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ibm d and c pol? (What follows does not pretend to any depth or completeness, but is merely a ‘finger pointing’ at a collection of remarkable facts. These are mere skeletal observations on a topic that is deep, far-reaching and requiring of some study to be understood. It is up to the Reader to make the connections for him or her self – the compiler merely presents the material.)

Selling England by the Pound – The new fascism does not strut into town in jackboots, but rather arrives in a company car and expensive suit. The thatcherite homogenization of officialdom and business is fruiting into a new kind of Britain. It is fascism by stealth and it’s all about the corporations swallowing up the institutions of Democratic society. This gives grave cause for concern. The traditional ‘Separation of Powers’ of Church & State now needs recasting as a separation of powers between State and Corporate Business.

"..we've made it very clear that the merger of State and Corporate powers, by definition, is called Fascism. And what we are seeing is the merger of State and Corporate powers like never before". Gerald Celente, June 2010. The 8th comment: stargeezer:

This you want to see: (…..”OK, let’s do some wild guess-work here. Let’s give it another 20, 25 years and we’ll be looking at Cornwall, Devon and Somerset merged into one ‘Unitary Area’ (Jurisdictive province) with police, hospitals, schools and most everything else merged into a single corporate entity & owned by amerika…..” P.Noyer

South West One resembles the Route Partnership – a hybrid of business and officialdom . RP included Birse, Halcrow, Cornwall Council, the Duchy of Cornwall, Scillies Council, etc. Trewin Architects.. I bet Cornwall Council was CREATED for this! Check out Kevin Lavery/Serco connection… (Evidence that Somerset ‘went unitary’ council to ALLOW sw1 to get in there is to be found in the last para of I.L-G MP.s parliamentary speech.) Lib Dems run Taunton Dene Borough Council and Somerset C.C.

Military-Industrial Complex: The union of CACI, Lockheed Martin and Britgov is another example. Census questions: what is connection between census and Lockheed martin; what is connection between LM and Abu Ghraib? What responsibility does LM have for activities of its people at Abu G?


Southwest One is a joint venture set up between Somerset County Council, Taunton Deane Borough Council, and Avon and Somerset Police, and the global IT and business management provider, IBM.

The partnership, which is set to run for an initial period of 10 years, began in October 2007.

Who is Ian Liddell-Grainger?

Judging on his voting record, I’d describe him as a right-winger, which adds gravitas and significance to these investigations. Ian Liddell-Grainger MP talks about SW1:

I L-G accuses SW1 of corruption in ‘South West One and IBM’ speech at Westminster Parliament:

Concerns of the audit commission Re: sw1?? (Apparently they OK’d it!)

IBM ‘buys’ councils and police, Lockheed martin get census contract: Yank Big Business consuming ‘democratic’ institutions of Britain! Parallel with RP, Birse/Halcrow/Duchy/Councils… Taunton Deane B.C. doing fast broadband job… ARBEIT MACHT FREI

Check out ‘Corporate/Govenance’ Team C.C. etc.. (thatcher’s bastard child)

SW1 involvement with westcountry police gets go-ahead from central gov – Treasury etc.: & check the ‘related articles’ at computer weekly, such as this candidate for NEWSPEAKWATCH:

Looks like someone (or two) in PZ already know about this sw1-police corporate hook-up – check comments on this site: check comment No.9 by traveler 44 - conversely ‘Half-Hidden’ has confined his investigation to checking sw1 out with companies house and thus disbelieves the allegations/evidence – think he should do more research… Following link mistitled:

(note: links getting ‘unavailable’… google won’t even go to page 2! )

And what have our old friends at This Is Northcliffe got to say about it! in the article, a passing reference is made to south west one, a ‘joint venture’ of IBM, Somerset C.C., Taunton Dene B.C. and Avon and Somerset Police Authority…

Document: (Exhibit ‘A’)

Public Sector Buyers Attending

Public Sector Buyers Attending Procurement Connection 2010

Mark Eastaugh

Commercial Manager


Darren Ball

Contracts & Procurement Manager

Met Office

Simon Richardson

Procurement Manager

Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service

Helene Waterhouse

Head of Procurement & Logistics

Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust

Kate Parker

Procurement Manager

Devon & Cornwall Police

Mike Pearce

Procurement Manager

Exeter College

Paul McCormick

Head of Contracts & Direct Services

Exeter City Council

Robert Love

Corporate Procurement Manager

Torbay Council

Alan Denby

Director of Economic & Strategic Performance

Torbay Development Agency

Public Sector Buyers Speaking at Procurement Connection 2010

Mark Gronow

Associcate Director of Procurement

& Logistics

Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust

Stuart Busfield

Category Manager

South West One

Philip Margerison

Defence Suppliers Service - Manager


Public Sector Buyers Speaking

Public Sector Buyers Speaking...

