Wednesday, 24 January 2018

BBC Misrepresented Jaimie Leigh Clark Then Ignored My Complaint

I wrote to the BBC about their grossly misleading headline which makes an innocent survivor of horrific police-violence look like a convicted criminal -  
Over a month later I have had no acknowledgment or response whatsoever from our nations government-licensed media-channel -  
As far as Im concerned the British Broadcasting Corporation are complicit in crime if they fail to respond properly over this - 
Will Lord Tony hear my plea or will he cock a deaf ear to it?

Does this look like a prison or a 
police-station drop-off to you?

Open letter to:  Lord Tony Hall of Birkenhead, BBC  Director General  & Editor in Chief, Broadcasting House,  Portland Place, LONDON W1A 1AA.    
Date:  19 : 12 : 2017
Dear Lord Tony,
Re:  The BBC ’s Misrepresentation of James Clark
Historically and internationally the BBC has enjoyed a unique position and reputation – however it also carries a heavy responsibility as the primary news-channel of the British people.
Your organization has done a grave disservice to a citizen of Wales who was grievously assaulted and mutilated by Llanelli police on 20th June 2016.
The headline on your website reads:   
Burry Port man has fingers cut off in prison cell door
Following an argument with his girlfriend James Clark was threatened with a stun-gun, violently arrested, driven to Llanelli Police Station where he was denied due process of being booked-in properly but muscled through the station in a headlock by a squad of large policemen – one of whom was smiling strangely.  (All this I learned from footage the State tried to supress.)
Once in the cell the film clearly shows Mr Clark being stripped naked, knelt on and visibly assaulted by these several large law-men.  This barbarity continued for some time before the squad departed which is when James Clark approached the LLANELLI POLICE-CELL door which was slammed on his fingers trapping his hand in the closed door.
As James Clark’s agonized screams filled the halls of LLANELLI POLICE STATION, rather than rushing to his aid, the men who had just finished working him over took a very long time indeed to respond and though they could see what was happening through the spy-hole and through the cameras, they opened the door very rapidly and slammed it on his hand again before finally releasing him.    
Though these cops found James Clark’s finger on the floor, they stuck him back in the cell alone, naked, beaten and now missing three fingers from his left hand.  He was then denied medical attention for approximately three hours.  That’s the background.
Therefore when your headline attributes this event to a PRISON it does two very deceptive things:
First it destroys any chance of public sympathy for this victim of intense police-violence by labelling him as a prisoner – many people assume that those in prison deserve whatever torments come their way.  Mr Clark was not convicted of any offence whatsoever.
Secondly, your headline takes all the focus off the police who slammed the cell-door on this man’s hand.  
It totally clears the police and gives them an undeserved protection from the natural reaction of the British people which, in this case, would be mainly one of horror and outrage, contempt and disgust.  You let them off the hook and your silence is violence as you have empowered these thugs to carry on battering citizens with impunity.
Thus you see the wording of a headline is vitally important and has a vast effect on people’s lives.
It’s a little odd that a busker and unpaid citizen-journalist like me has to tell the nation’s greatest news channel how to write a headline but luckily I’m here to rise to the occasion and happy to do so.
I would be most interested to know how the BBC intends to rectify this injustice done to Mr Clark through your gross misrepresentation.

Sincerely,    Jeremy Schanche
This did not happen to a convicted man in prison but an innocent one in Llanelli Police Station - Wales
According to the various tentacles of the British State - no wrong has been done here - what do you think?  
Oh don-t let the BBC influence you - they can-t even write an accurate headline!  Or answer a letter - 
So keep on sucking Auntie-s tit babies and sup up the prolefeed   :-)

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Letter To The Bishop Of Truro On Religious Abuse And Its Remedy

