Yes.
JS:  That’s absolutely insane!  I live in Great Britain, and I estimate that over here, a case like yours would carry a maximum sentence of three or four years actual time served at the very most, possibly less.   Effectively you’ve been given a life-sentence for your alleged involvement in a cluster of non-violent robberies then, is that so? 
HH:  Yes.  I’m convicted under an aidder and abettor theory which means I’m convicted for crimes others committed.  Also when they committed the crimes nobody was home and nobody was hurt.
JS:  Well, it certainly is a draconian sentence, I’m sure it’s hard for a lot of readers out there to believe that such a thing could happen in a country like the U.S.A.  But then again, you have been a model-prisoner so surely you must be eligible for parole at some point?
HH:  The parole system was abolished in Florida in the early eighties.
JS:   You mean to tell me that the State of Florida has no parole-system whatsoever? 
HH:  Correct.
JS:  This just gets more and more surreal!  Now Harold, until not so long ago you were just another ‘forgotten’ prisoner languishing in the vast American prison system, but now stories about you and another prisoner have appeared in The Miami Herald, The New Yorker and The Guardian (from over here in Britain), as well as CBS Miami Local, Fox News, The New York Daily News etc..  Why is your name popping up more and more in global media, what event triggered this media interest in your case?
HH:  When I was incarcerated at Dade Correctional Institution in the FDC, staff were torturing and abusing mentally disabled inmates.  Staff were starving them and physically and psychologically abusing them.  In January 2012 staff started using a shower in the Transitional Care Unit (TCU) (which is like a mental hospital) that reached temperatures in excess of 180 degrees as a torturing device.  They would place inmates in the shower and turn it on full hot with no cold.  It would get so hot in the shower the patients would have to fight to breathe and not pass-out.  Over a six-month period staff placed five inmates in that shower as punishment.  The fifth inmate (Darren Rainey) was killed in the shower.  When he passed out from heat exhaustion, his body fell over the shower drain.  Rainey’s body blocking the drain caused the 183 degree shower water to rise over Rainey’s body, and cook his body for approximately 18 minutes.  The led to Rainey’s skin suffering from a medical term called slippage which means Rainey’s skin was slipping off his body.
For about two years, I submitted grievances and letters to different people for help with bringing the staff to justice who were torturing and abusing patients and who killed Rainey.  Nobody wanted to help till I brought the foregoing to The Miami Herald newspaper in Florida.  I spoke with The Miami Herald newspaper in April 2014, and in May 2014 The Herald wrote their first story.  Since then, the media and human rights groups across Florida have been making an all-out effort to help in getting justice for the Rainey murder, the torturing and abusing of the mentally disabled at Dade C.I., and in trying to make F.D.C. a safer place from the barbaric conditions and abuses that are so prevalent.
JS:  But how can you die from overheating in a shower?  Surely they are only hot enough for normal washing purposes, aren’t they?  Was anything unusual about this particular shower at the Transitional Care Unit of Dade Correctional Institution in the State of Florida?
HH:  The shower Rainey was killed in was rigged where only staff could control the hot and cold water knobs, and the inmate in the shower had no ability to control the foregoing knobs.
JS:  But surely if the shower was specially rigged up and the guards kept him in there for that long at that temperature, they should have been charged with killing him, so what happened to those guards?
HH:  Darren Rainey’s life was not of much value to a lot of people in Florida because he was a poor, black, mentally disabled, Muslim prisoner.  Because of the foregoing, Rainey’s killers are still free.
JS:  If you had not persistently written to The Miami Herald this story would never have broken, yet surely, when you live at the mercy of the guards, being a ‘whistle-blower’ must be taking a massive risk.  What made you risk your own safety to stand up for a man who was already dead?
HH:  Right is right and wrong is wrong.  The staff who killed Rainey not only violated state and federal law in murdering Rainey, they also violated the Sixth Commandment in committing murder (Exodus 20:13).  Rainey’s killers should be brought to justice by our state and federal government for Rainey’s murder.  If they escape prosecution here on Earth, they will not escape prosecution with God.
