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Questioning The Heart Of Compassion

Another plea for dialogue in the controversy over the abuses of Buddhist Lama (teacher) Sogyal aka Rinpoche - This time I address Corinne and Dan Ewen who are holding a retreat under the Rigpa banner in Lewes - Sussex - UK-
I ask them to respond to me and also threaten imminent industrial action if they do not - Two days to find out what happens folks!
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Open Letter To:  Corinne Ewen and Dan Ewen – Rigpa UK Registered Charity – South Downs Group – Leaders of Rigpa Mini-Retreat Day:  The Heart Of Compassion – 10th February 2018 – Linklater Pavilion – Lewes – Sussex – Great Britain –
Dear Corinne and Dan – Namaste!                                                                        Date:  8:2:2018
As you may possibly know I have been attempting dialogue with various involved parties in the controversy surrounding the decades of physical – sexual – psychological – spiritual – financial and other forms of abuse and exploitation perpetrated by Sonam Lakar aka Sogyal aka Rinpoche etc etc – My interest in this case – as a thirty-year student of Sogyal and coincidentally also a human rights activist – is a sincere interest in what is best for the people who have come into contact with Sogyal in the past – present and future as well as a deep concern for what is best for the Holy Dharma –
I have published several articles on this topic which have been read by thousands of people in every continent except Antarctica - and tried reaching out to various people including Sogyal – Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche – Patrick Gaffney – Rigpa London Vision Board – etc etc with only dukkha for my reward – no response from anyone! 
I wrote a letter to all teachers scheduled to teach under the auspices of Rigpa London in which I reasoned with the teachers that they should publicly declare for ZERO-TOLERANCE OF ABUSE IN BUDDHISM – Please see the link attached to this to clarify my position towards Rigpa London-s teachers -   I am asking the staff at Rigpa London to forward this to you and trusting that they will please do so – as I have previously asked them to forward my messages to the people they work for which seems only reasonable -
Even Patrick Gaffney who knew me personally from thirty years ago is trying to blank me and I have been chucked out of the What Next Rigpa discussion group on fb without justification – I set up the RIGPA FREE SPEECH UNION a while back - in the event of such shenanigans –
The other day a Tibetan Lama taught at Rigpa London – I received no message or reaction about my abuse-question that I have posed these teachers – They seem to be just carrying on like it-s business as usual and nothing evil and sick has happened!  I did not take the industrial action that I had threatened because frankly I was not organized enough – that is the only reason –
I must continue to apply pressure to Rigpa London until they start to at least talk to me and deal with the points I have repeatedly put to them – I speak as someone who wants Buddhist centres in the West to be safe refuges of true Dharma where the spiritually hungry (a particularly vulnerable social group) can pursue the path of truth and kindness without fear of predation and exploitation –
Furthermore it is screamingly obvious to me that in a situation such as this it is in the best interests of the Dharma that Rigpa International in all its branches and organs has a very sincere public reaction to this whole abuse-issue – The secular public do not want another vaguely sinister foreign religion springing up – but I am sure the public do welcome genuine Buddhism as a commonly-perceived force for good – Let-s try and keep it that way for all of our sakes!  Only clean Dharma will be welcome in the West – It is only reasonable to expect Dharma-standards of conduct to at the very least respect ethical standards of western countries – let alone respecting their own sacred code!
Dear Corrine and Dan I am asking you sincerely to read my letter to teachers visiting Rigpa London and respond urgently to the three main points – I see that on the publicity on the website for the retreat you say how long you have studied with Sogyal (since 98) but make no mention of his disgusting history of crime – Will you please respond very urgently to me on this – before the retreat please – otherwise I promise to you now that I will start industrial action on the day of the retreat – Saturday 10th February 2018 – and continue it on every day that someone teaches at Rigpa London without dealing with the issues I have publicly raised concerning the sexual and physical abuses of Sogyal aka Rinpoche –
Needless to say I will be seeking maximum publicity for my Ahimsa-inspired protest at the hypocrisy within Buddhism that seeks to conceal - collude and collaborate with those who dare to fuck with our human rights –
Please respond to me as a brother in the Dharma – I mean what I say – Please talk to me –
Kindness Regards The World –

Jeremy Schanche - Newlyn – Kernow – Great Britain

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