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"In another blog I explained why inmate Gregory Shevlin was an important witness in the Darren Rainey murder and the events that happened with Shevlin on the night Rainey was murdered.
 In the Dade County Florida State Attorney’s 3/17/17  decision to not prosecute the staff who murdered Rainey, their ‘Exhibit One’ is Ofc. Williams’ Housing Unit Log from the night Rainey was murdered.  That log makes no reference to anything with Shevlin.  Did Ofc. Williams and the Dade C.I. staff working on the night Rainey was killed intentionally not place any references to Shevlin in the Housing Unit Log?  Ofc. Williams was the Booth Ofc. for the 4:00 pm till 12:00 am shift.  Did the Booth Ofc. for the 12:00 am till 4:00 pm shift make any references to what happened with Shevlin on the night Rainey was killed in her log for 12:00 am till 4:00 pm on 6/24/12?  Did the Dade County State Attorney and Miami-Dade Police Department investigate this issue?  If they didn’t, why not?  The log would aid in proving the events that happened on the night  Rainey was killed.
Please share this blog with your friends and anybody you believe would like to join us in our fight for justice.  Please sign our petition on entitled THE LIFE OF BLACK, MENTALLY DISABLED MUSLIM PRISONER DARREN RAINEY DOES MATTER."
Harold Hempstead, a.k.a. Caged Crusader, Tennessee D.C., May 2017.
With corruption so endemic in our world, it often devolves upon citizens and prisoners to attempt to get the 'legitimate authorities' to uphold their own law and order.  Strange and ironic, yea, but true.

Monday, 19 June 2017


I’m in need of any information you can provide me with concerning any African Americans who were killed by Dade County, Florida law enforcement officials and the Dade County, Florida State Attorney didn’t prosecute the case.  Also, I’m in need of any information you have on any type of corruption involving the Dade County Florida State Attorney, Dade County Florida Medical Examiner and Miami-Dade Police Department.  
If you have any newspaper articles or documents you can provide me on any of the foregoing, please send them to my friend Jeremy who manages this blog.  I believe he’ll show me kindness in getting me copies of whatever documents, information, etc. you mail him.  Thank you for your kindness.  
Please share this blog with your friends and anybody you believe can help me with obtaining this information and anybody you believe would like to join us in our fight for the value of life.  Please sign our petition on entitled THE LIFE OF BLACK, MENTALLY DISABLED MUSLIM PRISONER DARREN RAINEY DOES MATTER.

Harold Hempstead, a.k.a. The Caged Crusader, Tennessee Department of Corrections, USA, May, 2017.

