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Print out these flyers, cut them out and pass them around - LET THEM KNOW
Previous correspondence on Penzance’s Missing Megaliths:
Yemen: Evidence of torture, extra-judicial executions, suppression of Human Rights Activists & Journalists, etc. under the international lie of the ‘War on Terror’:
103 Page Report by Amnesty International documenting Human Rights abuses in the Yemen: funny how none of this was mentioned by our worthy Members of the British House…….
CHINA: A form of evil yet to be seen on this planet - A profit-margin for Halcrow & other British companies, but there’s a HOLOCAUST going on….
Students occupy tory hq in protest over rising cost of University Education
RESIST CARDIAC ARREST – Campaigning for a World where people are not attacked with cattle-prods…
Here are links to all articles and correspondence relating to taser-harpoons, as published in the fun-loving Limpet…….
RESIST CARDIAC ARREST – The original & comprehensive publication on Electro-Coercion that marked the inception of the RESIST CARDIAC ARREST CAMPAIGN:
Taserkill Art: Herman Melville reflects on the harpoon-officers….. including link to research on taser-genital-hits…
In-depth report by Amnesty International regarding taser-abuse in USA:
More taserkill Art – Collage issue based on Jones’ 1825 original Anglo-Greek Lexicon, referring to Kratos and Kreagra…. (‘Kratos’ is police operational code for shooting people, e.g. Jean-Charles de Menezes):
Letters to Chief Constable of Cornwall & Devon Police Force; David Cameron, Prime Minister of Britain (acknowledged, but never replied to); reply from Police; Letters to Tim Andrewes, Green Party; Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister; Gordon Brown, ex-Prime Minister; reply from Police; Letter to Andrew George, Penzance MP; letter to Derek Thomas, failed tory candidate, West Cornwall – never replied to, despite him assuring me to my face that he would – well, he IS a tory….; Letter to preposterous labour candidate for West Cornwall who lives in London – also never responded to… ; chasing letter to Gordon Brown PM; reply from Julia Goldsworthy, former Lib Dem MP; reply to Julia Goldsworthy MP; TASERKILL ART: COLLAGE & DUB COLLAGE ON TASER CATTLE PROD; Letter from Tim Andrewes, Green Party, first politician to respond positively on all this business – All at:
Message from Dick Cole, Leader, Mebyon Kernow; Letter from Andrew George MP in which he claims to support the UNCAT; Letter from Andrew George MP’s office; Letter from office of Nick Clegg, current Deputy Prime Minister, in support of UNCAT; Letter to Police Chiefs; letter to Mike Bull, Chairman, Cornwall & Devon Police Authority; Fictional Story “Who Has The Heart To Resist Cardiac Arrest?” about a Cornish youth being tasered to Death; all at:
Letter to Simon Reed, Mebyon Kernow (Cornish Political Party); Letter to Police; at:
Letter to Cornwall and Devon Police Chief in which I identify 20-Points in which I believe the United Nations Convention Against Torture and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are being violated by police use of tasers – this has never received a response; Letter from Mike Bull, Chairman Cornwall & Devon Police Authority; Letter to Mike Bull; Letter to Andrew George MP, repeating request for his view of legal position of taser viz Portugal 23rd November 2007 findings of UNCAT – he has yet to answer this question; all at:
Letter from Mr Simon Reed, Mebyon Kernow, The Party For Cornwall, agreeing that tasers are in breach of UNCAT etc.:
Essay on conections between police, taser international, British fascism and the daily mail newspaper group that owns ‘The Cornishman’ – on this post are many other links to taser stories from World press:
Article on police use of XREP taser shotgun device in Raoul Moat case; Article on children being tasered in Britain, case of Jodie Gallagher:
Arizona pastor attacked with taser:
Article on taserkill usa 512; article on British taser-dealer suicide:
Evidence: UN defines taser-use as torture:
Links to text of UNCAT etc.:
Police surround peaceful demonstration using tazer and rubber bullets
(Featuring a personal heroine of mine, 'the Florida Rubber Bullet Woman'.) For more on this courageous lady, please see the blog-post 'Different Ways Of Being' at:
Link to Prevent Dangerous Harm – anti-taser wrist-bands for sale, list of taserdead, info:
the sarcasm of the death-squad man:
"The inquest into his death ruled that he had been lawfully killed by officers"... An archive of press reports into police and public shootings etc..
Info on Anglo-Iraqi oil-war of 1941:
Link to Aarhus Convention:
KERNEWEK SPYRYS - link to Maga Kernow Cornish Language - has links to a host of Cornish linguistic sites….
What it says on the tin:
Vox Lapidis (The Voice Of The Stone)
Some wonder what I am, or say
I'm but a block of stone;
'Tis true, I am, ah well a day!
Unheeded & unknown;
From Ludgvan's rock hewn long ago
When saints were Cornwall's glory,
But can you in this borough show
A stone with such a story? G.B.Millett

Please follow the link to read The History of St.Anthony's Chapel, Penzance: