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ibm d and c pol? (What follows does not pretend to any depth or completeness, but is merely a ‘finger pointing’ at a collection of remarkable facts. These are mere skeletal observations on a topic that is deep, far-reaching and requiring of some study to be understood. It is up to the Reader to make the connections for him or her self – the compiler merely presents the material.)

Selling England by the Pound – The new fascism does not strut into town in jackboots, but rather arrives in a company car and expensive suit. The thatcherite homogenization of officialdom and business is fruiting into a new kind of Britain. It is fascism by stealth and it’s all about the corporations swallowing up the institutions of Democratic society. This gives grave cause for concern. The traditional ‘Separation of Powers’ of Church & State now needs recasting as a separation of powers between State and Corporate Business.

"..we've made it very clear that the merger of State and Corporate powers, by definition, is called Fascism. And what we are seeing is the merger of State and Corporate powers like never before". Gerald Celente, June 2010. The 8th comment: stargeezer:

This you want to see: (…..”OK, let’s do some wild guess-work here. Let’s give it another 20, 25 years and we’ll be looking at Cornwall, Devon and Somerset merged into one ‘Unitary Area’ (Jurisdictive province) with police, hospitals, schools and most everything else merged into a single corporate entity & owned by amerika…..” P.Noyer

South West One resembles the Route Partnership – a hybrid of business and officialdom . RP included Birse, Halcrow, Cornwall Council, the Duchy of Cornwall, Scillies Council, etc. Trewin Architects.. I bet Cornwall Council was CREATED for this! Check out Kevin Lavery/Serco connection… (Evidence that Somerset ‘went unitary’ council to ALLOW sw1 to get in there is to be found in the last para of I.L-G MP.s parliamentary speech.) Lib Dems run Taunton Dene Borough Council and Somerset C.C.

Military-Industrial Complex: The union of CACI, Lockheed Martin and Britgov is another example. Census questions: what is connection between census and Lockheed martin; what is connection between LM and Abu Ghraib? What responsibility does LM have for activities of its people at Abu G?


Southwest One is a joint venture set up between Somerset County Council, Taunton Deane Borough Council, and Avon and Somerset Police, and the global IT and business management provider, IBM.

The partnership, which is set to run for an initial period of 10 years, began in October 2007.

Who is Ian Liddell-Grainger?

Judging on his voting record, I’d describe him as a right-winger, which adds gravitas and significance to these investigations. Ian Liddell-Grainger MP talks about SW1:

I L-G accuses SW1 of corruption in ‘South West One and IBM’ speech at Westminster Parliament:

Concerns of the audit commission Re: sw1?? (Apparently they OK’d it!)

IBM ‘buys’ councils and police, Lockheed martin get census contract: Yank Big Business consuming ‘democratic’ institutions of Britain! Parallel with RP, Birse/Halcrow/Duchy/Councils… Taunton Deane B.C. doing fast broadband job… ARBEIT MACHT FREI

Check out ‘Corporate/Govenance’ Team C.C. etc.. (thatcher’s bastard child)

SW1 involvement with westcountry police gets go-ahead from central gov – Treasury etc.: & check the ‘related articles’ at computer weekly, such as this candidate for NEWSPEAKWATCH:

Looks like someone (or two) in PZ already know about this sw1-police corporate hook-up – check comments on this site: check comment No.9 by traveler 44 - conversely ‘Half-Hidden’ has confined his investigation to checking sw1 out with companies house and thus disbelieves the allegations/evidence – think he should do more research… Following link mistitled:

(note: links getting ‘unavailable’… google won’t even go to page 2! )

And what have our old friends at This Is Northcliffe got to say about it! in the article, a passing reference is made to south west one, a ‘joint venture’ of IBM, Somerset C.C., Taunton Dene B.C. and Avon and Somerset Police Authority…

Document: (Exhibit ‘A’)

Public Sector Buyers Attending

Public Sector Buyers Attending Procurement Connection 2010

Mark Eastaugh

Commercial Manager


Darren Ball

Contracts & Procurement Manager

Met Office

Simon Richardson

Procurement Manager

Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service

Helene Waterhouse

Head of Procurement & Logistics

Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust

Kate Parker

Procurement Manager

Devon & Cornwall Police

Mike Pearce

Procurement Manager

Exeter College

Paul McCormick

Head of Contracts & Direct Services

Exeter City Council

Robert Love

Corporate Procurement Manager

Torbay Council

Alan Denby

Director of Economic & Strategic Performance

Torbay Development Agency

Public Sector Buyers Speaking at Procurement Connection 2010

Mark Gronow

Associcate Director of Procurement

& Logistics

Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust

Stuart Busfield

Category Manager

South West One

Philip Margerison

Defence Suppliers Service - Manager


Public Sector Buyers Speaking

Public Sector Buyers Speaking...

Stuart Busfield

Category Manager

South West One

Speaking on: Why we want companies to tender and tips for your success.

Mark Gronow

Associcate Director of Procurement

& Logistics

Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust

Speaking on: The Challenges of a Procurement Department.

Philip Margerison

Defence Suppliers Service - Manager


Speaking on: Low value work and how to work with us. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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