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Centuries after these descriptive primitive names were given, Moeshayle* became the market-town of the west, when few, if any other, buildings were in what is now Penzance, except the small chapel or oratory on the rocks, which acquired for the projecting cairn the name of Penzance (holy headland)
William Bottrell, 1870
* Mousehole
See below the response from Cornwall Council, when asked what they have done with the remains of our ancient chapel, the first building in Penzance - the building that put the 'Zance' into the 'Pen'.
Reference Number: IAR-003878
Response provided under: Freedom of Information Act 2000
Request and Response:
I would like to know the following:
1) Who gave the order to remove three extremely large pieces of stone from the dark-ages site of St.Anthony's Chapel, Barbican Lane, Penzance, August '09?
2) On what date was the order given?
3) To whom was the order given?
4) Where are these three extremely large pieces of masonry now?
5) What plans exist for the future of St.Anthony's Chapel site?
6) To date, are there any plans to consult the public about their wishes concerning the most ancient religious site in Penzance?
1 No idea – not sure that the alleged stones ever existed
2 No details exist
3 No details
4 No idea - See answer 1
5 No change to existing site is planned to date
6 See 5 no plans to change anything as far as I am aware
Information provided by: Environment Service - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

To: Gemma Stephenson,
'Freedom of Information' Dept., Cornwall Council, 14.12.2010
Dear Gemma,
Your Ref: IAR-003878,
My Ref: St.Anthony's Celtic Chapel Site:

Since the reply I recieved on 13th December 2010 was totally evasive and unsatisfactory, I am now forced to ask the following:

1) who composed the reply from the Environment Service? Who issued the reply to me? In future I request that all letters be signed - is this not normal procedure?

2) Has the council any juristiction or authority over the piece of ground, currently being used as a car-park, between the old Vospers building and Barbican Lane, including the site of St.Anthony's Chapel?

3) Has the council ever taken any action whatsoever, on or concerning the above territory? If so, please specify ALL actions taken by the council regarding this territory.

4) Is the author of the previous reply to me, representing the Council, prepared to state categorically that he (Mr Marks?) or she, having asked all or any persons who are now, or have been in the past, concerned with this matter, and having consulted all relevant files; that the council has definitely not removed any stones from this site? (Bearing in mind that I have a letter from Mr Alec Robertson refering to stones being removed from the site which has been published on the internet)

5) Re: your answer No.2) "No details exist": Are you - or any of your colleagues - claiming that the details have been (a) destroyed? (b) supressed?

6) Also RE; Your answer No.2: Are you claiming that no such order was ever issued?

7) Re: Your answer No.3) (a) Are you claiming that the order was never recieved? (b) Or that the details of that order have been destroyed? (c) Or is it a simple refusal to provide the information?

8) (a) Regarding the current whereabouts of the stones: Is the council denying that the three very large stones were removed by official action?
(b) Is the council asserting that it cannot possibly discover the whereabouts - past and present- of these three stones, weighing many tons??
(c) has the council destroyed these stones? (d) has the council sold these stones?
(e) have these vast stones been stolen by somebody?

Since you point out the considerable expense of FOI requests, and since it is the legal right of the public to have them fullfilled, I suggest that rather than evading the matter, the council actually ANSWERS the questions asked.
Sincerely, Jeremy Schanche
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Saint Anthony's Chapel Site, Penzance, Cornwall.
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Dear Complaints Officer 14.12.2010
Re: IAR - 003878

I wish to complain about the above reply to my request for information on the whereabouts of three stones, weighing several tons, that were removed from the site of St.Anthony's Chapel, Barbican Lane Penzance, in August 2009. By reading the relevant documentation you can plainly see that my enquiry has been evaded and no satisfactory information given to me whatsoever. I would be very grateful if you would facilitate the genuine flow of information on this matter of considerable cultural, religious and historical importance.
Thank you very much.
Sincerely, Jeremy Schanche

Please follow link to read The History of St.Anthony's Chapel, Penzance:


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The Limpet tries to save St.Anthony's Chapel, Penzance, a Celtic chapel-site, from destruction. Uphold the UNCAT! Feral Bureau of Instigation. Poison Store Scam. Mass media reporting of taser-torture analysed.

