Thursday, 30 October 2008

The Limpet No.3

The Walrus & The Carpenter were walking close at hand;
They wept like anything to see such quantities of sand;
If this were only cleared away they said, "It would be grand!"
From 'Through The Looking-Glass & What Alice Found There
Lewis Carol, 1871

"Nobody knows about, nobody knows about
what's going on down there,
Who's gonna tell about, who's gonna tell about,
what's going on down there?
The newspaper pages have nothing to say,
They either tell lies or they hide it all away,
Day after day after day, oh, Nobody knows about, nobody knows about
What's going on down there...."
Malvina Reynolds, 1966

"He who grasps more than he can hold, would be better without any."
Lao Tzu, b.China, 604BC

Wednesday, 8 October 2008


Bringing you the economy re-mix of The Limpet No.2; in monochrome, so you can print & distribute it without spending a fortune on toner!
As controversy rumbles through the Shire your local Paper has taken a quick look at some of these 'consultants' and found them to be many-faceted entities. The Cornish local authorities have chosen, along with the mainstream press, to ignore some of these facets... In Today's World we in the 'civilized West' are all familiar with the idea of ethical business and Fair Trade, and moral accountability is an increasingly accepted criterion when choosing which organizations to do business with. Realizing this, big business will go a long way to create an impression of ethical purity, employing Public Relations people and slick advertising to do this for them. However, a brief glance at Halcrow's own website shows them to be trading with countries like China, where there is ongoing genocidal repression in Tibet; and torture, 'disappearence', (extra-judicial killing by police and soldiers) are being practiced against Buddhists, Falun Gong and other peaceable groups. Tibet's vast Northern wildernesses are now being cleared of their ancient indigenous nomadic populations, with a combination of 'Skytech' sattelite surveilance and round-ups by 'Security Services'. Like the Native Americans or the European Jews before them, you can't help wondering how many of them will survive this 'resettlement'. We will bring you more on China in forthcoming blogs. Halcrow also talk of 'making significant inroads into Saudi Arabia'. The Justice System of Saudi makes medieaval Europe look like a liberal utopia! Of course, there is also the USA, where Halcrow are involved in building the Chicago Skyway private toll road. Although it is still normal practice to trade with the USA, this is done in spite of their record on Human Rights which has deteriorated considerably in recent years. In Guantanamo Bay the USA effectively runs a concentration camp where people are held indefinetely without Due Process of Law. Abduction, arbitary detention, torture are openly addmitted to by the authorities, and all in the name of Freedom. Trading with nations which torture is surely not the best way forward for a truly Free World, big business has the ever-constant opportunity to use its considerable influence to do some real good in this world. As to Halcrow's involvment in the West's incursion into Messopotamia, we will give you any evidence we can uncover. The job of a newspaper is to investigate & publish the Truth, whether the Truth be Sweet or Sour. Also touched on in this issue is Halcrows role of Nuclear Dustman to the Nation. Presumably an organization that stores radioactive waste for countless millenia has a certain amount of clout in the British and international business game, but does that mean that the People of Penzance should be forced into paying them an undisclosed sum of Our money to DESTROY OUR OWN BEACH!!?? We at The Limpet think not - you are Free to make up your own Mind...
P.S. Don't forget to have a nice walk on your local beach...

Friday, 3 October 2008

Is our money being offered to local ethical firms?

"Most people, in fact, will not take trouble in finding out the truth, but are much more inclined to accept the first story they hear."

From: The History of the War fought between Athens & Sparta
by Thucydides the Athenian; 5th Century BC

"You've got to give the people something good to read on a Sunday".
Joe Strummer, 1981

"Bhi an focal do ata focal" (Your words are our words)
The Limpet, 2008