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Taser International: WE WILL EXTERMINATE YOU

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Taser International:  We Will Exterminate You.''   
Thousands of Mexicans honk their car-horns at the U.S. border after taser brutality.  Aborigine taser-riot.  Taser-grenades being tested in Afghanistan.  Was mistaken-identity a factor in Jordan Begley's taser-death?  The curious case of 'The Stepford Four'.  
The Limpet is the journal of the RESIST CARDIAC ARREST Campaign - A Direct Current Of Resistance To Electro-Coercion.


Manchester, Britain.

Britain:  Pain-Compliance:


The Stepford Four:

The Stepford Four and the police murder of Jean Charles de Menezes:

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Monday, 16 September 2013

FRACTIVISM momentary discomfort only

The Limpet’s monthly look at the World and its troubles.     A world in which tap-water burns and peace-keepers attack the peaceful protectors of our natural resources.  Corrupt council’s plans to bury beaches under boulders are rejected by the government and thug-cops kill teenaged artists in the street.  Dissent and protest are stifled by governments and their praetorian guards.  120 Tibetans burn themselves to death whilst the World is fed a diet of ‘celebrities’, sports and techno-gadgets.  At least Penzance still has its beach, and that's what gave birth to The Limpet in the first place....

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Flaming tap-water, the result of hydraulic fracturing or ‘fracking’:

“Some momentary discomfort” as police frack fractivists in the neck:

Demolition of Triple Towers, NYC: 11.9.01:
Petition to protect Cornish Badgers:
Note:  There are other worthwhile petitions to be found at this site….


British Heart Foundation:


OOOhh-Aaaarrr! It’s Cattle-Prod-Cornwall!                 A recent survey by the Grudniad newspaper looked into the phenomenon of electro-torture by state-agents or police taser-usage, as the liberals prefer to call it.  As most of you probably know by now, a stun-gun can be used in two ways – either as a harpoon, when the barbs are fired into the victim or ‘force-recipient’ in newspeak; or as a cattle-prod, when the weapon is applied directly to the person.  It is significant that the top three police-forces (sorry- “Services”) in the ‘Drive-Stun-Charts’ are all rural, rustic forces:  Wiltshire;  Norfolk and Devon & Cornwall Constabulary.  Perhaps these cops are all ex-farm boys, used to rounding up their cows with electric cattle-prods…  In Devon & Cornwall, over 10% of ALL taser “usage” has been in “Stun-Drive” or “Cattle-Prod Mode”.  Yeehaa cowboy!


G20:  Unite for Tibet:

And finally, a scientific graph demonstrating the complex relationship between government and the People: 

Monday, 19 August 2013


Take out some advertising space in The Limpet, it works for leading brands like Sainsburys, Taser International and the Penzance Chamber of Commerce…

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Israel Hernandez-Llach, ‘Reefa’, 18 year-old artist tasered to death by laughing Miami cops.


Hackney Liberal Democrat councilors make strong objection to taser - take note, Andrew George MP:

San Francisco says NO:

Taser-barb penetrates Skull and Brain:


Emergency Medicine Journal article on effects of electricity on Human Body. (From  the summary:  It is worth remembering that the Advanced Taser is to be used only as an alternative to firearms and any outcome measures should be considered in this context.):

U.S. Military Police using tasers on Iraqi prisoners of war:  This document states that taser-use is second in the “continuum of force”, after verbal commands.  This means that if you do not comply instantly with the U.S. military, you are electrocuted:  Pain-Compliance, or Electro-Coercion in action:

An example of the Taser International Company corrupting the medical profession:

Taser-Barb Ingestion – for USD31.50 you can read of this fascinating case!

San Fransisco Bay Area Regional Transport cops:
 "There were also concerns over the fact that the target was a minor and that the officer deploying the Taser was a supervisor.
The BART police officer who improperly fired the Taser is still on duty and has not been disciplined as the internal investigation into the incident continues."


“The Adelaide case occurred too late to be included in a secret analysis by The Alfred hospital on Taser safety carried out for Victoria Police, which began using the stun guns operationally in November.    The Age revealed on Monday that The Alfred analysis warned that Tasers posed "immediate risks and potentially fatal dangers"

"But in Montpelier, the City Council rejected a request from the Montpelier police chief and the city manager for permission to deploy tasers. After examining tasers at length, a citizen committee recommended against the weapons, deeming them unnecessary and potentially dangerous."

200 Children tasered by Britpol,  6 drive-stunned (cattle-prod mode)  (Probably at least twice that, as around half of Britain’s constabularies (including Devon & Cornwall) failed to respond to Freedom of Information Requests:  (The Daily Mail is a disreputable right-wing rag, however, it is worth noting what the police told them about using stun-guns on children.)
“A total of 27 forces provided responses on the use of Tasers against children during 2010, 2011 and 2012. But the true figure of Taser use on young children is likely to be much higher.”

Police brutality / Blackshirt gassings in the streets of Britain:

Non-Human Police Brutality:

Damian Green Pro-Drone surprise:

Human Rights Situation in Latvia:

The American Indian Movement:


As Corwnall’s Corrupt Council sells out to Big-Business, a vast new  Sainsburys supermarket is appearing on the outskirts of Penzance, lurking like an ogre at the edge of town, waiting to take everybody’s money before they even get to the town.  This is very bad news for the small shops and traders of Penzance, but there is a way you can fight back against the arrogant march of virulent capitalism – follow the links below and take the pledge:   

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Jordan Begley & Damian Green

Look!  A baby is born.  He grows up to design weapons.   Another one grows up to work in a stun-gun factory – it’s darn good money!  This boy is destined to be Conservative Minister of Justice, and this one works in an ice-cream factory. One boy grows up and runs around town with his gun, he’s become a policeman.  One boy is freaking out at home, making a scene.  The other boys come in to the house and kill him with a cattle-prod – all perfectly fair, legal, proper, proportionate, reasonable, lawful, and British.  
Meanwhile, in Scottsdale, Arizona, the boys are getting rich.  These tasers are selling like hot-cakes.  Why, they’re the best thing since the GUN itself was created.  Why look, if you get out of order on the streets, we’ll bring you a God-damn heart-attack!  

Phil Ochs:  Love me, I’m a Liberal.....

Moberly MO. T.A.S.E.R. Victim Memorial

How to shoot an unarmed man in the back:

Get the Bigger Picture:

UNCAT  info:

Thought-Police Infiltrate The Village Green Preservation Society:


The horror……..   the horror…….

Monday, 3 June 2013

Andrew George Andrew Pimlott UNCAT Article 22

MP challenged over UNCAT.  Will Andrew George commit to supporting Article 22 and making the Convention Against Torture applicable to Britain?  Why did thatcher sign UNCAT in ’85 if she did not want it implemented?  Why has no government since ’85 brought the Convention into effect by signing Article 22?  Simply because Tory & New Labour governments do not want the behavior of state agents subject to the scrutiny of the International Community and International Law.  These governments want to present a fa├žade of decency, legality and international approval for their ‘values’, but in reality, they made sure that the U.N. could not come nosing around investigating any allegations of torture, cruelty, or inhumane treatment in Britain.  The challenge has been put to MP Andrew George to use his influence to do something about it.  His Liberal Democrat party is currently governing Britain in a coalition with the Tory Party (!) so he’s in an excellent position to take action and stand up for Human Rights for one and all.   Andrew George’s response will be published in ‘The Limpet’ in due course. 

Petition against taser:
Open Letter To:  Rt.Hon.Andrew George, Member of Parliament for St.Ives & Scilly.      22.5.’13
Dear Andrew,
To recap, I have written to you numerous times on the subject of stun guns (tasers).                                     

Although the United Nations, the former British Government, the Green Party, Mebyon Kernow, Amnesty International, and a host of Human Rights groups have ruled the use of taser to comprise an illegal act of torture – you have repeatedly declined to state whether you believe the taser to be legal or illegal.  Since the UNCAT views taser use as torture, I will use their terminology from now on.                                                    

I’m sure you will have heard that Andrew Pimlott, a 32 year old man from  Plymouth burnt to death in April 2013 having been taser-tortured by Devon & Cornwall police whilst soaked in fuel and holding a naked flame and a fuel can.   This in spite of ACPO Ltd.  guidelines warning about using these weapons around gas fumes or spillages.                                                                                                                                            

I had corresponded with the previous Chief Constable, Stephen Otter, pointing out to him that taser violates both UNCAT and UDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Rights.)  His basic response was that a challenge to the legal status of taser could only come from “ministerial level”.  However, if you, as my  official representative,  would not even state your position on the legality of tasers,  how could I possibly open  democratic channels to initiate a dialogue?   Standard letters from the Home Office, promoting the idea that taser is safe and legal are of no relevance and do not constitute dialogue as they do not engage with the questions asked.                                                                                                                                            

When Stefan Naumczyk threw a bottle in a Falmouth street, he was tasered, handcuffed, knelt on and tasered again – on camera, in front of a large crowd.  When Penzance police refused to record a complaint of torture, I approached the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, in Geneva.  They told me something very interesting.   They told me that they could not look into the complaint because although Thatcher signed the UNCAT in 1985, she did not sign Article (catch?) 22.  As I expect you knew, Article 22 provides a mechanism for the implementation of the UNCAT.  Until Article 22 is signed, the Convention quite simply can not be put into practice in this country.  Therefore, for a nation to sign the UNCAT, but not sign up to Article 22 is a very cynical and deceptive thing to do, as it gives the impression at home and abroad, of Britain being a champion of Human Rights and Freedom, whilst actually giving itself license for sordid and secretive acts of barbarity and callousness.                                                                                        