( Note how it says “ENGLISH LAW” )
UN defines use of taser as ‘a form of torture’: http://www.truth-out.org/article/un-taser-use-is-torture
Analysis of press reports from ‘The Cornishman’ (Daily Mirror Group):
21st July 2010: INNOCENT MAN TORTURED BY POLICE WITH TASER SHOT TO ‘GROIN’. Note that it is not possible to comment on this article on the website – ask yourself why. The police claim this incident was an ‘accident’. Mr Cox was unarmed, peaceable and breaking no laws whatsoever. Upon electrocution, Mr Cox, who had recently had a knee-cap replacement, sustained secondary injuries to his elbow and leg when neuro-muscular incapacitation caused him to loose control of his skeletal muscles and drop to the ground in intense pain and suffering. He then had to await the arrival of paramedics to remove the barbed prongs from his genital area and ankle:
UNARMED MAN TORTURED FOR BEING ‘VERBALLY AGGRESSIVE & THREATENING’ This incident appears to have occurred in late November 2010, in Newbridge. After torture, the man was accused of a ‘public order offence’ – a kind of Orwellian Catch-All which never seems to be explained in the press. Unless he was familiar with international law, the ‘public order offender’ will not have realized that he underwent torture – although his nervous system might have reached that legal position spontaneously… :
9th September 2010: This Is Cornwall Website: This one is rather rich. The Mail Group left some inconsistencies in their reporting of this tale of the ‘Battle of the Jasons’. They claim that ‘Baddie’ Jason charged again – but did not claim he had ‘charged’ a first time. They use the phrase ‘gassed’ to describe the action of the chemical weapon that is now commonly used by police in action, namely the vapourized juice of chilli-peppers that is routinely sprayed into the faces of unarmed people who have not attacked the police. Also, is it normal to go from ‘desperately reasoning’ with someone, to ‘gassing’ them – without first trying to apprehend them?
STREET HASSLE: cops taser-torture and mace unarmed man…..
Article describes taser as ‘officer protection’:
(No mention of the UN, torture, over 500 corpses, or anything like that….):
Article on electrical stunning to induce cardiac arrest in animals during slaughter:
If you follow the link above to the main blog-post entitled RESIST CARDIAC ARREST, you can read all about the history of electro-coercion, and how both the ECT (Electro-Convulsive ‘Therapy’) device and also the ‘taser’ device evolved from slaughter-house technology which goes back to the early twentieth century. Both these devices have been used to systematically torture people to Death by American military and CIA in both Viet Nam and Abu Grahib, Iraq, during ‘Operation Iraqi Freedom’.
On a happier note: How about ordering some nice clothes for Christmas?
RCA Flyers: Please print and distribute some of these if you are concerned by what you have learned here and wish to do your bit in opposing torture and upholding the UNCAT:
THE FOLLOWING TWO SITES WERE SET UP BY PEOPLE WHO HAVE LOST LOVED ONES AS A RESULT OF TASER-TORTURE: Fancy a MYOTRON? Tasers in Yemen, Saudi Arabia, etc.: http://truthnottasers.blogspot.com/search/label/air%20taser
Dziekanski Movie (Unarmed man tasered to Death by Canadian cops): http://www.utopiapictures.com/tazed.html
‘POSITIONAL ASPHIXIA’: Man squashed to death by Home Office guards on plane. For more on this horrible tale, google Jimmy Mubenga, Flight 77, Heathrow, Deportation, 18th October 2010.
POSITIONAL ASPHIXIA? Did cops crush life-breath from young black man? : http://againstpoliceviolence.blogspot.com/2010/09/inquest-man-dies-after-being-restrained.html
REGIS RICATI CRUX IN PRAISE OF PENZANCE Whatever Market Jew pretends, Upon some musty old record, For noblest hearts and truest friends, Penzance shall ever have my word; No little town of like account, On this side nor beyond the Mount.
Thomas Freeman, 1614.