Sunday, 18 June 2017


On Saturday 6/23/12 when Darren Rainey was murdered, I was housed in Wing J3-101.  On Tuesday 6/26/12 I was moved from Wing J3-101 to Wing J1-117.  On Wednesday 6/27/12 Dade C.I. Major McCarter called me out to speak in one of the offices in Wing J1.  Several security staff were present to watch the Major question me.  
How I deemed the foregoing was the major was trying to intimidate me to not say anything that could hurt staff.  This caused me to do my best to get out of the office with him as quick as possible.  The longer I was in the office with the Major, the more security staff would think the chance existed that I slipped and said something I wasn’t supposed to say about the Darren Rainey murder or something else in the Dade C.I. TCU.  I was in and out of the office in approximately four minutes.  
From approximately thirteen years of incarceration and legal studies, I knew the Major to some degree shared liability and my experience told me to not tell FDC (the Major) that FDC (the Major’s staff) killed an inmate and I was a witness that was going to talk and tell everything, until I first told people in society what happened.  That way, if I was killed or mysteriously found dead, my family and people in society would know why.  I thought I did good with my answers to the Major.  The last question the Major asked me was if I had anything I wanted to say on anything.  I told him “yes, isn’t the only important thing that they did their thirty-minute security checks?”  
The Major responded, “yes - did they do their security checks?”
I responded, “yes.  Officer Thompson found Rainey dead approximately twenty or twenty-five minutes after the last officers were in the wing.”
The Major said “ok Hempstead.”
When shift changed at 4:00pm, I knew it was in my best interest to tell Ofcs. Clarke and Thompson as quick as possible about the Major questioning me.  By doing such, they’d think I didn’t have anything to hide.  The 4:00 pm till 12:00 am shift started with officers Clarke and Thompson counting.  Ofc. Clarke went by my cell too quick.  I wasn’t able to stop him.  I was able to stop Ofc. Thompson.  When I told Ofc. Thompson the questions Major McCarter asked me and my answers etc. to the Major, he said “you told the Major I found Rainey dead?”  I responded “yes.  Why?”  
Ofc. Thompson then yelled over to Ofc. Clarke and asked him to come over to where we were.  When Ofc. Clarke got to where we were at, Ofc. Thompson asked me to tell Ofc. Clarke everything I just told him (Ofc. Thompson.)  When I got done repeating everything, Ofc. Thompson said “you shouldn’t have told the Major I found Rainey.  If anybody else ask, tell them Ofc. Clarke found Rainey dead.”  Ofc. Clarke then said “yea.  Tell them I found him.”  
I responded, “why would you want me to say that?  The cameras can prove that didn’t happen.  There wasn’t a thirty-minute period between the time Ofc. Thompson found him and the time you came to the shower after Ofc. Thompson, and Rainey was reported dead.  Security Checks are every thirty minutes.  You won’t be able to say your check on Rainey was a Security Check.”  
Ofc. Clarke then stated again, “if anybody else ask tell them I found Rainey dead.”  
I responded, “I understand.”
To me. it was clear I was being told to lie and that there was a strong possibility these Ofcs. put on their Incident Reports that Ofc. Clarke found Rainey dead and not the truth which was that Ofc. Thompson actually found Rainey dead.  In 2012 and 2013, I mailed the Dade County, Florida State Attorney’s Office, Miami-Dade Police Department and Dade County Medical Examiner’s Office several letters wherein I explained the foregoing to them.  From January 2013 till around the middle of 2015 I filed several Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) Inmate Grievances explaining how these Ofcs. were directing me to lie if anybody else questioned me on who found Darren Rainey dead in the shower.  
In my letters and grievances I explained how Ofc. Thompson actually found Rainey dead, that he left Rainey dead on the shower floor for approximately eight minutes to return to the officer station and tell his co-workers Rainey was dead, and then Ofc. Clarke came back and acted like he just found Rainey dead.  Despite me consistently stating in my letters and grievances this issue since 2012, the Dade County State Attorney in her 3/17/17 written decision to not prosecute Rainey’s killers, decided to believe the lies of these two Ofcs. instead of the truth which the mounted security cameras in Wing J3 supported.  
In the Dade County Florida State Attorney’s 3/17/17 decision to not prosecute Rainey’s killers, the State Attorney has her timeline of several things she alleged happened in Wing J3 on the night Rainey was killed.  This timeline contends that at 9:13:32  Ofc. Thompson left from checking on Rainey in the shower and walked downstairs past my cell, and at 9:25:41 Ofc. Clarke entered Wing J3 to check on Rainey in the shower.  By this timeline there was a time period of twelve minutes nine seconds between Ofc. Thompson’s visit to the shower when he found Rainey dead, and when Ofc. Clarke came back to the shower to act like he found Rainey dead.  Ofc. Clarke said he found Rainey dead while doing a security check.  Security checks are done in FDC every thirty minutes, not every twelve to fifteen minutes.  Ofc. Clarke by FDC Rules had no reason to allegedly do a security check twelve minutes, nine seconds after Ofc. Thompson.  The only reason he had to go back to the shower Rainey was in, twelve minutes after Ofc. Thompson checked on Rainey in the shower, was because Ofc. Thompson told Ofc. Clark and his other co-workers Rainey was dead in the shower.  
The Dade County State Attorney in her 3/17/17 decision to not prosecute Rainey’s killers chose to believe the lies of these Ofcs. and say that what I said was incorrect because these Ofcs. said something different from what I said.  She said this even though:
(1)  she knew since 2012 that these Ofcs. tried to get me to lie and say Ofc. Clarke found Rainey dead and not Ofc. Thompson;
(2)  She knew that security checks in FDC were done every thirty minutes;
(3)  The Wing J3 cameras showed Ofc. Clarke returning to the shower twelve minutes after Ofc. Thompson, which means it wasn’t a security check that caused him to return to the shower Rainey was already dead in.  
Just like I refused to lie for Ofcs. Clarke and Thompson in 2012 (and since), I will not switch from the truth and tell a lie now.  Those who killed Rainey will have to answer to God for killing Rainey, and their lies.  The Dade County State Attorney and Medical Examiner and MDPD detectives assigned to the Rainey case will have to answer to God for not prosecuting Rainey’s killers and trying to cover up Rainey’s murder.  Life is short.  We’re born, we live, we die.  As long as I’m living by the Grace of God, I’ll strive to manifest my love to the Lord by keeping his commandments (John 14:15).  
Please share this blog with your friends and anybody you believe would like to join us in our fight for the value of life. Please sign our petition on entitled THE LIFE OF BLACK, MENTALLY DISABLED MUSLIM PRISONER DARREN RAINEY DOES MATTER.

