Monday, 9 March 2015

Derek Thomas Class War Against National Health Service

Meurth/March at An Brennigenn/The Limpet:  Hi kids!  Today we are mostly be helping Conservative Capitalist Candidate Derek Thomas with his campaign of social destruction, division and misery.....

ALSO  we are drawing attention to another Konsel Kernow fraud, the threatened destruction of another piece of Cornwall: Treloyhan Wildlife Corridor, St.Ives – once again these ‘thieves in coats and ties’ are breaking the law and selling off Nature to the highest bidder.  Stop them.

RESIST CARDIAC ARREST:   Protest Against Electro-Coercion of Animal Life –

No Way To Treat A Dog:

Protect British Seahorses:

Free  Medical Marijuana:

Release Jason Rezaian:

Don’t Buy Wild Stuff

The staff of The Invertebrate Press would like to wish Derek and the Tories every success in the forthcoming election.