 As a Christian I am commanded to not murder (Exodus 20:13).  Just like the Sixth Commandment commands me to not murder, in the positive I’m also commanded to protect life and to help the weak.  I’m also commanded to imitate Jesus (1 Corinthians 11:1;  Ephesians 5:1) who was a defender of the weak and of those who cannot help themselves.  
 All human life has value, which includes Darren Rainey.  In taking a stand asking for justice for the murder of Rainey, I’m not only taking a stand for the value of his life, but for the value of all human life.
JS:  Would you please tell us what were Darren Rainey’s race and religion, his age, diagnosis, crime and sentence please?
HH:  Rainey was a black male, he was a Muslim, he was in his fifties, he was schizophrenic, and I believe he had two years for a drug charge.
JS:  So you believe all humans have value?  Why is that?
HH:  Yes, I believe that all human lives have value.  The reason I believe this is if what determines the value of life is subjective opinions then we can’t pose an objection to abortion or the killing of any individual.  Why?  Because if we object to any killing, we’re saying that there was a standard that the killer should’ve followed and not committed the murder that he did.  If there’s a standard that should control people’s actions in not committing murder or certain types of murders, then that standard would be objective.  If there’s an objective standard that controls the value of life, then that means the value of life can’t be subjective.  If it’s subjective, it can’t also be objective;  if it’s objective, it can’t also be subjective.
 As a Christian I believe the standard that controls the value of life is God’s word (The Bible).  Since God is real His word is real, and He has preserved His word throughout time.  In Genesis 1:26, 27 it says that we were created in the image and likeness of God.  Out of all creation humans were the only thing created in God’s image and likeness.  This places us above the rest of God’s creation.  Since we were created in God’s image and likeness, to lower the value of any human life is to lower the value of God and the value He placed on us.  This is not what God wants.  That is why we are commanded to not murder (Exodus 20:13), and that is why only second to loving God, the second greatest commandment is to love your neighbor as yourself (Matthew 22: 36-40).
JS:   Now I know yours is a complex case touching on many related matters and I very much hope we can go into it in much more detail in the near future, but could you please tell us whether abuse of inmates by Florida prison guards is common, in your experience and knowledge, and if so, what are the main forms it takes?
HH:  Yes.  The abuse of inmates by guards in FDC is very common.  The main types of abuse that I’ve seen are staff physically beating up inmates;  staff paying inmates to physically or sexually batter inmates;  staff starving inmates by not feeding them;  staff excessively spraying inmates with chemical agent (mace);  staff disposing of the personal property of inmates;  and it’s not uncommon for FDC staff to kill inmates.
JS:   What you are describing sounds like a wholesale failure of the penal-system in Florida.  Human rights abuse of that scale and magnitude is surely a matter of grave international concern.  Are there any human rights organizations in the States or abroad, investigating the things you have described? 
HH:  Yes.  Thirteen human rights organizations have asked the United States Department of Justice to investigate the barbaric conditions, abuses, and murders in FDC.  Other than the foregoing, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Amnesty International and Stop Prison Abuse Now have been doing a lot to try and put a stop to the unconstitutional conditions in FDC.
JS:  After the convict Mark Joiner had collected up all the pieces of Darren Rainey’s skin from the floor of the shower and the staircase, as ordered, what was he told to do with it?
HH:  Mark was told to throw the skin that he’d found into the trash.
JS:  Harold, before I ask my last question, I’d like to give you my most sincere thanks for giving this interview to The Limpet and I’d like to tell you that an increasing number of people around the World are taking an interest in your case and the cause you are promoting – Justice for the deceased Darren Rainey and justice for all the inmates trying to survive one of the World’s most brutal prison regimes.  I hope everyone who reads what you have told us will feel moved to use their freedom wisely and be ready to do something to help these unfortunate prisoners.  Of course, The Limpet has no objection to people being locked up if their crimes genuinely necessitate it and obviously some criminals are far too dangerous to be allowed to mix with free society.  I am not criticizing the rule of law itself, but the disgustingly inhumane, illegal and wholly unacceptable manner in which it is being applied in Florida.  If Florida says it is not the World’s business, then I say, when you cross a certain line, when you beat, rape, starve, torture and murder your prisoners on a regular basis then you have just made yourself the World’s business. 