Image result for salvador dali resurrection

Open letter to:  Bishop Chris Goldsmith - Bishop of St-Germans - Acting Diocesan Bishop for Truro - Cornwall - Great Britain               15th January 2018
Dear Bishop Chris
Sadly in today-s troubled world we find religion being abused for wrongful purposes across the board in many countries and many faiths - This is deeply distressful to the faithful of any tradition and obviously anathema to them - 
I think the great majority of people who profess any religion whatsoever are sincere in seeing religion as a vehicle that requires ethical behaviour as a given - This is why many organizations have for millenia had codes of conduct - particularly for those who have taken monastic orders or profess the level of spiritual-teacher - This applies to independent teachers every bit as much as to those connected with organizations as the teacher-pupil relationship is a grave responsibility even at secular level - 
I was wondering if you would perhaps be able to find a little time from your busy schedule to comment on the issue of the abuse of power in religion in any way you felt best - A written statement setting out your view of this topic would be greatly appreciated - If you might also consider taking part in an interview or public debate on the subject that would be a wonderful opportunity to speak plainly on this distressing issue that many of us feel must be faced - however painful it be -
I am reaching out to representatives and lay-folk of other faiths and cultures too and have heard from Gemma Pena Noguer who is eager to contribute - Gemma is a devout Catholic from Florida - You might possibly have come across her when she was interviewed by The Guardian newspaper recently about her son Kris Rodriguez - a mentally-disturbed man who has suffered years of torture and abuse in one of the World-s most deadly gulags: the Florida Department of Corrections - Kris has spent the last several years losing weight and his ability to deal with reality whilst he languishes alone in indefinite Solitary Confinement - in blatant violation of all kinds of human rights treaties to which his nation is not only signatory but played a large part in drafting in the first place!  Gemma was born in Cuba and also has experience of African  religions - 
I have also approached a Tibetan Buddhist Lama of the Secret Mantra Vajrayana -
I have made innumerable attempts to communicate with Derek Thomas - my Member of Parliament over many issues but unfortunately he refuses to respond to me whatsoever even though he himself professes Christianity
Essentially abuse takes various forms - psychological - physical - sexual - emotional - financial - and of course spiritual - I feel that the first step to combating these manifestations of human weakness is to expose abuse whenever we discover it and send out a firm signal that it will not be tolerated - Debate and free discussion will surely play their part in helping society deal with this insidious and pervasive threat -
I hope you will give this matter your consideration -
Kind regards - Jeremy Schanche
Jesus Christ - Woody Guthrie

Six and Seven Books of Moses - 
Toots and the Maytals


Six and Seven Books of Moses - Toots and the Maytals


Open Letter To:  Patrick Gaffney - Right-Hand-Man of Sogyal Aka Rinpoche and Head-Insider at Rigpa International Inc    21:1:2018
Patrick Gaffney.jpg 

Dear Patrick -
You might possibly remember me from London - Kathmandu - The French Alps - Cornwall - Sikkim etc etc - I remember sharing a table with you once at the Bir Hotel in Boudhanath - Nepal - I seem to recall you complaining about the service!  Anyway Patrick I address you today as I have had no response whatsoever from you or Phillip Phillippou or Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche or Sogyal or anyone at all at the Rigpa business organization and time is running short - I have made numerous sincere attempts to initiate a dialogue with all of yous but you continue a policy of ignorance towards me -
I appeal to your sense of reason - what is best in this situation ~  I suggest the best thing is if you talk to me very soon - I have already set out my objections to the Rigpa Organization in London hosting teachers who have failed to denounce Sogyal the Abuser - If you continue to ignore me and go forward with this plan I will initiate my high-profile campaign of public attention on the Rigpa organization and all it stands for - and all it has hidden - and I know things that not a single living person has yet alluded to in the press - things that will make quite a stir - 
This isn-t a boast but just to let you know what is possible:  In my first ever campaign I was one of a tiny group of Cornish citizens who defeated a business consortium that included the future King of England - Charles Windsor - They withdrew their stupid plan and the Holy Headland of Penzance was saved from being buried under thousands of tons of Royal concrete!  Our weapons were felt-tip pens and photocopiers - 
Basically Patrick I am becoming a bit cheesed off with taking time out from my work to squabble with a bunch of Buddhists about whether or not anyone thinks it fit to discuss the rampant sexual exploitation and violent tyrannical madness of poor deluded Sogyal - whilst the show carries on as normal like nothing ever happened!
I have tried to point out to yous that the general public are going to see this thing in a very different light to the Buddhist community and in many ways a religious organization should be answerable to the general public whom it is ostensibly liberating from darkness - Hypocrisy will be rooted out and exposed to the eyes of the world - is this the way you wish things to go ~
So this is your final friendly word of advice to talk to me right away - or brace yourself for a fire-storm of Truth like you-ve never seen - Or perhaps a pathetically weak and ill-thought-out campaign from a well-meaning but clueless nutter - View it how you wish - it will soon manifest in your physical face - 
So come on Patrick - why not do the decent thing like an English gentleman and talk to an old Dharma Brother who like so many others is wrestling with a huge Dharma-problem!  
I warmly await your response - Kind Regards - Jeremy Schanche

Friday, 19 January 2018

Free Concert For Global Awareness Month - Inside The Walls Of Redwing With Floydy

A concert of Folk-Music - Rock n Roll -  
and Rocksteady
With Jeremy Schanche aka Floydy
on Guitar -
To launch
a month of global awareness -
Redwing Gallery - Wood Street -
Penzance - Kernow - GB
7:00pm - 10:00pm
All Welcome - FREE
Print out a poster and spread awareness!

FEBRUARY 2018 - 
be ready
UPDATE:  2:2:2018:  
1:2:2018 ‘Floydy’s’ Global Awareness Gig - Set-list:  
Oh Death, Tumbling Tumbleweeds, Sinefiasmeni Kyriaki, Man Of Constant Sorrow, Lost Highway, Edward, That-s The Story Of My Life, Joe Hill, Sunday Morning, Donna, Silly Boy Blue, Scarecrow, Golden Hair, Long Gone, No Good Trying, Panic In Detroit, I’m Set Free, White Man In The Hammersmith Palais, Run For Your Life, Love Oh Love, Say You, Johnny Too Bad, Shocking Love, Stealing Stealing, Police And Thieves, Riding On A High And Windy Day, Out On The Street, Teardrops Falling, Everything I Own, Dreamland, Pressure Drop, Mellow Mood.

Last Of The Summer Wine!

Tuesday, 16 January 2018


A Fishermans Tale

Once when I was fishing I fell overboard when hauling on a line  - I was  terrified as I bobbed slowly to the surface of the freezing numbing cold water in my heavy clothes and boots which I couldnt seem to kick off.
When I surfaced I saw my tiny boat upside down in the waves and knew I had no chance of turning it over. My major muscles were already going into agonizing spasms of cramp and I knew that I was almost certainly going to be dead in about three - maybe four minutes.  All fishermen know the deal even if they dont much like to talk about it.
I was in hell.  Every limb and portion of me wracked with pain and fear.  I was also choking on brine and vomiting uncontrollably. I started to trip out a bit, felt like I was melting or something - weird shit was happening and I knew I was dying. The glimpse of strange bliss disappeared and I felt the worst feelings I had ever known.
And then - a hand grabbed my back and hauled me into a small boat.
When I came round I was wrapped in blankets - and he was rubbing my feet. When he saw my groggy eye open he laughed heartily and passed me a bottle of cognac - “Youre some fuckin lucky - boy!” he laughed and soon I was laughing with him.
Lagos and I became inseparable buddies from that day on -  I owed him my life!  My very life!  But every time I tried to thank him he just took the piss and pretended it was all a great joke.
I would have cut my arm off for that man and loved him more dearly - with more warmth and fullness than I have ever loved another person in this world.
Naturally I regarded his nautical skills as almost supernaturally advanced and hero-worshipped him as a type of ideal man, hiding his many fine qualities under a bluff and blokey front. If I ever introduced him to people as “The Man Who Saved My Life” then he would always call me “Mr Flotsam” or some such thing.  Always avoiding praise and meeting any kind of flattery with his rich and original sense of humor.

Once I was out in my boat alone - without Lagos for once and Id grabbed a local newspaper along with a few snacks and shoved them into a carrier-bag for the journey.  It was a beautiful sea so once I was out past Tater Du a bit I just sat and drifted, watching the ganets, or bomb-birds - as my daughter likes to call them.
I had a couple of bananas and a drink of juice and settled down to read the local paper - the notoriously dull Penwithershins Gazette.  
Local Man Leigh Goss Taken Into Custody On Heroin - Prostitution And Human-Trafficking Charges After Assault On Two Women -
Mr Goss (44) a fisherman from New Lynsmouth, will appear before Trewrew Magistrates on Monday following the discovery of several teenaged refugees at his remote country home in Trewither.  Almost an ounce of heroin was also removed along with several sets of shackles. Two women had to be hospitalized following the incident which eventually resulted in armed police surrounding the house.  More details will be released after the initial Hearing at Trewrew Court of Justice.

I looked at the waves so dark and cold, pulling me  down again.  My stomach cramped up like Id been punched and I vomited over the picture of Lagos.

My head was spinning as again I stared into the dark boiling waves - Oh God!  What now!  What now?