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Print out these flyers, cut them out and pass them around - LET THEM KNOW
Previous correspondence on Penzance’s Missing Megaliths:
Yemen: Evidence of torture, extra-judicial executions, suppression of Human Rights Activists & Journalists, etc. under the international lie of the ‘War on Terror’:
103 Page Report by Amnesty International documenting Human Rights abuses in the Yemen:
http://www.univie.ac.at/bimtor/dateien/Yemen_2010_amnesty_report.pdf funny how none of this was mentioned by our worthy Members of the British House…….
CHINA: A form of evil yet to be seen on this planet - A profit-margin for Halcrow & other British companies, but there’s a HOLOCAUST going on….
www.laogai.org/ www.organharvestinvestigation.org Previous Limpet articles on China:
Students occupy tory hq in protest over rising cost of University Education
RESIST CARDIAC ARREST – Campaigning for a World where people are not attacked with cattle-prods…
Here are links to all articles and correspondence relating to taser-harpoons, as published in the fun-loving Limpet…….
RESIST CARDIAC ARREST – The original & comprehensive publication on Electro-Coercion that marked the inception of the RESIST CARDIAC ARREST CAMPAIGN:
Taserkill Art: Herman Melville reflects on the harpoon-officers….. including link to research on taser-genital-hits…
In-depth report by Amnesty International regarding taser-abuse in USA:
More taserkill Art – Collage issue based on Jones’ 1825 original Anglo-Greek Lexicon, referring to Kratos and Kreagra…. (‘Kratos’ is police operational code for shooting people, e.g. Jean-Charles de Menezes):
Letters to Chief Constable of Cornwall & Devon Police Force; David Cameron, Prime Minister of Britain (acknowledged, but never replied to); reply from Police; Letters to Tim Andrewes, Green Party; Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister; Gordon Brown, ex-Prime Minister; reply from Police; Letter to Andrew George, Penzance MP; letter to Derek Thomas, failed tory candidate, West Cornwall – never replied to, despite him assuring me to my face that he would – well, he IS a tory….; Letter to preposterous labour candidate for West Cornwall who lives in London – also never responded to… ; chasing letter to Gordon Brown PM; reply from Julia Goldsworthy, former Lib Dem MP; reply to Julia Goldsworthy MP; TASERKILL ART: COLLAGE & DUB COLLAGE ON TASER CATTLE PROD; Letter from Tim Andrewes, Green Party, first politician to respond positively on all this business – All at:
Message from Dick Cole, Leader, Mebyon Kernow; Letter from Andrew George MP in which he claims to support the UNCAT; Letter from Andrew George MP’s office; Letter from office of Nick Clegg, current Deputy Prime Minister, in support of UNCAT; Letter to Police Chiefs; letter to Mike Bull, Chairman, Cornwall & Devon Police Authority; Fictional Story “Who Has The Heart To Resist Cardiac Arrest?” about a Cornish youth being tasered to Death; all at:
Letter to Simon Reed, Mebyon Kernow (Cornish Political Party); Letter to Police; at:
Letter to Cornwall and Devon Police Chief in which I identify 20-Points in which I believe the United Nations Convention Against Torture and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are being violated by police use of tasers – this has never received a response; Letter from Mike Bull, Chairman Cornwall & Devon Police Authority; Letter to Mike Bull; Letter to Andrew George MP, repeating request for his view of legal position of taser viz Portugal 23rd November 2007 findings of UNCAT – he has yet to answer this question; all at:
Letter from Mr Simon Reed, Mebyon Kernow, The Party For Cornwall, agreeing that tasers are in breach of UNCAT etc.:
Essay on conections between police, taser international, British fascism and the daily mail newspaper group that owns ‘The Cornishman’ – on this post are many other links to taser stories from World press:
Article on police use of XREP taser shotgun device in Raoul Moat case; Article on children being tasered in Britain, case of Jodie Gallagher:
Arizona pastor attacked with taser:
Article on taserkill usa 512; article on British taser-dealer suicide:
Evidence: UN defines taser-use as torture:
Links to text of UNCAT etc.:
Police surround peaceful demonstration using tazer and rubber bullets
(Featuring a personal heroine of mine, 'the Florida Rubber Bullet Woman'.) For more on this courageous lady, please see the blog-post 'Different Ways Of Being' at:
Link to Prevent Dangerous Harm – anti-taser wrist-bands for sale, list of taserdead, info:
the sarcasm of the death-squad man:
"The inquest into his death ruled that he had been lawfully killed by officers"... An archive of press reports into police and public shootings etc..
Info on Anglo-Iraqi oil-war of 1941: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anglo-Iraqi_War
Link to Aarhus Convention: http://www.unece.org/env/pp/
KERNEWEK SPYRYS - link to Maga Kernow Cornish Language - has links to a host of Cornish linguistic sites…. http://www.magakernow.org.uk/
What it says on the tin: http://www.youtube.com/user/91177info
Vox Lapidis (The Voice Of The Stone)
Some wonder what I am, or say
I'm but a block of stone;
'Tis true, I am, ah well a day!
Unheeded & unknown;
From Ludgvan's rock hewn long ago
When saints were Cornwall's glory,
But can you in this borough show
A stone with such a story? G.B.Millett

