Monday, 18 June 2018

The Luminous Three

From out of the mouth of the Caterpillar pours silk - From the mouth of the whale pours amber - from the lips of a tiger pours a roar that rounds the world to reach the ears of a faraway girl -
But in another land - in another time - in another realm of understanding - something else unfurls and shines its emanation -

Monday, 4 June 2018

Yellow Shamanism and the Cargo Cults of Polynesia - A critical overview of polytheistic syncretism across the eastern hemisphere

The Caterpillar drools with relish contemplating the cultural exchange of expressions of human spirituality amongst the tribal peoples of central Asia and the Pacific Ocean -  Stridulating with the iron-rigor of the crystal carapace the luminous lepidopteral lavae looms large afore me like a quilin come to roam the land in times of great auspicious happenings and mass luminary visionings -  With quick and flicking movements of crisp rattling antennae the Primordial Lavae transmits suchforth lore and knowledge to the teeming world - ever-hungry for Mystery - 
Such is the fish that breams are made of and eye for one nose it -
Myriad many-faceted jewel-like eyes of lepidopteral-wonderment shine bliss and bubbling humour through crystaline antennae via the quivering wavelength of psychic-Chi - 
The countless hands of the Carapaced-One hold quixotic angular and eliptical parchments - tablets and scrolls that hold more juice than all the rantings of the Babylon-media many-tentacled squid-monster - Subduing the babble of deluded dwarves from the City of the Somnambulists the Caterpillar calmly goes about his way - rippling with delight - blissful in reverie and resplendent in iridescent molecular regalia -

or so they say anyway - - -