Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Evil In Llanelli

Jamie Leigh Clark was never found guilty of any crime - an innocent British citizen who was served by his local constabulary of Llanelli to the kind of sadistic disregard for humanity that we fought a couple of wars over back in the old times - 
In essence the British legal authorities have considered this matter and come to the conclusion that no policeman did anything wrong - none of the several policemen who savaged Mr Clark received any disciplinary response of any form whatsoever - 
How fortunate for the British state that the great majority of the British people are quite happy to do nothing about cases like this other than sit around pushing buttons on machines until the prole-feed drags them down to slumber - 
If a large number of people imagined that authority existed outside of themselves and were extremely fearful of challenging that State - or Guru - or work-boss - or whomsoever - then that would suit the exploiters very well and they could steal fingers from innocent people and get away with it - - - and walk free to offend again

So no problem with State-torture - mutilation - grievous wounding etc etc and cops picking up severed fingers in the hall of the cop-shop - the State finds no problem over this yet if somebody made a fake plastic severed finger or other body-part as an art-expression the cops came and started sniffing around authoritatively -


Plastic model severed fingers are a crime against society and art

Real warm human severed fingers on police-station floor after disgusting assault by gang of thug-cops - no problem at all - 

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