Harold Hempstead, a.k.a. The 'Caged Crusader', Tennessee D.C., May 2017
More evidence from my good friend Harold Hempstead - the man who has been witnessing and speaking out about the state-slaughter of the mentally disabled, drug-smoking, black Muslim, prisoner Darren Rainey at Dade Correctional Institution's Transitional Care Unit on 23rd June, 2012. For five years now, this event has been at the centre of Harold's life - finding resolution and justice on it has become the work that has brought him a measure of fame and will one day bear fruit. Until that day, the 'Crusade,' the Fight For The Value Of Life will continue.
We believe that all human life has value and that no-one has the right to take life. If you share this view, please help Harold and me to spread this message far and wide, so the State of Florida never again descends to such a level of barbarity as steaming a man to death and trying to pretend it was all just an accident... Please join our Fight For The Value Of Life.

Jeremy Sch@nche, Newlyn, Kernow, 19th June, 2017

Here's my interview with Harold Hempstead from summer 2016

The case is on-going...

Thursday, 15 June 2017

SUSPECT DEVICE - May DUPE Deal Gonna Blow Up In Your Face

My name is Jeremy Schanche and I live in West Penwith, the Westerly tip of Kernow, or Cornwall, in Britain.  Following our general election one week ago, Teresa May is trying to form a government by propping up her minority of Conservative  MP's with a handful of MP's from the Northern Irish 'Democratic Unionist Party' - the problem with this is that it might lead Britain straight into another war.  
I am very worried that  May's plan will cause so much offense that it may well lead to bloodshed.  The peace in Ulster is a fragile and vulnerable thing, the value of which cannot be calculated. 
Apart from the fact that virtually no-one in mainland Britain and the British Isles feels any friendship with the DUP and their violence-ridden history,  there are a lot of people in Ireland who will feel it a lot harder than us in Britain.  With Northern Ireland's notoriously tragic history of extreme 'religious' or rather, ethnic (Kelt/Saxon) bigotry, hatred and violence, and its extremely volatile relationship with the British Government, it seems sheer madness to risk destroying the peace in Ulster for a deeply unpopular lame-duck 'government' to cling to power for a few more futile months. 

When we have crazy so-called 'Islamic' terrorists killing us on the streets of London in these times, is it in the national interest to trash the Irish Peace Process?  That's what this issue boils down to - Teresa May would risk a whole new wave of bombings in Belfast, Derry, London and Birmingham, just to keep the capitalist Tories in power.  I think that is a despicably irresponsible thing to do.  I know the DUP folks got voted in legally according to the current version of British Democracy and that fact cannot be denied.  However, giving those extremists any influence over mainland British politics is deeply reprehensible to most clear-thinking people - the issue is being portrayed in the media according to the liberal agenda, which is deeply concerned with human rights, in all its branches.  Whilst respecting the rights of all groups of humans potentially affected by the Conservative's coalition with the UDA, or UDP, or DUPE, or whoever they are, my own view is that a far greater problem is the potential threat of terror-war, as some of us remember from the sixties, seventies, eighties, nineties, etc..  It blighted countless lives, directly or indirectly.  No-one in their right mind would risk kicking off 'The Troubles' - but is Teresa May in her right mind?  You decide.  My own view is that any right-wing lackey MPs that go along with this treacherous coalition are endangering our national security and courting tragedy and violence.   

I would encourage everyone reading this blog to ask themselves if they really want a government that could trigger another terrorist campaign in our land when we are dealing with one already? I'd like to see a tolerant, inclusive society, based on socialism, compassion and basic human kindness and Love.  I'd like to help build a society where anyone can walk down the street and be themself, without fear from bullying, hatred, terrorism, police-oppression or any other form of intimidation.  If people want to marry their own sex (or sax) it's not a problem to me, but if your lover gets blown up by a terrorist bomb, you can't marry them, whatever their sex.  

The first duty of a government is surely to look after the best interests of the people and avoid bringing armed conflict to the high streets, shops and pubs of Britain and Ulster.  
This proposed coalition of May's is an insult to all Catholics, all Kelts (which includes most of Europe and America, black and white), Women, LGBTs, Republicans (this word is a bit loaded in Britain - I should point out that you can be a Republican without endorsing violence), and all people who do not like fascism.  