Please follow the link to read The History of St.Anthony's Chapel, Penzance:


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UFFC march this Saturday: justice for those who have died in custody
Message From: United Campaign Against Police Violence
To: The Limpet
United Campaign Against Police Violence is supporting the United Families and Friends Campaign march to Downing Street this weekend for justice for those who have died in custody.
Assemble at 12noon on Saturday 30th October at Trafalgar Square for a march to Downing Street.
UFFC includes members of the families of Roger Sylvester, Leon Patterson, Rocky Bennett, Alton Manning, Christopher Alder, Brian Douglas, Joy Gardner, Aseta Simms, Ricky Bishop, Paul Jemmott, Harry Stanley, Glenn Howard, Mikey Powell, Jason Mcpherson and Sean Rigg - all of whom have died in custody.
Join the event on Facebook:

What we believe
• That failure of State officials to ensure the basic right to life is made worse by the failure of the State to ever prosecute those responsible for custody deaths.

• That the failure to prosecute those responsible for deaths in custody sends the message that the State can act with impunity.

What We Demand
• Deaths in police custody must be investigated by a body that is genuinely independent of the police.

• Prison deaths must be subject to a system of properly funded investigation that is completely independent of the Prison Service.

• Officers involved in custody deaths be suspended until investigations are completed.

• Prosecutions should automatically follow 'unlawful killing' verdicts at inquests.

• Police forces are made accountable to the communities that they serve.

• Immediate Legal Aid and full disclosure of information be made to the relatives of the victims for investigations, inquests and subsequent prosecutions.

• Officers responsible for deaths should face criminal charges, even if retired.

• CCTV to be placed in the back of all police vehicles

PRESS: contactuffc@gmail.com
Received the above message today. I totally agree with and support all its points. Please publicize this march for Justice via face-book and all other media. Check out the campaign's website:

and be part of the movement for Peace and Justice, not Violence and Impunity.

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Hallo to all our Friends from the Woods, the Beaches and the Streets & Subways of Life's Journey...
This website was created as an attempt to SAVE THE BEACH at Battery Rocks, Penzance, Cornwall, Britain. It also hosts the RESIST CARDIAC ARREST CAMPAIGN. RCA was formed in February 2010, its aims and methodology can be found in the RCA MANIFESTO. The UN declared the taser x-26 to be an instrument of extreme pain, torture and Death 3 years ago - since then hundreds more unarmed people have been illegaly slaughtered with these devices. For an in-depth look at this phenomenon, please follow this link:

RCA can be contacted at: savetheholyheadland@yahoo.com. We are keen to hear from anyone, particularly in Britain who has been subjected to a taser-attack. It is the desire of RCA to discuss, analyse and publicize these events. Anyone who is interested in spreading the word about this project is encouraged to print, cut and distribute some of these flyers:

You can also use your own internet-activity to get this message out to more people and stay informed about what is happening to this society. There are several good websites in the USA dedicated to spreading the Truth about these taser cattle-prods, please check out Prevent Dangerous Harm, at:
You will find displayed there a list of the dead - taserkill - sadly this list is being added to with disturbing frequency. PDH is selling some excellent 'Don't Taser Me' wrist-bands to raise funds and awareness. Five dollars each.
Another good American site is Truth Not Tasers, which can be found at:

http://www.againstpoliceviolence.org/ Not against police - against police violence - think about it.

Injustice is a controversial feature length documentary film about the struggles for justice by families of those killed by police in the UK.
Despite winning major awards, being screened in 1000's of independent cinemas and being screened in festivals and broadcasters all over the world, the film is banned by broadcasters in the UK.
The film is now streaming at www.injusticefilm.tv and background reviews, statements and a history of the film and the issues are at www.injusticefilm.co.uk
Here is a document we should all be familiar with, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights:
NATURE, DEMOCRACY, FREE SPEECH - Let's not take them for granted.
For an insight into the Mindset of Penzance and the controversy over plans to destroy our last beach, check out the website of our local branch of the Daily Mail paper:
Not everyone in West Cornwall is just fussin' and fightin' though.... check this out if you like Reggae Music:
Peace & Happiness to One & All!
Pat Vulgata,
An Brennigenn.

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Hi Friends – Our first film shows our beautiful land of Cornwall – a beach a few miles from Penzance. This website was created to save a small beach on the seafront of Penzance. At our Battery Rocks beach area, you may be lucky and sea seals like these just a few feet from the shore, that is, if you actually GO to the place and reestablish your connection with Mother Nature.

Godrevy haulout:

Purple Sandpipers have been using Battery Rocks as a nesting site since time immemorial. It is one of a relatively small number of such roosts in the West of Britain. Their presence attracts Human visitors, namely birdwatchers, who also contribute to the economy of Penzance.

Purple Sandpiper feeding - these birds migrate between Arctic Norway and temperate Kernow.

Whilst Cornish seas are rich in Jellyfish - (Ker: Morgowles) we have not yet found any to compete in size with these fellas...

Stigiomedusa Giganteum

Echizen Kurage:

Back to the Mamallian Kingdom...

Cuttles are found in abundance on the Ranvor seabed, off Battery Rocks.

Intertidal rockpools - a mikrokosmos of beauty and biodiversity. Also a source of great fascination to small children.

The Gorgon - these come in green and purple varieties. Colonies of them can be found on the part of Battery Rocks and Sandy Cove that is scheduled for destruction.

Kelp forest - these proliferate around the globe, offering a home to myriad creatures.

Prince Charles, The Duke of Cornwall, speaks on Nature.

Pouring concrete: Dominant primates manipulate Original Nature.

Ripping into the sea-bed, Brazil. If you do not wish to see this happen to Penzance, come to the Public Meeting, St.John's Hall, Penzance, Friday 22nd October 2010, at 7.30pm, hosted by The Friends of Penzance Harbour. In attendance will be Andrew George, Member of Britain's Westminster Parliament and Jan Rhurmund, Mayor of Penzance, who both advocate protection of this unique natural habitat. Please tell your friends about this meeting and arrive early as places will be limited to about 500.

That's All Folks.......!