So finally Harold, would you mind telling us how new arrivals were greeted when they were processed into the prison mental hospital at Dade Correctional Institution, Florida?  
HH:  The Dade C.I. Transitional Care Unit got so bad that in 2012 staff started welcoming the new arrivals to the Transitional Care Unit by stating “welcome to Auschwitz.”

Since conducting the interview, Harold Hempstead has been transferred to a different prison in Florida.
Temperatures stated are expressed in Fahrenheit. 183 Fahrenheit is 83.8 Centigrade.
Rainey’s charge:  Darren Rainey was incarcerated for possession of less than two grammes of cocaine.   
Mace is known in the U.K. as ‘pepper-spray’.
Biblical quotations:
Exodus 20:13:  Thou shalt not kill.
1 Corinthians 11:1:  Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ.
Ephesians 5:1:  Be ye therefore followers of God, as dear children;
Genesis 1:26, 27:  And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness:  and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.  So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him;  male and female created he them.
Matthew 22: 36-40:  Master, which is the great commandment in the law?  Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.  This is the first and great commandment.  And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.  On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

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Sian Yates Chris Roynon Nigel Carter-King Refuse Oath Of Lawfullness In Mousehole School Capitalist Coup Case

Key proponents of scheme to capitalise Mousehole Primary School refuse to give their word that the law has been followed and upheld.
It has emerged that none of those responsible for the proposed/imposed monetisation and capitalisation of Mousehole Primary School are prepared to give their word that they have upheld the law whilst pursuing their secretive, capitalist plot. 
This is all about money, dear readers, let's not be confused about the basic facts of the case.  The Board of Directors of Penlee 'Academy' 'Trust' includes various multi-millionaire speculators, rubbing along with fish-mongers, techies, 'educationalists' and God's representative in protestant Penzance as the figurehead.  Yet when approached for an assurance of legality, the Godly one not only refused to give her word that she has been acting lawfully whilst fronting PAT, but did not deign to respond at all.  The Lord moves in mysterious ways indeed.
Head-teacher of Mousehole Primary, Chris Roynon would not give his word either, which is a tad worrying, although he did at least answer the letter - he said he was taking legal advice!
Sadly, Nigel Carter-King, long-time Secretary/Governor of Mousehole School and insider to the capitalist designs on the school's future has also failed to affirm the lawfulness of his actions, or even to respond at all.
Many questions remain unanswered in this continuing debacle, but an increasing number of parents are waking up to the fact that democracy is something you get by fighting for, and are starting to demand representation, although they seem to accept the inevitability of the imposition - well, you can't honestly call it a proposal can you, as that word implies an element of choice, doesn't it?
Personally I don't accept 'academisation' as inevitable, as I believe the project has been pursued in an improper manner and runs counter to the needs, wishes and interests of the people.  Given a fair chance, this could easily be proven.  Also, there is still a great deal that can be done to oppose this proposed course of events that has been presented as 'inevitable' and written in stone - as if the 'authorities' had a divine right to force their will on the parents and the community.  When you find something morally reprehensible, you have no choice but to work against it and try to preserve what is known to be good and true, like Mousehole School.  If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Last time I asked some public officials to take the oath, they also refused.  That was the case of Treloyhan Woods, Carbis Bay, West Cornwall - an absurdly corrupt and rotten case, signed off on false evidence by Roger Harding, John Pollard and their Cornwall Council lawyer.  With a combination of weak-strategy from the protest-group and rampant corruption from the 'authorities', the property 'developers' predominated and down came the woods and in went the cement mixers.  Those officials knew the case was going to the High Court, so there was no way they were going to perjure themselves when brought to account. 