In '92 I heard the City of London bomb go off from up on Hampstead Heath and it's a sound I'll never forget.  I don't mind hearing people arguing about politics, but the sound of bombs going off is something I don't want to hear again.              
  A few notable Irish things:      Bloody Sunday       Easter Rising     Skellig Michael   James Joyce    The Book of the Dun Cow   DUPE   

In May and June, the UVF petrol bombed a number of Catholic homes, schools and businesses. It also shot dead two Catholic civilians as they walked home.[56][59] These are sometimes seen as the first deaths of the Troubles. Following the killings, the UVF was outlawed and Paisley denied any knowledge of its activities.[58] One of those convicted for the killings said after his arrest "I am terribly sorry I ever heard of that man Paisley or decided to follow him"   
From the fascinating Wiki article on the odious founder of the so-called DUP, the 'Reverend' Ian Pailsey...... a man who made the Witch-Finder General seem like your genial uncle after a couple of lagers.

Does Derek Thomas share responsibility for the fire at Grenfell Tower, West London?

Stiff Little Fingers - Suspect Device

The Bothy Band - Old Hag You Have Killed Me

Meet William Ulsterman....

The Dubliners - More Of The Hard Stuff

Thin Lizzy - Whiskey In The Jar

The Undertones - Teenage Kicks

Stiff Little Fingers - Alternative Ulster (Live '79)

Suspect Device - Stiff Little Fingers  (Live, Ulster TV, June, 1978)

The Johnsons - Curragh of Kildare

Brenda Wootton - Delyo Syvy

Traddodiadol Plethyn-Golau Tan Gwmwl

Judy Collins - Farewell To Tarwathie

Trasna na dTonnta

The Lass of Aughrim - Frank Patterson

Oppose Teresa May's collaboration with these bitter and hatemongerous people - they are an obstacle to our progress and a threat to our peace.  Let us lawfully, peacefully and intelligently oppose them with all our energy.  They are a bunch of bigots but we are bigger than them.

Saturday, 10 June 2017


"In the last twenty-seven years of my life I’ve had a lot of communications with State and Federal agencies (not as a suspect) in more administrative and criminal investigations than I can remember.  Over these twenty-seven years I’ve learned that law enforcement agencies highly favor polygraph and voice-stress testing as investigative tools to test the credibility of their own staff, witnesses, suspects and those who aid them in investigations.  I’ve never been placed on a polygraph test over these years, but I have been administered voice-stress testing several times.  Also, over these last eighteen years of my life I’ve read several criminal cases where law enforcement agencies used these types of testing for investigative purposes.  Since Darren Rainey’s murder, I’ve asked the Dade County State Attorney’s Office, Miami-Dade Police Department, and Florida Department of Corrections several times to polygraph or voice-stress test me on the things I told them concerning Darren Rainey’s murder.  
These agencies consistently refused to do the foregoing, even though they each have the equipment to conduct said tests and the people trained in administering these tests.  In other words, they don’t have to hire somebody to administer these tests.  
Why do you think they consistently refused to polygraph or voice-stress test me concerning the things I told them about the Darren Rainey murder?  I believe they refused to do the foregoing because they knew beyond all doubt what I told them was the truth about Rainey’s murder and if they tested me, I’d be able to use the results from the test against them to push for a prosecution of those who killed Rainey.  
My 2013 FDC Inmate Grievances I filed on Rainey’s murder also document me asking to be polygraphed or voice-stress tested on what I said concerning Rainey’s murder.  Why didn’t these agencies polygraph or voice-stress test the Dade C.I. staff that killed Rainey and that were working on the night Rainey was killed?  I believe because these agencies knew those who killed Darren Rainey and the Dade C.I. staff that were working on the night Rainey was killed, were lying.  
Since these agencies have refused to polygraph or voice-stress test me, I’m asking for your help.  I believe if I can get anybody to polygraph or voice-stress test me, I can use the results of my testing, to further prove a cover-up, corruption and racism in the Darren Rainey murder case.  I’m absolutely positive I can pass a polygraph or voice-stress test concerning the things I said on the Darren Rainey murder.  If you’re reading this blog and you have the ability to polygraph or voice-stress test me, or arrange to have somebody administer one of these tests to me, will you please contact my friend Jeremy who manages this blog and tell him you’d like to help me with this matter?  Because I’m in prison, I have several restrictions placed on me.  Any law enforcement or State or Federal agency can administer one of these tests to me.  The only other people who can obtain authorization to have one of these tests administered to me are private investigators or contractors, lawyers and the media.  With the proper paperwork, any person can hire a private investigator or contractor to administer one of these tests to me.  If you can help me, I’d really appreciate it.  Also, if you can help me, think about your help as being a way of aiding in the fight for justice for the murder of Darren Rainey and as a way of aiding in the fight for the value of life.  The people I personally know and I, can’t make arrangements to have me receive one of these tests, because if we paid for me to receive one of these tests, people could say the person who gave me the test was bias in favor of my view of things.  I want an unbias tester to administer me one of these tests.  Please share this blog with your friends and anybody you believe would like to join us in our fight for the value of life.  Please sign our petition on entitled THE LIFE OF BLACK, MENTALLY DISABLED MUSLIM PRISONER DARREN RAINEY DOES MATTER."

