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Print out these flyers, cut them out and pass them around - LET THEM KNOW
Previous correspondence on Penzance’s Missing Megaliths:
Yemen: Evidence of torture, extra-judicial executions, suppression of Human Rights Activists & Journalists, etc. under the international lie of the ‘War on Terror’:
103 Page Report by Amnesty International documenting Human Rights abuses in the Yemen: funny how none of this was mentioned by our worthy Members of the British House…….
CHINA: A form of evil yet to be seen on this planet - A profit-margin for Halcrow & other British companies, but there’s a HOLOCAUST going on….
Students occupy tory hq in protest over rising cost of University Education
RESIST CARDIAC ARREST – Campaigning for a World where people are not attacked with cattle-prods…
Here are links to all articles and correspondence relating to taser-harpoons, as published in the fun-loving Limpet…….
RESIST CARDIAC ARREST – The original & comprehensive publication on Electro-Coercion that marked the inception of the RESIST CARDIAC ARREST CAMPAIGN:
Taserkill Art: Herman Melville reflects on the harpoon-officers….. including link to research on taser-genital-hits…
In-depth report by Amnesty International regarding taser-abuse in USA:
More taserkill Art – Collage issue based on Jones’ 1825 original Anglo-Greek Lexicon, referring to Kratos and Kreagra…. (‘Kratos’ is police operational code for shooting people, e.g. Jean-Charles de Menezes):
Letters to Chief Constable of Cornwall & Devon Police Force; David Cameron, Prime Minister of Britain (acknowledged, but never replied to); reply from Police; Letters to Tim Andrewes, Green Party; Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister; Gordon Brown, ex-Prime Minister; reply from Police; Letter to Andrew George, Penzance MP; letter to Derek Thomas, failed tory candidate, West Cornwall – never replied to, despite him assuring me to my face that he would – well, he IS a tory….; Letter to preposterous labour candidate for West Cornwall who lives in London – also never responded to… ; chasing letter to Gordon Brown PM; reply from Julia Goldsworthy, former Lib Dem MP; reply to Julia Goldsworthy MP; TASERKILL ART: COLLAGE & DUB COLLAGE ON TASER CATTLE PROD; Letter from Tim Andrewes, Green Party, first politician to respond positively on all this business – All at:
Message from Dick Cole, Leader, Mebyon Kernow; Letter from Andrew George MP in which he claims to support the UNCAT; Letter from Andrew George MP’s office; Letter from office of Nick Clegg, current Deputy Prime Minister, in support of UNCAT; Letter to Police Chiefs; letter to Mike Bull, Chairman, Cornwall & Devon Police Authority; Fictional Story “Who Has The Heart To Resist Cardiac Arrest?” about a Cornish youth being tasered to Death; all at:
Letter to Simon Reed, Mebyon Kernow (Cornish Political Party); Letter to Police; at:
Letter to Cornwall and Devon Police Chief in which I identify 20-Points in which I believe the United Nations Convention Against Torture and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are being violated by police use of tasers – this has never received a response; Letter from Mike Bull, Chairman Cornwall & Devon Police Authority; Letter to Mike Bull; Letter to Andrew George MP, repeating request for his view of legal position of taser viz Portugal 23rd November 2007 findings of UNCAT – he has yet to answer this question; all at:
Letter from Mr Simon Reed, Mebyon Kernow, The Party For Cornwall, agreeing that tasers are in breach of UNCAT etc.:
Essay on conections between police, taser international, British fascism and the daily mail newspaper group that owns ‘The Cornishman’ – on this post are many other links to taser stories from World press:
Article on police use of XREP taser shotgun device in Raoul Moat case; Article on children being tasered in Britain, case of Jodie Gallagher:
Arizona pastor attacked with taser:
Article on taserkill usa 512; article on British taser-dealer suicide:
Evidence: UN defines taser-use as torture:
Links to text of UNCAT etc.:
Police surround peaceful demonstration using tazer and rubber bullets
(Featuring a personal heroine of mine, 'the Florida Rubber Bullet Woman'.) For more on this courageous lady, please see the blog-post 'Different Ways Of Being' at:
Link to Prevent Dangerous Harm – anti-taser wrist-bands for sale, list of taserdead, info:
the sarcasm of the death-squad man:
"The inquest into his death ruled that he had been lawfully killed by officers"... An archive of press reports into police and public shootings etc..
Info on Anglo-Iraqi oil-war of 1941:
Link to Aarhus Convention:
KERNEWEK SPYRYS - link to Maga Kernow Cornish Language - has links to a host of Cornish linguistic sites….
What it says on the tin:
Vox Lapidis (The Voice Of The Stone)
Some wonder what I am, or say
I'm but a block of stone;
'Tis true, I am, ah well a day!
Unheeded & unknown;
From Ludgvan's rock hewn long ago
When saints were Cornwall's glory,
But can you in this borough show
A stone with such a story? G.B.Millett

Please follow the link to read The History of St.Anthony's Chapel, Penzance:

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the parlour bard said...

St anthony's chapel would have looked similar to st nicholas's chapel on st ives island and the
ruined chapel on cape cornwall, they
were all built to the same pattern.
If the missing masonry had any
decorative value its probably in a
councillors garden somewhere, like
the amusement arcade lions were.