Stuart Busfield

Category Manager

South West One

Speaking on: Why we want companies to tender and tips for your success.

Mark Gronow

Associcate Director of Procurement

& Logistics

Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust

Speaking on: The Challenges of a Procurement Department.

Philip Margerison

Defence Suppliers Service - Manager


Speaking on: Low value work and how to work with us. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

In Other News: It’s the ‘Google It Yourself Issue!! RCA (RESIST CARDIAC ARREST); Ian Tomlinson Inquest; organharvestinvestigation; Lao gai; Free Tibet; taseredwhileblack,;TNT (Truth Not Tasers); Prevent Dangerous Harm; Aarhus Convention: Hicks Resign; UCAPV; contact Save The Holy Headland & The Limpet:


Private Eye No.1286 Featuring the fiasco of PZ Harbour;

Graeme Hicks RESIGN Petition:

OOhh Aarr local news: RFPZ; FoPZHs; SavePenwithMoors – (anti-racist group); SaveSteepleFields; SavePendower: Big Brother Broke: Penzance Street Cameras switched off 4pm 1st April…. 1984 - 2011

Isn’t the Military-Industrial Complex?

Britpol Barhain:


Boycott The Caterpillar co:

The Limpet - Nature, Democracy, Free Speech

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MonoValve Broadcasting

The Limpet, created as a voice for the protection of Nature at Battery Rocks, Penzance, Cornwall, also campaigns and raises awareness on Human Rights issues. The ethos of The Limpet is to be an antidote to the corporate press, and the unconscious assumptions on which its empire is constructed.

The following statement was published as a comment in reaction to the Western Morning News article entitled 'HARBOUR PLANS THAT SPLIT A TOWN IN TWO', published 6th April, 2011:

After publishing this comment I got an e-mail from the Northcliffe Group, as follows:

"Re: report abuse comment to moderate for thisisCornwall

From: Report Abuse


Thank you for registering with This is Plymouth. Unfortunately we have had to remove your comment on an article headlined 'Harbour plans that split a community in two' following a complaint that it contravened our rules, stating users must not post comments which are defamatory, false or misleading.

This is the comment that was removed:"

They then quoted part 1 of my comment (I had to post it in two pieces, as it was over 5,000 characters) up to the phrase "the WILL OF THE PEOPLE". The email finished with this:

"We would ask you please not to resubmit this content or discuss its removal on the site. You can see our terms and house rules at the foot of the home page. We will and do ban users who seriously or persistently abuse our rules. If we are made aware that you have breached our rules again, you can expect to be suspended from using the site.

We strongly support this site's community in maintaining high standards of participation. If you consider that a comment does not comply with our rules, please click the 'report abuse' link next to the comment.

This Is comments team"

It's one thing for a paper to ostensibly be so scared of lawsuits that they will not publish comments that call local government dishonest, but to threaten that people who discuss having their comments banned will be banned from commenting seems a little harsh. So much for the 'Free Press'. Perhaps it's a coincidence that my comment was also critical of the Western Morning News and its parent group. When I queried them over what part of my comment they found problematic, they replied with this:

"Re: report abuse comment to moderate for thisisCornwall / Free Speech

From: Report Abuse


Thank you for your email. The aspect of your post which caused concern was the following:

"Various cheaper and vastly less intrusive schemes have been offered as alternatives, but the Council was strangely fixated on 'Option A' and would give serious speculation to nothing else. It all looked very much like a 'done deal'. 'Evidence' of a 15 per cent increase on goods in the Scillies resulting from the alternative plan is a downright lie."

The wording of your comment implies corruption and dishonesty on behalf of the councillors who considered the decision, as such your comments pose a risk of defamation for which you, and we as the publisher, could be sued. Because of this your comments were removed."

After all, we can't have people going around implying that a local council in Britain could be corrupt, now can we?? The offending comment follows in full:

It should have been plain sailing.