Harold Hempstead, a.k.a. ‘The Caged Crusader,’ May Day (1st of May) 2017, Tennessee Department of Corrections, USA.
Criminal justice regularly uses current technology to prove or disprove allegations in criminal investigations.  Sometimes the use of such technology can be controversial, as in the numerous cases of falsified human DNA evidence that has been used by Florida’s various corrupted agencies to send innocent people to their deaths - often fitted up by the police to ‘solve’ murder cases.  
One form of technology that is remarkably reliable and valid however is the polygraph or so called ‘lie-detector’ test.  When the key-witness in an ultra-controversial state-killing asks for the opportunity to prove the truth of his testimony, using the hardware that the tax-payers have entrusted the police and other authorities to use in the pursuit of justice - shouldn’t those authorities either jump at the chance to prove Harold Hempstead a liar (as they have gone to great lengths to impute) or prove him a true witness and start acting on the evidence he has risked his life for years to reveal?
To deny this avenue of truth and justice to the key-witness in a state-homicide is highly egregious and suspicious and this alone should arouse deep dismay and misgivings amongst those concerned with justice;  but when you add this fact to the ever-growing mountain of similar facts, observations and witnessings from Harold Hempstead, that are accumulating on his blog-site, I am left with one glaring conclusion - the state effectively tortured Darren Rainey to death and the state is now desperately trying to conceal, bury and deny the truth about Florida Department of Corrections - the systemic torture, the policy of starvation unto death,  the super-heated torture-chamber, the taunting of the most extremely mentally disturbed until they are driven to hang themselves as a better alternative to staying in the Dade C.I. Transitional ‘Care’ Unit…  in short, dear readers, the Crimes Against Humanity.

This case continues.

Jeremy Sch@nche
Kernow, 10.6.’17

Thursday, 8 June 2017

A Street Clash between Jeremy Schanche and Derek Thomas On General Election Day In Penzance - Gwerinieth Kernouac!

9.15 pm approx… Just walking past the Warfside Centre in Penzance to get my bike, when who should I see but Derek Thomas, coming out of his Conservative Party office – literally – I hope – as today is general election day in Britain, 8th June, 2017…..
“Derek!”  said I, taking off my glove and offering him my hand.  “I will shake your hand,” said the Great Democrat, with visible disdain and so he did.  He then immediately launched into a tirade about how he’d photographed all my posters (of himself as the snake in the garden of Eden) and reported me to the police.  I was tired and hungry, working on my Klan article all day, hurrying home to publish it, and was flabbergasted by Derek’s pathetic rant about my posters – that’d I’d resorted to as my only form of political representation, thanks to his negligence!
Furious, I reached for my wire-machine and started taping him… he made some utterance to which I replied… “you’re my MP and you’re scared to talk to me on the record…!”  “I’m NOT your MP, he said, backing off the pavement, where he stood in the middle of the road, like a typical politician, before beating a pathetic retreat whilst I called him a liar and a thief, saying he took our money to be our representative but did not reply to letters, simply ignored me!  We could have had a friendly talk – even at this point – but Derek tried to threaten me and ended up running from me, which he has been doing ever since taking office.  Let’s hope he keeps running…. away...
How many people get the opportunity to personally call their Tory MP a liar and a thief, to their face, on General Election day, or at least to the back of their departing head, as they scuttle away to the safety of their luxury car and an angst-ridden night of fear, having freaked out in the street and given way to a vulgar and childish temper-tantrum – the stress must be getting to him, poor baby!
I was hoping to transcribe and upload the recording of our little conversation but I can't find it in my machine and I'm not sure if, in the heat of the moment, I successfully recorded the exchange. Oh well, as they say in Japan, 'Nothing Matters!'