  The victory of Capital over nature and democracy that happened at Carbis Bay no doubt encouraged other land-grabbers - Poltair Woods between Heamoor and Madron is the latest victim of blind selfishness.  The large area of heaped-up trunks of mature beeches, still bearing their soft, spring leaves, is a sight to bring you bitterness.  What a graphic illustration of the Anarchist graffiti I've seen around Penzance lately - Capitalism Is Violence...
  Back in Mousehole the scheme to 'academise' Mousehole School has been quietly constructed for over five years yet the parents and community were given a mere eighty-five days in which to organize any challenge to what amounts to the most fundamental upheaval in public education in over a hundred years. 
  When you compare the vast amount of time that the proponents of the scheme bestowed upon themselves to secretly organize their plan;  with the miniscule time-period doled-out to the parents and the general public to react, it is clear that this strategy is adopted to effectively neuter any realistic possibility of resistance.  This highlights the undemocratic, non-transparent and fundamentally unjust atmosphere in which 'academisation' is conceived and birthed.
  If there was a genuine, people-led and pupil-led need to monetise public education through pseudo-academisation then why has the process been conducted in almost total secrecy?  Like a vast iceberg that only shows one inch above the water-line, this 'academy' disaster has lurked stealthily for years beneath the surface of free public scrutiny, only to suddenly rear up without any real warning at all and threaten to wreck a perfectly fine and much loved vessel.
  Where is the openness?  Why were you and I not consulted five years ago if it was such a fine and marvellous plan, such an obvious and self-evident boon for humanity  Why the secrecy?  Why the evasions?  The unanswered letters, the refusal to engage in free public debate, the refusals to take the oath of truth?  Why the general unwillingness to engage and discuss and most of all, why the obsessive desire to push the scheme through, when it has lost the backing of central government, local government, the local MP, the people etc. etc..
  This is about money.  I smell thatcher's ghost and it's not a very nice smell at all. 

"A conspiracy of silence speaks louder than words."    
Dr. Winston O'Boogie

Open letter to:  Derek Thomas MP for West Cornwall:  20th May 2016.
Dear Derek,
Good to see you taking an interest in our woefully neglected Scilly transport system.  I was very interested to hear of the letter that you quoted in The Cornishman, from the tourist who had suffered so much during their travels.  
As one with a passing interest in the harbour-side district of Penzance I would certainly appreciate being able to read that letter, or a photocopy of it, myself.  Little documents like this form an invaluable part of local history and have great social value.  I wonder if you would mind sending me a suitably redacted copy of this letter for my own study?  You mentioned that you had several similar letters in your possession.  Copies of these would also be greatly appreciated for their historical value.  Names, addresses and personally specific details would of course be removed by you in the interests of privacy.  Thanks for your cooperation in this matter of 'disclosure in the public interest.'
Looking forward to our interview.
Good wishes,  Jeremy Schanche, Save The Holy Headland.

c.c:  The Cornishman, Letters page
Email to Derek Thomas MP: Re:  Scilly Tourist Letter
Dear Derek,                  8th June, 2016
Not meaning to nag, but it has now been over two weeks since I contacted you about the above matter, so this is just to remind you of your promise to answer my communications promptly.
Best wishes,  Jeremy
8th June 2016:
Thank you Jeremy
I've been giving this request some thought and I will not be forwarding the letters to you.
The letters I have received are letters written to me from individuals and they raise concerns about the service and treatment they received from individuals and commercial companies. They also complain about the infrastructure itself which is the area I attempted to raise via the Cornishman so that we can knuckle down and draw up a plan to improve the experience for passengers.
I feel that forwarding these letters would be a breach of trust both with the authors but also the stakeholders concerned who are seeking to address the issues raised.
Having said this, you refer to maintaining an archive and I will keep the correspondence and make them available to you once the issues have been resolved or when I cease to be the MP (whichever is sooner).