Well, the CAT is out of the bag now, and the public are rapidly learning the truth about catch 22.  The public are learning that every government since ’85 has been going along with a deception, giving the people a false idea that we were protected from inhumane, degrading, cruel treatment, punishment and torture.  The public are also learning that Article 22  is the key to initiating the UNCAT and banning all torture instruments, including tasers,  from this nation, and others nations.  The ordinary people have been fooled for years, because we don’t have time to comb through the small print of international humanitarian legal agreements - we expect our politicians to do that for us.  The Tory and New Labour parties are both guilty of failing to act on this when in power.   Don’t the Lib Dems pride themselves on standing up for real justice?   Would it not be a wise politician who grasped this reality and became a genuine champion of Article 22?  Who fulfilled the promise of the Convention Against Torture, rather than going along with this 28 year old deception,  this mockery of the Rule of Law?                                                                                           

In summary, Andrew Pimlott is dead, the fifth taser-related death in Britain.  So far 779 have died in North America and many more around the World.  Today the police in Britain will torture 3 more people with stun guns.                                                                                                                                                                                

I ask you as my representative to make a strong commitment to the movement towards getting Britain to sign Article 22 of the United Nations Convention Against Torture.   I ask you to state clearly your legal position on taser.  Please take a stand, before someone else is killed in the street by a taser.
With best wishes,
Yours sincerely,   Jeremy Schanche,  RESIST CARDIAC ARREST.

(Since sending the above letter, four more people have died in USA after being struck by tasers.)

A List of the Tasered-Dead:


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Monday, 6 May 2013


Believing tasers to do far more harm than good, to kill far more people than they save and that they leave the public wide open to abuse and unjust suffering, we call for an end to the use of these weapons.  As the vast majority of people killed by tasers were unarmed and alone, we say ‘No more deaths’, ban the taser now.  Before another pregnant woman, another blind man, handcuffed youth, or unarmed teenager is dropped to the concrete by 50,000 volts of electricity surging through their body, before another young life is cold in the grave, we say ban this sinister new weapon that has no legitimate place in a civilized society. 
 Sometimes people get the idea that to be anti-taser, you have to be anti-police.  This is an absurd assumption to make.  We realize the police have to deal with extremely dangerous situations and people, but we Brits have always prided ourselves on our unarmed police, and see the cattle-prod as an insult to our Human dignity.  Whilst the police need to protect themselves when dealing with violent people, there are many more safe and humane technologies available, such as nets, or even tranquilizer darts.  The taser has already done a great deal to harm the image of the police and this will take time to remedy.  The taser will inevitably disappear soon, as the reality of its consequences rapidly overtakes the myth of its safety and effectiveness.  Until that time, we ask you to remember the many people who have been killed by tasers and to protect the living by signing the Abolish Taser Petition. 



Please print out some flyers, cut them up and distribute them…. Thanks!

 Sign Petition Here:

Moberly, Missouri T.A.S.E.R. Victim Memorial

British Heart Foundation:

Physiological effects of Electricity:

A list of the Tasered-Dead….

Taser Safety Issues:

RESIST CARDIAC ARRESTThe Limpet  No.53:  A selection of taser videos, an in-depth investigation into the whole subject of tasers, a letter to Parliament & the launch of a public safety campaign:

Text of the United Nations Convention Against Torture:

Andrew George is MP for West Cornwall, NOT Plymouth, where Andrew Pimlott died following the incident involving a police taser and inflammable fuel.  However, I have asked Mr George to take action on tasers many times in the past.  Please consider e-mailing or writing to your local MP and telling them your views on tasers.    

OVERSEAS READERS:  Why not consider writing to your political representatives about tasers.  Has your government signed Article 22 of the UNCAT?  Without it you have no legal protection against torture – with it you have a legal basis on which to challenge taser. 

Contact details for Attorney General:

Association of Chief Police Officers:

More information on tasers:

 If you check through the ‘Blog Archive’ at the top of the page, you can find numerous other articles concerning the work of RESIST CARDIAC ARREST and the campaign against stun guns…

Please send any questions or comments to:

Sunday, 28 April 2013

How Many More Deaths?

A petrol-soaked man in Plymouth was burnt to death after being struck by a police taser.  Andrew Pimlott was 32 years old.  As the death-toll from tasers runs out of control, the RESIST CARDIAC ARREST Campaign asks for some sanity, accountability and Democracy.  Follow the campaign and help us get these diabolical devices banned for the sake of one and all.  

For printing and distribution: (note these flyers need updating – since they were printed, the taser-Death-toll has risen from 516 to 779.


‘Extra Dangers’ Article discusses taser use in proximity to explosive fluids, published at the launch of RCA Campaign, 6th February 2010:

The Guidelines for  police taser usage issued by ACPO LTD., (The Association of Chief Police Officers  Ltd.):
RESIST CARDIAC ARREST – The Limpet 53: A vast wealth of taser info:

Text of the United Nations Convention Against Torture:

Text of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

Taser safety issues:

A case from Australia with similarities to the case of Andrew Pimlott:

RCA Manifesto:

Attempts by RCA to discuss legal status of taser with Britgov & Britpol:

If you check through the ‘Blog Archive’ at the top of the page, you can find numerous other articles concerning the work of RESIST CARDIAC ARREST and the campaign against stun guns…

A list of the Dead….

Please support this campaign to eradicate these dangerous weapons – let’s remember the dead, and work for the living…