Perhaps Derek was agitated because today (General Election Day) the local paper, The Cornishman, published my letter about the police-taser killing of Marc Cole in Falmouth on 23rd May, 2017 and I mentioned that the illegality of taser was an issue I had touched on with Derek Thomas MP, who had kept me waiting eleven months so far, for a response. I was pleased that the letter was published today - it seemed just, showing, as it did, that a Conservative Party MP's failure to respond with a constituent who had a valid and legitimate matter under discussion with the government, was inter-connected with the police continuing to torture and kill with tasers, with impunity and in violation of the UNCAT. As Blog is my witness, I've tried to reach out to Derek many, many times, seemingly innumerable as the sands of the Ganges and again and again he has ignored my letters, phone-calls, emails etc., even after twice meeting me in person and twice promising to start responding to communications from me and giving me proper representation as my Member of Parliament. Shabby treatment indeed from a guy who's paid handsomely to represent the Great British Democracy. This evening's meeting of 'minds' did feel like fate. I don't believe in fate, or luck though - only action can make a difference in politics. If I am fortunate, Derek Thomas will not return as our MP, and if I am even luckier, Jeremy Corbyn will be Britain's Socialist Prime Minister in a few hours time.....

Surprises always take you unawares and I'm sure Derek was no more delighted to see me than I was to see himself.  But I'm glad we met, unpleasant though it was.  I was amazed that his opening gambit to me was to start rabbiting on about the 'posters' and that he threatened me with the law!  This is the man who's paid over £74,000 a year to represent us, who's lied to me on film, on youtube, about the UNCAT, who's failed to reply to my urgent requests for his help over Kris Maharaj, a 78 year old British Citizen who contracted flesh-eating bacterial disease after 30 years languishing in the Florida prison system on a wrongful murder conviction., etc. etc..  Derek is another of these people who are more concerned with the medium of a message than the message itself.  If I had an MP who actually bothered to reply to me, I wouldn't actually have to spend my time and money flying posters of him all over town - as I told him to his face on more than one occasion.  (Curious how the only three people who have ever attacked my free speech newspaper are paid by me to protect and uphold free speech - a cop in the street once when I was postering about the police-murder of Ian Tomlinson;  Chris Roynon, my kid's head-teacher, who tried to physically attack my newspaper when I was on hunger-strike over his Right-Wing sell-out of Mousehole School;  and now my Member of Parliament- good old British Democracy - all on first-name, hand-shake terms, and everyone tries to play you for a sucker - if you let them!)

Derek ran from me tonight.  He would not talk to me, he is terrified of my recording-machine, even though I'm not quite sharp enough to operate it properly and actually tape anything.....   I saw another side of Derek tonight.  Last time we'd met, for the youtube interview, he was all charm and reason, smiles and promises - tonight he was a snarling, seething, pullulating poodle, scurrying back to his eldritch kennel of Conservative, Right-Wing, Capitalist, Reactionary Doom - a Diamond Dog with his tail between his legs - howling for the glory days of 1984.

Well, I've ranted enough in the smoldering ruins of British Democracy, baying at the full moon like a wild fox of the night, waiting to see which way the pendulum will swing.  Either way, the fight for justice continues - Whoever is the next MP in West Cornwall can no longer evade the issue of ratifying Article 22 of the United Nations Convention Against Torture.
Power To The People!


"On 5/23/16 when I was placed in confinement under investigation at Martin Correctional Institution, Cpt. Scarpatti told me that somebody called the Martin C.I. Warden and the Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) Main Office saying there was a conspiracy to kill me.  
On 5/24/16 I was transferred to Okeehobee C.I.  Over the next about six weeks, FDC made several inconsistent statements to people in society contending different reasons why I was placed in confinement on 5/23/16.  Not long after I arrived at Okeechobee C.I. I was interviewed by two men professing to be Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) agents, alleging they were investigating a conspiracy to kill me.  A few months after I arrived at Okeechobee C.I. I was advised by the Okeechobee C.I. Warden that two calls were made to the Treasure Coast Crime Stoppers contending that FDC prison staff were conspiring to kill me and FDC prison staff with the Inspector General’s Office were altering paperwork concerning me.  The paperwork he was reading from also made reference to prison staff who were allegedly conspiring to kill me being members of the KKK.  The two Crime Stoppers case numbers that appeared on the paperwork he was reading from were 104-65509 and 104-65662.  Because I was never placed in Confinement or Protection over the foregoing, I was caused to believe FDC was trying to sweep these alleged calls under the rug.  This caused me to think there might have been some truthfulness to these calls.  In December 2016, I was transferred from Okeechobee C.I. to Hardee C.I.  I felt that pursuing an investigation into these calls more seriously while at Hardee C.I. would be in my best interest so in January 2017 I drafted a sworn affidavit wherein I provided all the details I knew on these alleged calls.  I mailed this sworn affidavit to approximately two dozen people in the State and Federal Government, media, Civil Rights groups, etc..  As of the date that I’m writing this blog, I haven’t been able to find out who was behind these alleged calls to Crime Stoppers or any new information other than what I placed in my January 2017 sworn affidavit.  I mailed my sister Windy and Jeremy copies of this January 2017 sworn affidavit.  I don’t if this sworn affidavit has been placed on this blog yet.  If it has, I hope that my friend Jeremy provides a note at the end of this blog on how you can find this sworn affidavit on this blog-site.  
The KKK is the oldest Caucasian brotherhood in Florida.  Since the KKK started being rebuilt in the nineteen twenties, they’ve strived to get their members in positions where they can be most effective in strengthening up their brotherhood and spreading their beliefs to Caucasians that can further their goals.  The KKK still has low-ranking knights and it is oftentimes the low-ranking knights that have done things that are deemed inappropriate, that have got the attention of the media (and government) and that oppose the primary goals of the KKK.  The KKK has bylaws that explain that the KKK is supposed to be a secret society and that only literature and activities approved by the Imperial Grand Wizard can be made known or public to those who are outside of the brotherhood.  It is a well-known fact by FDC staff and inmates that a very large quantity of FDC staff are members of the KKK and to think that the South  (and especially Florida) doesn’t no longer have a large number of racist and KKK members in it, is to not know the history of the South and Florida.
It is sad that there’s still so much racism in our country and especially in Florida but it’s a fact that we have to accept.  I know that my quest for justice for the murder of Darren Rainey and my activism against the unconstitutional conditions of FDC has brought a lot of attention and legal related issues to an agency that employs a large number of KKK members.  Did I upset the Florida KKK members by doing the foregoing?  I know that since 2014 FDC staff have called me all types of racial related names for taking a stand for a dead black man (Darren Rainey), such as ‘The Nigger Activist,’ ‘Nigger-Lover’ and ‘Nigger in White Man Skin, etc..  Also, I know that FDC is well aware of my communications with outside agencies concerning criminal activity and racism in FDC.  
If anyone reading this blog can help me obtain an audio copy or verbatim printout of the alleged Crime Stopper calls mentioned herein I’d greatly appreciate it.  
I’m a Protestant Reformed Presbyterian-in-America Christian who believes that I’m biblically commanded to take a stand for the value of life and help those who cannot help themselves.  I believe all that people are equal.  If Darren Rainey was an oriental man, Spanish man, a member of the KKK, or blue, green or orange man I still would of took a stand for the value of his life.  Why?  Because right is right and wrong is wrong.  Will you please share this blog with your friends and anybody you believe would like to join us in our fight for the value of life?  Will you please sign our petition on entitled THE LIFE OF BLACK, MENTALLY DISABLED MUSLIM PRISONER DARREN RAINEY DOES MATTER."
Harold Hempstead, a.k.a. 'Caged Crusader', Tennessee D.C., May Day, 2017.

Jeremy Schanche looks at the basis of the Klan's mythological self-image. 

Since the KKK claim to base their cult on 'white' culture, which comes from Europe, and since they further claim lineage with the Anglo-Saxons, let's examine some of their beliefs.

Clans:  The Ku Klux Klan is not, in reality, a clan.  A clan is a tribal unit - the KKK is a political club - as well as being North America's first organized terrorist organization.  The Scots Clansmen were warriors against British Imperialism.  Amerikan Klansmen are not warriors who engage in battle, but rather murderers, who work in packs against vulnerable and isolated people.  They do not engage in equal combat on battlefields.  They do not seek fair fights, because they are foul, not fair.  
Perhaps they still think we can't see them behind their white sheets but we can see through all their sheet.  Many of us can see through the white sheet.  Regardless of which side of the white sheet you're on, the fact is white sheet is pretty transparent stuff these days.  

Since one day we are confronted with the fruits of our actions, I think it's important to take stock occasionally and ask ourselves if we are really on the right path, or are we starting to wander off a bit? A lot of people get into things that they feel strongly about, and 'patriotism' is a powerful feeling - but is hating and harming our neighbours something you can do and still claim to be a Christian?  
If you're a member of the K of sympathetic to their aims I think you should  examine your  beliefs and ask yourself 'which side am I on?'  Because you can't be for Jesus and the Klan - when Jesus said "Love Thy Neighbour" he didn't wink and cross his fingers and say "I'm not talking about those black people" or any such thing and we all know it.  So you'd better decide now - are you for the Klan or for Christ, because you can not be for both?

Not everyone realizes that the term 'Aryan' comes from Sanskrit - from India, from Hindu scriptures that were written many centuries and millennia ago.  To be of the 'Aryan race' is to be a brown-skinned Indian.

The Caucasian region lies to the north of Asia Minor, as the name suggests.  The so-called 'Caucasian race' is not European, but Asian, not white, but brown.  

Aenglisch Hystorie:
Sometimes 'white' Americans like to call themselves 'Anglo-Saxons.'  Let us clarify these terms.  The Roman invaders departed from Britannia in the early 5th Century A.D., due to some troublesome Visigoths who were besieging Rome itself.  The withdrawal of the occupying force created a power-vacuum among the now destabilized British, which was soon filled by various new invaders.  These included the Angles, Saxons, Jutes, etc. who flooded in from around the area of what is now Germany. These tribes came to dominate the central region of Britannia, the land of the Brythonek Kelts or British Celts, and one particular Teutonic tribe, the Angles, imprinted their tribal name onto the land of the Ancient Britons, and so it became known as England, the Land of the Angles.  To call yourself Anglo-Saxon is therefore to identify with the invading Germanic culture that was at war with Ancient Britannia, on and off, until 1496, when the last of the Cornish irregular armies was defeated by King Henry VIII's soldiers.  The Anglo-Saxons had no connection with the Druidism of the Ancient Britons, which was largely destroyed by the Romans in A.D. 61, when they attacked the Holy Isle of Mona, or modern Anglesey.  

By definition, Knighthood can only be conferred by a monarch or other high-ranking member of a government and was traditionally bestowed for military valour in the service of a liege.  If the Klan, who call themselves 'Knights,' were serious about Knighthood and Chivalry, they'd be challenging Black Panthers to armoured jousting with lances on horseback - obviously.  You can't just assume Knighthood in a bourgeois parliamentary democracy - it is found in Feudalist and Monarchist societies, such as those of Olde Europe.  
(Interesting fact about Knighthood:  David Bowie was offered a Knighthood by the Queen of England but he turned it down.  I take this to mean that he knew who he was - a charismatic bard and shaman, without needing anybody else's endorsement.)

This is the code of honour by which a true Knight must live at all times.  It is based upon the Christian ideals of mystical love and spiritual purity.  A Knight vows to protect those who require protection, whomsoever they may be.  In imitation of Christ, he devotes his life to serving others.  Occasionally this would require engaging in honourable combat on the field of battle.  (This is in no way similar to a drunken lynch-mob torturing an unarmed man to death, which seems to be the Klan's idea of chivalry.)

Wizards, etc.:
The governor of the Klan likes to be called the 'Grand Imperial Wizard,' a colourful title indeed, probably quite impressive to some of the dungaree-sporting cousins in the hollows, but if we break it down, the term is not really applicable.  The 'Imperial' part of the title has some basis.  Not a real empire in the historic sense, but a figurative empire perhaps - a secretive empire of infiltration and exclusion - a hollow hand within the glove of government, grasping at power for itself.  To what degree the contemporary Klan has infested and corrupted the various wings of the governmental gooney-bird is questionable and cannot be answered by me.  However, it seems to be taken for granted in the Department of Corrections that when your man goes off duty, he might well be changing into a different kind of 'uniform' and swearing allegiance to a different power-structure.  
Imperialists they might be, but wizards they definitely are not.  A wizard, if he is anything, is a worker of magic.  That's quite a bold claim to make.  
Ancient Britannia was the European centre of Druidism and despite Roman genocide and sacrilege, it was never totally destroyed, just driven underground.  These ancient Caucasian wizards and Druids were men of the spirit - if they had tiny minds, stunted by ignorance and hatred, they would not have commanded the respect of the 'known world' and gone down in history as our spiritual forefathers.

The Klan might like to imagine themselves as empire-builders, we'll let that claim stand, but as far as Knighthood, Chivalry, Wizardry and particularly, Christianity goes - the Klan's claims are not only false but delusional and deeply ignorant of the truth for which Jesus Christ stood, for which he lived and for which he died on a cross.

Film of me reading Harold Hempstead's evidence affidavit on the slaughter of mentally disabled, black Muslim prison, Darren Rainey, Dade C.I., 23rd June, 2012

May Day Demo for Darren Rainey and Human Rights in FDC

Cat Waters of People's Internet Radio in New York talks to me about the Darren Rainey case

Please read my interview with Harold Hempstead, the Caged Crusader from last year. Harold talks in some depth about his Christian faith and how it inspires his activism for justice and Civil Rights.