Wednesday, 24 January 2018

BBC Misrepresented Jaimie Leigh Clark Then Ignored My Complaint

I wrote to the BBC about their grossly misleading headline which makes an innocent survivor of horrific police-violence look like a convicted criminal -  
Over a month later I have had no acknowledgment or response whatsoever from our nations government-licensed media-channel -  
As far as Im concerned the British Broadcasting Corporation are complicit in crime if they fail to respond properly over this - 
Will Lord Tony hear my plea or will he cock a deaf ear to it?

Does this look like a prison or a 
police-station drop-off to you?

Open letter to:  Lord Tony Hall of Birkenhead, BBC  Director General  & Editor in Chief, Broadcasting House,  Portland Place, LONDON W1A 1AA.    
Date:  19 : 12 : 2017
Dear Lord Tony,
Re:  The BBC ’s Misrepresentation of James Clark
Historically and internationally the BBC has enjoyed a unique position and reputation – however it also carries a heavy responsibility as the primary news-channel of the British people.
Your organization has done a grave disservice to a citizen of Wales who was grievously assaulted and mutilated by Llanelli police on 20th June 2016.
The headline on your website reads:   
Burry Port man has fingers cut off in prison cell door
Following an argument with his girlfriend James Clark was threatened with a stun-gun, violently arrested, driven to Llanelli Police Station where he was denied due process of being booked-in properly but muscled through the station in a headlock by a squad of large policemen – one of whom was smiling strangely.  (All this I learned from footage the State tried to supress.)
Once in the cell the film clearly shows Mr Clark being stripped naked, knelt on and visibly assaulted by these several large law-men.  This barbarity continued for some time before the squad departed which is when James Clark approached the LLANELLI POLICE-CELL door which was slammed on his fingers trapping his hand in the closed door.
As James Clark’s agonized screams filled the halls of LLANELLI POLICE STATION, rather than rushing to his aid, the men who had just finished working him over took a very long time indeed to respond and though they could see what was happening through the spy-hole and through the cameras, they opened the door very rapidly and slammed it on his hand again before finally releasing him.    
Though these cops found James Clark’s finger on the floor, they stuck him back in the cell alone, naked, beaten and now missing three fingers from his left hand.  He was then denied medical attention for approximately three hours.  That’s the background.
Therefore when your headline attributes this event to a PRISON it does two very deceptive things:
First it destroys any chance of public sympathy for this victim of intense police-violence by labelling him as a prisoner – many people assume that those in prison deserve whatever torments come their way.  Mr Clark was not convicted of any offence whatsoever.
Secondly, your headline takes all the focus off the police who slammed the cell-door on this man’s hand.  
It totally clears the police and gives them an undeserved protection from the natural reaction of the British people which, in this case, would be mainly one of horror and outrage, contempt and disgust.  You let them off the hook and your silence is violence as you have empowered these thugs to carry on battering citizens with impunity.
Thus you see the wording of a headline is vitally important and has a vast effect on people’s lives.
It’s a little odd that a busker and unpaid citizen-journalist like me has to tell the nation’s greatest news channel how to write a headline but luckily I’m here to rise to the occasion and happy to do so.
I would be most interested to know how the BBC intends to rectify this injustice done to Mr Clark through your gross misrepresentation.

Sincerely,    Jeremy Schanche
This did not happen to a convicted man in prison but an innocent one in Llanelli Police Station - Wales
According to the various tentacles of the British State - no wrong has been done here - what do you think?  
Oh don-t let the BBC influence you - they can-t even write an accurate headline!  Or answer a letter - 
So keep on sucking Auntie-s tit babies and sup up the prolefeed   :-)

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