Thursday, 8 June 2017

A Street Clash between Jeremy Schanche and Derek Thomas On General Election Day In Penzance - Gwerinieth Kernouac!

9.15 pm approx… Just walking past the Warfside Centre in Penzance to get my bike, when who should I see but Derek Thomas, coming out of his Conservative Party office – literally – I hope – as today is general election day in Britain, 8th June, 2017…..
“Derek!”  said I, taking off my glove and offering him my hand.  “I will shake your hand,” said the Great Democrat, with visible disdain and so he did.  He then immediately launched into a tirade about how he’d photographed all my posters (of himself as the snake in the garden of Eden) and reported me to the police.  I was tired and hungry, working on my Klan article all day, hurrying home to publish it, and was flabbergasted by Derek’s pathetic rant about my posters – that’d I’d resorted to as my only form of political representation, thanks to his negligence!
Furious, I reached for my wire-machine and started taping him… he made some utterance to which I replied… “you’re my MP and you’re scared to talk to me on the record…!”  “I’m NOT your MP, he said, backing off the pavement, where he stood in the middle of the road, like a typical politician, before beating a pathetic retreat whilst I called him a liar and a thief, saying he took our money to be our representative but did not reply to letters, simply ignored me!  We could have had a friendly talk – even at this point – but Derek tried to threaten me and ended up running from me, which he has been doing ever since taking office.  Let’s hope he keeps running…. away...
How many people get the opportunity to personally call their Tory MP a liar and a thief, to their face, on General Election day, or at least to the back of their departing head, as they scuttle away to the safety of their luxury car and an angst-ridden night of fear, having freaked out in the street and given way to a vulgar and childish temper-tantrum – the stress must be getting to him, poor baby!
I was hoping to transcribe and upload the recording of our little conversation but I can't find it in my machine and I'm not sure if, in the heat of the moment, I successfully recorded the exchange. Oh well, as they say in Japan, 'Nothing Matters!'

Perhaps Derek was agitated because today (General Election Day) the local paper, The Cornishman, published my letter about the police-taser killing of Marc Cole in Falmouth on 23rd May, 2017 and I mentioned that the illegality of taser was an issue I had touched on with Derek Thomas MP, who had kept me waiting eleven months so far, for a response. I was pleased that the letter was published today - it seemed just, showing, as it did, that a Conservative Party MP's failure to respond with a constituent who had a valid and legitimate matter under discussion with the government, was inter-connected with the police continuing to torture and kill with tasers, with impunity and in violation of the UNCAT. As Blog is my witness, I've tried to reach out to Derek many, many times, seemingly innumerable as the sands of the Ganges and again and again he has ignored my letters, phone-calls, emails etc., even after twice meeting me in person and twice promising to start responding to communications from me and giving me proper representation as my Member of Parliament. Shabby treatment indeed from a guy who's paid handsomely to represent the Great British Democracy. This evening's meeting of 'minds' did feel like fate. I don't believe in fate, or luck though - only action can make a difference in politics. If I am fortunate, Derek Thomas will not return as our MP, and if I am even luckier, Jeremy Corbyn will be Britain's Socialist Prime Minister in a few hours time.....

Surprises always take you unawares and I'm sure Derek was no more delighted to see me than I was to see himself.  But I'm glad we met, unpleasant though it was.  I was amazed that his opening gambit to me was to start rabbiting on about the 'posters' and that he threatened me with the law!  This is the man who's paid over £74,000 a year to represent us, who's lied to me on film, on youtube, about the UNCAT, who's failed to reply to my urgent requests for his help over Kris Maharaj, a 78 year old British Citizen who contracted flesh-eating bacterial disease after 30 years languishing in the Florida prison system on a wrongful murder conviction., etc. etc..  Derek is another of these people who are more concerned with the medium of a message than the message itself.  If I had an MP who actually bothered to reply to me, I wouldn't actually have to spend my time and money flying posters of him all over town - as I told him to his face on more than one occasion.  (Curious how the only three people who have ever attacked my free speech newspaper are paid by me to protect and uphold free speech - a cop in the street once when I was postering about the police-murder of Ian Tomlinson;  Chris Roynon, my kid's head-teacher, who tried to physically attack my newspaper when I was on hunger-strike over his Right-Wing sell-out of Mousehole School;  and now my Member of Parliament- good old British Democracy - all on first-name, hand-shake terms, and everyone tries to play you for a sucker - if you let them!)

Derek ran from me tonight.  He would not talk to me, he is terrified of my recording-machine, even though I'm not quite sharp enough to operate it properly and actually tape anything.....   I saw another side of Derek tonight.  Last time we'd met, for the youtube interview, he was all charm and reason, smiles and promises - tonight he was a snarling, seething, pullulating poodle, scurrying back to his eldritch kennel of Conservative, Right-Wing, Capitalist, Reactionary Doom - a Diamond Dog with his tail between his legs - howling for the glory days of 1984.

Well, I've ranted enough in the smoldering ruins of British Democracy, baying at the full moon like a wild fox of the night, waiting to see which way the pendulum will swing.  Either way, the fight for justice continues - Whoever is the next MP in West Cornwall can no longer evade the issue of ratifying Article 22 of the United Nations Convention Against Torture.
Power To The People!

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