But judgement, accountability and legality were lacking and the council's attitude was as unreal as a dream - costs spiralled from 42m to 62M in 2.5 years. The plan was to pay multi-national nuclear Big Business a fortune to destroy Penzance's beautiful seafront, and saddle taxpayers with a 25 year debt, added to their council tax. A splendid passenger/freighter would run virtually empty in winter, but still have to pay its own vast fuel bill.

To advance such an unfeasible, undemocratic and unlawful plan, in times of austerity, would seem, at best, perverse.

Democratic polls, taken at public consultations, as well public meetings and polls in local press have established that local people were united against the plan - excepting a clique of'interested parties'. A firm sense of solidarity and common purpose united Penzance like never before, with much humour at the expense of our silly local political 'masters'.

On Thursday, the grown-ups in central government finally told Cornwall Council to grow up and get real.

Relief swept the better part of Penzance when it was announced that our seafront and public purse were not to be butchered against our will by the despised 'Option A' and other, eminently sensible plans could finally be discussed and initiated. There was also some regret that irresponsible media, local government and our Chamber of Commerce had sadly swayed the minds of a certain proportion of folks who perhaps had not weighed the evidence fully. For a good news story, the media has gone to extraordinary lengths of distortion and paving the way for Big Capital to ride into town on a bulldozer.

The Route Partnership came into being, consisting of the nuclear construction giants Halcrow and Birse; together with the Duchy of Cornwall and the various limbs of local government. A bizzarely unnaccountable blend of officialdom and GLOBAL BIG BUSINESS. 'Thatcherism in Action'.

If the islanders were happy with their end of the plan, would they, as fellow Democrats, deny us Penzance folk the right to approve the plans for OUR end of the bargain?

Personally, I find terms like 'Battle of Battery Rocks' offensive. This is media 'stirring the pot' to sell papers - in what way does the press promote unity and genuine debate with an attitude such as this?

The Friends of Penzance Harbour was spontaneously founded in 2008 by a core group of deeply concerned locals and immediately recieved strong support from the community. This was particularly evident at the public 'consultation' exhibition in October 2008, where people were not amused at the vulgar, exhorbitant and unneccesary plans they were shown.

The plan was to bury a small beach, rock-pools and sea-bed in thousands of tons of concrete - this for freight sheds and a lorry turning circle. The historic listed peir was to be breached and the war-memorial overshadowed by a toilet block. The proposed terminal building was a kitch hutch with all the character of a portaloo. It would also have obscured promenaders views of Mounts Bay - thus diminishing the towns worth and attraction to tourists and locals alike.

Various cheaper and vastly less intrusive schemes have been offered as alternatives, but the Council was strangely fixated on 'Option A' and would give serious speculation to nothing else. It all looked very much like a 'done deal'. 'Evidence' of a 15 per cent increase on goods in the Scillies resulting from the alternative plan is a downright lie. Ironically, it was the sheer bloated expense of the scheme itself that led to its governmental rejection...

Any disharmony percieved to exist between the little islands and the big island can be squarely laid at the door of the capitalist press lobbying for their elitist pals in big business. Though many Scilly islanders have excessive wealth, the working class there presumably have some concept of how media corporations and multinationals attempt to control peoples perceptions and beliefs, so as to dominate their economic life.

What the Western Morning News calls 'suspected quibbling', the rest of us call adhering to such procedures as The Penwith Local Plan, the Aarhus Convention, and, more to the point, the WILL OF THE PEOPLE.

Then in December 2009 the scheme was soundly thrown out by the 'Strategic Planning Committee' in a legal and Democratic vote.

The relief of Penzance was shortlived however. The Council 'politically cleansed' the Planning Committee! They re-shuffled it and repopulated it with 'tame' councillors. To make it harder for us to attend, the planning meeting was held in Truro - I'm barely skimming the surface here when it comes to listing abuses of the Democratic process. To make matters worse, the belicose Councillor Hicks, Head of Transport, saw fit to liken Penzance folks to nazis, scum-bags, incapable of rational debate, etc. etc. he even made it into Private Eye, twice (though admittedly once was for a police authority expenses thing). He was the 'mastermind' who wasted 45,000 pounds plus expenses of OUR money on the ludicrous 'scoping of Falmouth' as an alternative ferry port!!!

Around this time the True Fiends of Penzance took no bribes whatsoever, but propagated 'Option A' like it was going out of style... Their main platform seemed to be based on the discredited 'trickle-down' economic model. They seemed unaware that even the labour for the scheme was not going to be local, let alone the profit-sharing, which was going to the nuclear Big Boys Halcrow and Birse.

