Monday, 8 January 2018



Sometimes it can be hard to think clearly - I know it-s not just me because I-ve heard others say the same- There is an inner-censor that must be assasinated if we are to be honest people - Of course - we-ll look a bit strange if we do kill this internalized spectre of bourgeois consciousness and truly speak out - It-ll make the rest of the world look rather constipated - but hey - they-ll catch on eventually! 
Rigpa refers to something at the centre of nature that cannot be claimed by any human hand or word - what people are arguing over is not Rigpa but rather the Buddhist organization of the same name - I think it-s good that we all remember that as I am sure we all do constantly -
When you go to a bad restaurant do you give up food -
If you get a bad lover do you give up on love -
Even if a fucking parrot blurted out the teachings it would not alter their validity -
Better to learn from the beak of a song-bird but a parrot will do if you-re in a fix -
Sadly a VAMPYRE BAT will not do - It-s not wise to give them your ear -

For people getting over the confusion of finding out that their spiritual teacher is not what he seems I have opened up the RIGPA FREE SPEECH UNION - This is for people who have been fleeced or otherwise by the artist formerly known as Sogyal Rinpoche - a man who has used and abused the bodies of countless women and also fucked with the spiritual progress of countless thousands of sincere seekers after the deepest truths of this life - Anyone who thinks a true Lama can act in such a monstrous and vampyrish manner and still be a valid source of the truth is - I cordially suggest - mistaken -
For those of you who are dumb enough to believe that I will burn in a specific infernal realm known as Vajra Hell for calling my old teacher a bastard - well grow up - Isn-t that kind of bullshit the reason most of us strayed from the Christianity of our forefathers in the first place ~

He wasn-t even practicing Dharma most of the time!  The silly fucker was watching TV and eating rare pork like a slob while some poor lady sucked his oojamiflip - - - If you don-t believe me ask the several thousand witnesses -

Enough of this non-inspiration - go to the RIGPA FREE SPEECH UNION on you-know-where and start the practice of one hundred thousand syllables of free speech - followed by another hundred thousand etc etc

RIGPA FREE SPEECH UNION is international and is a zone of uncensored free speech for the benefit of former and current students of Sogyal Aka Rinpoche who are coming to terms with his history You do not need to register but can if you wish - and if you don-t like what I have said then you must please excuse my marignorance - Trashy Delay Babies!

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