Derek Thomas
Member of Parliament for St Ives
Open message to Derek Thomas MP, 8th June 2016:
Re:  'Stinging Letter' / The Cornishman / 12th May 2016
Dear Derek,
Thanks for responding to my request to see the letter/s in question.  Considering the letter that you referred to in The Cornishman, the 'stinging letter', you obviously had the permission of the author to base a major local news story on their letter, so they are obviously more than happy for the story of their letter to go public.  You argue that the fact that the letter complains about the 'service' at Penzance Harbour means that it would be a 'breach of trust' to forward a copy of the letter to me.  This is illogical as the fact that the letter complains about Penzance Harbour is the very essence and substance of your 'news story' and was published with the letter-writer's blessing - according to your version of events.  So, if the letter-writer is quite happy for their letter, specifically the 'stinging letter' which made headlines in The Cornishman and attempted to reopen a closed controversy in Penzance, to be the basis of a news-story, it would logically be no breach of trust to forward me a redacted photocopy, with all names, addresses and any other personal details removed.  The photocopy of the envelope could be redacted except for the postmark.
As this matter is clearly of great public concern, I challenge you to provide the evidence to back up the political move you are trying to pull.  If, contrary to clearly established public interest, you cannot or will not provide the evidence, then I will be challenging you further on this, so perhaps it's best to just comply with my perfectly just, reasonable and lawful request at this stage, rather than letting this spiral into some kind of 'Lettergate' that might not reflect too well on you.
Your claim that I might be able to see the letter at some point in the distant future is of no interest to me.
Over to you.
Best wishes,  Jeremy Schanche, Save The Holy Headland
14th June:
Dear Derek,
Just in case it has escaped your notice, hear is the message I sent you on 8th June:
(see previous message above).
14th June:
Dear Jeremy
 I will not be sending you the letter regarding Penzance Harbour as you request for the reasons described in my previous email.
My concern is to improve the experience for passengers and  the management of freight to and from the Isles of Scilly. This is important because the current situation harms the livelihood of businesses owners both in West Cornwall and on the Isles of Scilly. I can assure you that any action I have taken is intended to address the concerns outlined in the letter you refer to.
 I completely agree that issues relating to Penzance Harbour are of public interest and I will be taking time to ensure everybody concerned has the opportunity to contribute to any future debate and to be heard.
Kind regards
Derek Thomas
Member of Parliament for St Ives
Open message to Derek Thomas, Tory MP for West Cornwall, 14th June 2016:
Dear Derek,
Re:                                    'The Letter' (Stinging)
You can't simply avoid the issue without responding to the points I made about the 'letter.'  I made an analysis of your reasons for concealing the 'letter' and proved them to be logically untenable.  When we met in the street you claimed you wanted to engage in genuine dialogue, so please Derek, I'd like you to respond to the reasoning I set out in my last message, because I am extremely interested to establish the provenance of a document upon which you are basing certain actions that affect the people.  Therefore it is obviously of interest to the public to see the document, or at least establish that it does indeed exist.
At the moment, it's just me asking for proof.  The numbers could be made to increase and soon many more people might be asking for proof and then you would need to provide logical and tenable arguments to support your position.  
Please reconsider your position and put this matter in the open for all to see.  It's what the people want and that's democracy, isn't it?
Over to you.
Best wishes,
Save The Holy Headland
Dear Derek,
I await your response to my proposal of 14th June regarding the letter.
Best wishes,  Jeremy
When they got something to hide, you have to squeeze to get the truth out.  
But when one come along with truth to expose, Babylon squeeze them to keep their mouth shut.

Power to the People!

Open Message to Derek Thomas MP.  20.6.2016      
Re:   Failure to Investigate Tax Avoidance by the Greedy 
Dear Derek,
When we had our little street-meeting you mentioned that I was breaking the law by putting up socialist posters in public.  I responded by reminding you that the Conservative Party were involved in plenty of illegal activity, at which you smiled knowingly.   I see you have just voted against investigating the off-shore tax avoidance schemes of your plutocratic capitalist bosses.  Whilst these jokers rob society, they snidely point the finger of blame at the poor, the uneducated and the young.  This is what conservatism is all about - protect the rich and greedy and let the ordinary people suffer.  That's why I put up socialist posters - at least I break the law honestly.