Monday, 15 January 2018

Letter To Teachers Visiting Rigpa London Centre

Open Letter To All Religious Teachers Planning To Teach At London Rigpa Centre
16th January 2018
Dear Teachers -
I speak as someone who would very much like to see the Holy Dharma flourish in new areas such as the western world where it can benefit innumerable beings - However we have a problem - A very big problem indeed that will not go away - Just to be clear: I am talking about abuse within the Dharma community - specifically the case of the Lama known as Sogyal Aka Rinpoche or Mr Sonam Lakar -
I do not claim to speak for anyone but myself and it may be that no-one agrees with me but my inner voice will shout out anyway -
Although certain efforts have been made to address the problem of Mr Lakar-s insane and dangerous conduct these efforts have so far been woefully insufficient and ineffective -
I am suggesting three crucial steps that need to be taken before the Rigpa organization can even begin to seriously consider continuing to operate as a valid conduit for transmitting the Holy Dharma -
First that the Rigpa organization publicly denounce Sogyal as a false-teacher who-s conduct undermined and discredited his message -
Secondly that somebody or some persons within the Rigpa organization actually take responsibility for the various egregious forms of oppression and exploitation that have been committed under the guise of spirituality - This would naturally involve a fully independent inquiry into the abuses - The nature of the inquiry would be determined by direct democratic participation of the entire Rigpa Sangha and would result in:
Thirdly - Genuine compensation to the many women and men traumatized by Sogyal-s predatory behaviour - a public apology and a democratically designed system of protection so that our daughters and sons can study the highest truths of humanity without being groped and punched - humiliated and stolen from by a man corrupted by wealth and power or any other form or manifestation of a false and deluded teacher -
In my heart I sincerely believe that if these remedies are not applied then the Rigpa organization will never have a chance to recover its gravely damaged reputation and many people will make it their life-s work to expose the skeletons in Rigpa Org-s cupboard - This would obviously have an extremely detrimental effect on business but people who have suffered years of exploitation are prepared to give a great deal of energy to a righteous cause -
The truth cannot be suppressed - this approach simply does not work - I ask you to consider the future of Buddhism in the west and realize that its acceptance in the west is dependent upon how it is perceived by the secular general public - not by the Buddhist community - We must see it the way the public will see it if we wish the best for the Dharma and sentient beings - That is my opinion and thank you for considering it - I wish for the best result to come out of this disastrous situation and ask you all to engage with the real issue of human suffering at the centre of all this -

Kind regards - Jeremy Schanche - Britain

Monday, 8 January 2018



Sometimes it can be hard to think clearly - I know it-s not just me because I-ve heard others say the same- There is an inner-censor that must be assasinated if we are to be honest people - Of course - we-ll look a bit strange if we do kill this internalized spectre of bourgeois consciousness and truly speak out - It-ll make the rest of the world look rather constipated - but hey - they-ll catch on eventually! 
Rigpa refers to something at the centre of nature that cannot be claimed by any human hand or word - what people are arguing over is not Rigpa but rather the Buddhist organization of the same name - I think it-s good that we all remember that as I am sure we all do constantly -
When you go to a bad restaurant do you give up food -
If you get a bad lover do you give up on love -
Even if a fucking parrot blurted out the teachings it would not alter their validity -
Better to learn from the beak of a song-bird but a parrot will do if you-re in a fix -
Sadly a VAMPYRE BAT will not do - It-s not wise to give them your ear -

For people getting over the confusion of finding out that their spiritual teacher is not what he seems I have opened up the RIGPA FREE SPEECH UNION - This is for people who have been fleeced or otherwise by the artist formerly known as Sogyal Rinpoche - a man who has used and abused the bodies of countless women and also fucked with the spiritual progress of countless thousands of sincere seekers after the deepest truths of this life - Anyone who thinks a true Lama can act in such a monstrous and vampyrish manner and still be a valid source of the truth is - I cordially suggest - mistaken -
For those of you who are dumb enough to believe that I will burn in a specific infernal realm known as Vajra Hell for calling my old teacher a bastard - well grow up - Isn-t that kind of bullshit the reason most of us strayed from the Christianity of our forefathers in the first place ~

He wasn-t even practicing Dharma most of the time!  The silly fucker was watching TV and eating rare pork like a slob while some poor lady sucked his oojamiflip - - - If you don-t believe me ask the several thousand witnesses -

Enough of this non-inspiration - go to the RIGPA FREE SPEECH UNION on you-know-where and start the practice of one hundred thousand syllables of free speech - followed by another hundred thousand etc etc

RIGPA FREE SPEECH UNION is international and is a zone of uncensored free speech for the benefit of former and current students of Sogyal Aka Rinpoche who are coming to terms with his history You do not need to register but can if you wish - and if you don-t like what I have said then you must please excuse my marignorance - Trashy Delay Babies!

A Challenge To A Wise Lama

I-m inviting World-famous Tibetan Lama Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche to debate me on the policy of ZERO-TOLERANCE OF ABUSE IN BUDDHISM as I think we all need to be clear that true Buddhism will never turn a blind eye to abuse under any name or in any form whatsoever - Surely authentic Buddhism should neither be deaf to the cries of the world - from whatever source they come - My own view is that the best deterrent for institutional abuse is to shine a searingly bright light into the heart of that institution whilst sounding a siren to wake the town and tell the people -
Institutions - be they prisons or monasteries - be they police-departments or job-centres - schools - armies - mental-hospitals or trading companies - tend to be hierarchical in structure and thus require submission of a portion of sovereign autonomy from constituent members - these structures are often arranged like concentric rings of power or tiers of a wedding-cake - The point is that some people - like me - believe that your own conscience should be the boss - the Guvnor - and even the most respected opinion can only resonate with our own - not impose or dominate it!  As usual I have said too much - so here is the letter:

Open Letter to Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche – 8th January 2018
Dear Rinpoche                               
I have offered to the Three Jewels the policy of ZERO-TOLERANCE OF ABUSE IN BUDDHISM and would be so delighted to receive at least a verbal endorsement of this idea from a real Tibetan Lama –
I would like to invite you to debate me on youtube for at least one hour of unedited free and open discussion of the above offering and its connotations –
I understand that Rinpoche is an unusually busy man and it may be some time before you find the appropriate hour to do this but as I recently discovered that you were visiting my country it seemed timely to extend the invitation -
When you are able to make this meeting I recommend it be in a secular space so free speech can prevail without causing possible offence to anyone-s beliefs –
My view is that for the Buddha-Dharma to flourish in the West and in the World generally it-s representatives will need to conduct themselves in a manner that inspires trust and respect – When the teacher is advertising teachings to the general public my view is that the teacher-s morality must be seen to be at least as good as those he or she is going to teach and possibly even a little bit better -  Given a stark choice between Enlightenment and Human Rights most people I know will tell me exactly where I can put my Enlightenment –
It would make me very happy to see the Buddha-Dharma flourish in new countries like Britain but I know these people and when it comes to teachers - school or religion – we have high standards –
The more Buddhism spreads in the modern world the more attention is focusing on the teachers - the Lamas and Gurus who are spreading this extraordinary message – Some of them have already achieved a status approaching that of a minor pop-star (in worldly eyes) and obviously H H The Dalai Lama is a massive super-star by any definition in this world –
Whilst some of the less critical Buddhists are unwilling to hear tales of abuse within Buddhism I can assure you that the more public Buddhism becomes as its success spreads – then countless secular media people are going to be looking for ways to attack the Dharma – Are we going to hand them a box of weapons –
If abuse continues within Buddhism the media will root it out – they have barely given it any attention so far in history because journalists follow leads – so far there have not been many – In the future we might even see Buddhist-Journalists who make it their life-s work to root out abuse and throw it on the table before the eyes of the world – Personally I would respect a journalist like that –
I look forward to your response Rinpoche

Kind regards – Jeremy Schanche – Penwith - Kernow – Britain – The West

Well this is how naive I am - I was looking for a nice photo of a Tibetan Snow Lion to put on this blog as I thought it would go well - Just a few seconds ago I discovered that the snow lion is a mythical or celestial animal - not to be found within Animalia!  I heard about them years ago and  I always thought these beasts were real - and I also prided myself on knowing a lot about Tibet!  Hmmm - Perhaps I-m just an ignorant pig and nothing more -
Well - don-t panic anyone!  We-ll just have to make do with a picture of a real animal from my country - Palores Kernouac Yw - Pyrocorax pyrocorax - The Cornish Chough - Note how generations of being used down tin-mines has led to the visible evolution of a pick-axe bill -


Almost certainly the best thing to do is KEEP CALM AND PANIC

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Rigpa Mind UK

British Buddhists totally reject any tolerance of any form of abuse whatsoever being practiced in the name of religion - We demand Pure Teachers - We do not welcome fraudsters who teach Dharma one minute and punch Nuns and other Buddhists the next - We do not support organizations or events that will not openly declare for ZERO-TOLERANCE OF ABUSE IN BUDDHISM - 
Sogyal Rinpoche Prayer.jpg

Open Letter To:  The Lama Formerly Known As Sogyal Rinpoche
Date:  4th January 2018
Re:   Conduct

Dear Sonam - I sincerely hope you are recovering from your period of illness and wish you to be healed as soon as possible - From now on you must look after your health properly -

Were it not for the scale of the matter I would not disturb a man recovering from a recent operation but sadly I am compelled to do so 

You have posed quite a riddle for your students Sogyal - How can what seems so high co-exist with what is so low - I will puzzle over that one day perhaps -

I am an anarchist and I think - speak and act for myself - using my conscience as the highest authority - I have learned that relinquishing autonomous sovereignty leads to downfall - a valuable lesson - I also think Shakyamuni Buddha held the same attitude - as did Sokrates - 

If the Buddha-Dharma is to continue to flourish in the World it will need to be seen as something wholesome and its teachers need to be good people to whom we can  entrust our daughters and sons- 

I have asked you to never teach again as you are utterly discredited as a man fit to teach the Dharma - 

If you ever emerge in public and try to present yourself as a man worthy to speak the Dharma I will nail your ass to the nearest telegraph-pole -  

Ian Maxwell was a good man - an apology would be nice -

Later - Jeremy

Open Letter To:  Patrick Gaffney &; Phillip Phillipou - Bored Members of the Rigpa mind uk Corporation International
Date:  5th January 2018
Re:  Zero-Tolerance of Abuse As An Offering To The Three Jewels

Dear Patrick and Phillip -
You and the other members of the Hallucination Bored (the organization that took over control of Primordial Essence Of Mind Incorporated) such as Phillip Phillipou still cling to the position that Sogyal aka Rinpoche (The Precious One) is worthy to teach Buddhism -
This board has failed to denounce a man who is considered by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama as "disgraced" -  as the world knows - and owing to the sordid and disgusting nature of Sonam-s crimes this is not acceptable to me - the vast majority of other Buddhists who have ever had any connection with Sogyal or the general public - perhaps you would like to check with the latter two groups for confirmation -
In the view of this - combined with your fascistic refusal to honour free speech and communicate with the Sangha properly - and your wasting Dharma-funds on lawyers to try to frighten and bully the people into silence - I thought I-d just defame you and your cronies on the jewel-net and see what happens -
Defamation:  Patrick Gaffney and Phillip Phillipou are a pair of slack - unreliable - pignorant -Dharma-warping - cheap - lying - stealing - embezzling - collusive - dishonest nun-humping- rubber-necked - unworthy - treacherous  - false - duplicitous - greedy - slimy - disrespectful - cowardly - exploitative - drunken -nun-punching - drug-abusing - womanizing - gamboling - poodle-grooming - shit-eating - anathemic - money-lifting - malfeasant - egregious - iconoclastic - dehumanizing - gang-banging - pant-wetting - pickpocketing - car-stealing - crack-piping - sheeple-rustling - tax-avoiding - work-shy - fare-dodging - jay-walking - litter-dropping - fly-tipping - acid-tripping  - self-aggrandizing - copyright and art-stealing - good-for-nouts who couldn-t organize an orgy in a Fake-Lama-s five-star hotel room - and you both secretly dress as girlies and dance around the room to disco music turned up moderately loud - so there goes your fame -but does a yogi care for name and fame and worldly games or does he humbly eat the blame for bringing Dharma into shame -
Therefore until such time as Vision Board Inc publicly denounce Sogyal ex-Rinpoche as a man who-s public verbal teaching was legendary - but - and it-s a big-butt - whose secret conduct was disgusting and vile - and until a real public apology is made to the survivors of Sogyal-s egoic tyranny and until such time as Vision Board Inc agrees to a revolution of democracy within its system -
You can expect trouble -
This will take a number of unpredictable forms and names - never violent or illegal of course - just nice friendly Buddhist ways to kick yo ass to Chicago - suckers -

Jeremy Sch@nche - Newlyn - Kernow - Great Britain

CC:  Casey Frank - Editor in Chief - Miami Herald - U    - perhaps we should discuss this Casey ( PS Please say hi to Joe for me)