Friday, 23 May 2014

Who’d Kill Cock-Robin? Andrew Sells!

The Story In A Nutshell:   Fatcat businessman Andrew Sells gets rich with construction company, Garden Centre chain and dubious financial shenanigans in the City of London.  Fatcat donates over £120,000 to the rapacious capitalist (Tory/Conservative) Party of Britain.  Fatcapitalist gets job as head of ‘English Nature’, a government body with a duty to protect Nature.  Fattie then puts out fatwah on Robins, Starlings, Pied Wagtails, and considers putting Greylag Geese and Mallards on kill-list.  Fatcat takes payback from builder fat-pals.  World experiences paroxysm of apoplectic outrage.   

Mr Sells has also donated over £31,000  of his own money to the Tory campaign AGAINST proportional representation;  directly opposing Democracy as well as Nature.

He Sells England by the Pound:

Oppose him:

Selling England

Starlings on Otmoor

The Irish word for starling is ‘Druid’.