Please give your reasons for voting down this investigation and protecting the super-rich exploiters of society.  Why are you not protesting at the illegal maltreatment of the unemployed and the unwell, when the UN is investigating your Party's crimes against the disabled?  Should not a Christian follow the example of Rabbi Jesus and side with the poor?  Perhaps you think you can side with the poor and the super-rich simultaneously, but this is untenable and illusory.  You are involved in a class-war and you are on the front line - for now.  All you have done in office is attack the poor and help the rich.  You are practicing your Party's philosophy to perfection.
Yours sincerely,
Update:  23:6:2016: 
From: Derek Thomas MP, 21.6.2016:
Thank you Jeremy
However, I will not be sharing the letter with you.
I'm not sure if it is related but I understand you are concerned about the harbour and you are keen to ensure it and the surrounding location is treated sensitively. I want to assure you that, whilst I am keen to ensure the harbour area is 'fit for purpose' and is well maintained, I am very aware that we must tread carefully and take into account local concern and opinion.
I have no preferred plans for the development of the harbour area. I do believe we must do something to improve the area for all concerned including reducing congestion which I hope you would agree with.

Derek Thomas 
Member of Parliament for St Ives
To: Derek Thomas MP              Re:   'Stinging Letter'
Dear Derek,
What saddens me is that public officials, from police chiefs, to head-teachers, to MPs, to planning officers, to school-governors, to diplomats are all fundamentally unwilling to enter into dialogue with members of the public.  I'm not talking about form-letters and circumlocution-tactics, I'm talking about dialogue.  I pointed out to you that your reasons for concealing the 'letter' that you claim exists, are spurious and do not stand up to enquiry.  You are unwilling to discuss the matter but merely repeat that your mind is made up, without being able to justify your reasons.  This is not dialogue, but evasion, the favourite meat of the bourgeois political-class, who have no desire to engage with the people in any meaningful way whatsoever.  Why would the capitalists want to waste time engaging in a dialogue that would publicly challenge their rapacious agenda?  Particularly when they have no intention of acting on anything the public say, unless forced into a corner by overwhelming pressure of public-opinion?
How about the interview you claimed you were so willing to conduct when we last met, are you still keen to proceed with it?  If so, let me know please.  I think an exchange of ideas could be very edifying for all concerned.
Best wishes,
From the office of Derek Thomas MP, 23.6.2016:
This Saturday as you may be aware is Penzance Mazey Day. Derek Thomas is hosting Coffee and Cake this Saturday lunchtime in his office following the main morning parade.
The constituency office remains open every Saturday morning including this Saturday from 9.30-1.00pm each week for those wanting to call in person or telephone for assistance.
Derek warmly invites you to join him for Coffee and Cake this Saturday 12.00-1.00pm
The office is located on the second floor of the Wharfside shopping Centre, Penzance.
We look forward to seeing if you are able to make it.
For further details or information please contact the office who will be happy to assist you.
Simon Jones
Constituency Manager
Office of Derek Thomas MP
Member of Parliament for St Ives
Well, there you go...  Derek may not want to show me the 'stinging letter', but at least he's invited me round for cake and coffee, which is nice.  I almost feel guilty for wittering on about the bourgeois, capitalist-class politicians and their cynical rightist agenda, but hey,someone's got to do it and anyway, I've gotta get my fun somehow.
On a more serious note, I've just received the following letter from MSG, the Governors of Mousehole School:
It would seem that, despite being given no time in which to even begin to look into the process of 'conversion to academy status' and check its propriety and legality, the time for talking has been declared over and we now move on to the next stage.  The future of Mousehole School hangs in the balance.  Whether it can continue to exist as Mousehole School remains to be seen.  With public apathy and acquiescence running at nearly one hundred per cent, the chips are stacked heavily towards the capitalists, but nothing is yet certain and their plan can still be rejected.  The governors can still refuse to cooperate with this ill-thought-out and unjust plan and throw it out.  Check back with this blog to follow developments.  
Contact Jeremy Schanche at The Limpet: