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SUSPECT DEVICE - May DUPE Deal Gonna Blow Up In Your Face

My name is Jeremy Schanche and I live in West Penwith, the Westerly tip of Kernow, or Cornwall, in Britain.  Following our general election one week ago, Teresa May is trying to form a government by propping up her minority of Conservative  MP's with a handful of MP's from the Northern Irish 'Democratic Unionist Party' - the problem with this is that it might lead Britain straight into another war.  
I am very worried that  May's plan will cause so much offense that it may well lead to bloodshed.  The peace in Ulster is a fragile and vulnerable thing, the value of which cannot be calculated. 
Apart from the fact that virtually no-one in mainland Britain and the British Isles feels any friendship with the DUP and their violence-ridden history,  there are a lot of people in Ireland who will feel it a lot harder than us in Britain.  With Northern Ireland's notoriously tragic history of extreme 'religious' or rather, ethnic (Kelt/Saxon) bigotry, hatred and violence, and its extremely volatile relationship with the British Government, it seems sheer madness to risk destroying the peace in Ulster for a deeply unpopular lame-duck 'government' to cling to power for a few more futile months. 

When we have crazy so-called 'Islamic' terrorists killing us on the streets of London in these times, is it in the national interest to trash the Irish Peace Process?  That's what this issue boils down to - Teresa May would risk a whole new wave of bombings in Belfast, Derry, London and Birmingham, just to keep the capitalist Tories in power.  I think that is a despicably irresponsible thing to do.  I know the DUP folks got voted in legally according to the current version of British Democracy and that fact cannot be denied.  However, giving those extremists any influence over mainland British politics is deeply reprehensible to most clear-thinking people - the issue is being portrayed in the media according to the liberal agenda, which is deeply concerned with human rights, in all its branches.  Whilst respecting the rights of all groups of humans potentially affected by the Conservative's coalition with the UDA, or UDP, or DUPE, or whoever they are, my own view is that a far greater problem is the potential threat of terror-war, as some of us remember from the sixties, seventies, eighties, nineties, etc..  It blighted countless lives, directly or indirectly.  No-one in their right mind would risk kicking off 'The Troubles' - but is Teresa May in her right mind?  You decide.  My own view is that any right-wing lackey MPs that go along with this treacherous coalition are endangering our national security and courting tragedy and violence.   

I would encourage everyone reading this blog to ask themselves if they really want a government that could trigger another terrorist campaign in our land when we are dealing with one already? I'd like to see a tolerant, inclusive society, based on socialism, compassion and basic human kindness and Love.  I'd like to help build a society where anyone can walk down the street and be themself, without fear from bullying, hatred, terrorism, police-oppression or any other form of intimidation.  If people want to marry their own sex (or sax) it's not a problem to me, but if your lover gets blown up by a terrorist bomb, you can't marry them, whatever their sex.  

The first duty of a government is surely to look after the best interests of the people and avoid bringing armed conflict to the high streets, shops and pubs of Britain and Ulster.  
This proposed coalition of May's is an insult to all Catholics, all Kelts (which includes most of Europe and America, black and white), Women, LGBTs, Republicans (this word is a bit loaded in Britain - I should point out that you can be a Republican without endorsing violence), and all people who do not like fascism.  

In '92 I heard the City of London bomb go off from up on Hampstead Heath and it's a sound I'll never forget.  I don't mind hearing people arguing about politics, but the sound of bombs going off is something I don't want to hear again.              
  A few notable Irish things:      Bloody Sunday       Easter Rising     Skellig Michael   James Joyce    The Book of the Dun Cow   DUPE   

In May and June, the UVF petrol bombed a number of Catholic homes, schools and businesses. It also shot dead two Catholic civilians as they walked home.[56][59] These are sometimes seen as the first deaths of the Troubles. Following the killings, the UVF was outlawed and Paisley denied any knowledge of its activities.[58] One of those convicted for the killings said after his arrest "I am terribly sorry I ever heard of that man Paisley or decided to follow him"   
From the fascinating Wiki article on the odious founder of the so-called DUP, the 'Reverend' Ian Pailsey...... a man who made the Witch-Finder General seem like your genial uncle after a couple of lagers.

Does Derek Thomas share responsibility for the fire at Grenfell Tower, West London?

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Oppose Teresa May's collaboration with these bitter and hatemongerous people - they are an obstacle to our progress and a threat to our peace.  Let us lawfully, peacefully and intelligently oppose them with all our energy.  They are a bunch of bigots but we are bigger than them.

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