No government would support a blundering mastodon of a scheme that bloated from 42 to 62 million in a couple of years - they have more sense, even in times of economic boom. The fact that we as a nation swapped one corrupt government for another is neither here nor there. Those who do not like 'the cuts' should perhaps get organized against them.

Whilst hacking back survival services to the most vulnerable, Cornwall Council was prepared to borrow another 5 million - at high risk, but Westminster still pointed out the extreme folly inherent in 'Option A' - just as the sensible People of PZ had been doing for some time! As for 'reducing the price tag by 26 million' this is simply hogwash - look at the governments own figures!

It was in a frenzy of wrath that Councillor Hicks attacked central government for spoiling his uber-plan - perhaps Graeme should stop insulting everyone in sight and quietly admit that his plan was simply wrong and has been rejected by both Penzance and Westminster because most of us can plainly see that - 'Option A' was just plain wrong. Hicks did everything he could do, to override democratic accountability and bulldoze his plan through, but he forgot to reckon with the will of the general public.

The powers that be hate it when People Power actually works...


THE AARHUS CONVENTION - The UNECE Convention on Access to Information, Public Participation in Decision-making and Access to Justice in Environmental Matters – the vital legislation for citizen-groups attempting to protect their local area from so-called ‘development’: - RESIST CARDIAC ARREST

March for Justice for Smiley Culture - next Saturday


United Campaign Against Police Violence

View Contact


The Limpet

Saturday 16 April, Assemble 12 noon

Southbank Club, 124-130 Wandsworth Road, London SW8 2DL.

The Campaign for Justice for Smiley Culture has called a demonstration to New Scotland Yard on Saturday, 16 April. It has received massive support from communities around the country, and has the potential to be very big.

The families and supporters of many of those who have died in police custody will be marching. We should also bring along others who have suffered brutality at the hands of police, whether through racist stop and search or being beaten up on a student demonstration. United we can bring change.

Over the next week we can spread the word through our campaign and community groups. Let's make this a march that the police can't ignore.

Join the Facebook group for the Campaign for Justice for Smiley Culture.


Do you really trust American arms manufacturer Lockheed Martin with your Census Data? Apart from providing the torturers at Abu Ghraib & Guantanamo Bay Camps, they’ve just been given a Billion Dollar biometrics contract with the FBI!

All Power To The People!

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The Limpet Collection

THINKING IN PICTURES: Artwork from the archives of The Limpet. These and many other images are available to print out and enjoy. Dedicated to One and All who worked to protect Nature, Democracy & Free Speech, in Penzance, Cornwall & around the World.

RCA Manifesto:

A chance to petition for the resignation/sacking of Councillor Graeme Hicks:


Follow the Ian Tomlinson Inquest Live (This is NOT a Murder-Trial):

So Many Different Ways Of Being....

If you like our work, spread the word: Print, Cut, Give Away:

Trust the Census info-gatherers? lockheed-martin get billion dollar contract for fbi biometrics surveillance project:
Invertebrate Press Office:
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U.S. Government agents , police and mafia collaborated in a plot to murder Dr Martin Luther King on 4th April, 1968, as established in the Thirtieth District Court, Memphis, Tennessee, December 8th, 1999.

An Act of State – The Assassination of Martin Luther King

The entire transcript of the trial is available to read here:,_Jr.

Link to excellent documentary on King murder conspiracy, cover-up, subsequent trial and mainstream-media silence on case:


Spread the Word... Print Out, Cut-Up, Pass Around...

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Please sign your name - or nom de plume - and PLEASE sign once only - thank you!

Link to Graeme Hicks RESIGN Petition:


Letter to Norman Baker & other MP's on Cornwall Council's failure to observe the Aarhus Convention:



Interesting information on your Rights concerning the census:


RESIST CARDIAC ARREST - A Direct Current of Resistance to Electro-Coercion:

The following link will take you to a blog-post of far greater interest than this one. Rather than focusing on the misdeeds of a small-time local administrator, it concerns the fundamental Right of People in Britain and around the World, to NOT BE TORTURED.... Please check it out, and also issue No.86 of The Limpet, (RCA - UNCAT in the UK) from May 2011, which records a challenge to the British Government on the taser-torture issue. Thank you.

Thoreau – Civil Disobedience:

Contact The Limpet: