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Since the beings that control the internet have locked me out of Ye Caterpillar Blogspot and since The Caterpillar must go on at all costs I-ll be publishing it here until I can kick my way back into my rightful realm - 
The Caterpillar - A Visionary Ghetto Tabloid - is always followed by its echo - its doppelganger - its other side - The Caterpillar Dub - This too must pullulate and reverberate here in this monovalve-zone until such time as I summon the powers needed to overthrow the Gremlins of Blogger and seize the keys to my kingdom once more -
Meantime I will be broadcasting from this station at fifty thousand megahertz and ten thousand watts - if you experience any difficulty receiving the channel please consider sticking a bent wire coat-hanger into one of your USB ports - this should improve reception and allow transmission to flow freely - Viewers listening in mono need not fit a stereo cartridge to their equipment - Please return this blog to its dustproof jacket after use and keep out of direct sunlight - Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible - Thank you for your saintly patience and now here is The Caterpillar!
Da Mo Shao Lin Song

So clear - so blue - so fresh -
made of nothing - broken by nothing -
inescapable - irreducible -
the good - the good - the all-good -

Da Mo at Shao Lin - 547 AD

What is known in the trade as Authentic Tibetan Om Music

Tibetan Nuns Project

Tibetan folk songs - Nawakyipo

Sponsor a Tibetan Buddhist Nun and spread happiness

The tale of a Nunnery

John Lennon - Woman is the nigger of the world

A classic treatise on Tibetan ethics -
 also available in other languages -

Tibetan-English Dictionary with Sanskrit synonyms - 
Sarat Chandra Das - 1902

Note:  The Garudas have no wiki-page!  I-m not saying I-m on their side or anything but everyone has their own wiki-page these days - asuras - pretas - even country-bumpkin tory em pees have one!  I say any bird that can lay an egg in mid-air that hatches and flies before hitting the ground deserves a wiki-page of its own - and not a mere stub either!

Vanilla Fudge - Where is my Mind

Okie from Muskokee - Conway Twitty

Beisgawen yn Nyfnwal

Silly Boy Blue - David Bowie

I-d rather be in the gutter looking at the stars than be a star looking like at the gutter - 
Update:  18th January 2018:
The Caterpillar Dub No 106 -
The Echo of the Question That Hangs In Space
Patella vulgata rasps a pympbys razula -
Karma Man - David Bowie
Wild Nature waits out in the dripping dark night outside where the rain shatters scatters and drenches the soily clod equally - The snail in the dark forest creeps up its tree to feast and follow its foibles - horn-antennae held aloft in striking singularity unseen at night in drip-trickling rains - Its cousin on the rocky shore down the cleeves in the realm of rockpools and tidal splash - Patella vulgata - the eater of rocks - rider of storm-waves - wrastling a pympbys pullulating with oozing papillae undulating with the pulse of vivid life awrithe - Primal pympbys slinks off like an urchin radiating and spinning across the unkempt bed of the sea - An mor - glas yw an mor ha tonnek meur - the wild and restless ocean pulses with fish and glimmers with silver sheets of light cast off of the waters - a fishy eye turned skyward to glimpse a flying-fish seem to splash and gliding flying bouncing silver blur - Old krogen - the common shell of the north and west clinging to rocks and chewing into them to make a little chy - a house - a fine seat for a monovalve - etched into the rock as the million hordes of them chew and chomp at the margins of Britannia - reducing it inch by inch and aeon by aeon - gnawing and chewing and chomping the rocks away the humble salt-water snail - the krogen - the cregyn - the rock-eater -
Lithophagos goes out to graze with the tide and rasps the algaeic slime off the granite boulders - sneaking between the cities of the barnacles to meadows of non-vegetable abundance and growth - and after feasting each limpet knows the way back to its own little crater that it-s dug in the rock by following its own trail of mollusc-slime - a silver trail on the rocks you can see when the tide is high and dry - mordryk ha krogenow hunros yw -razulas rasp rawly as rain glawak drips and runnels from the shell of the krogenek creeper - dreaming himself asleep he wanders at will through the ocean - myriad sparkling glittering luminous planktonic dots drifted over from the mouth of the Miskatonic and washed the krogen along in scintillations -
Back ashore rain merges ceaselessly into the sea wetting what is already wet and deepening what is already deep - The bleenies and clingfish cling and some let go as the tide recedes and they dart across their microcosmic oceans - created twice daily by the earth-s churning waters of the moon - bleenies don-t care - just love to dart and flash across their pools and hide away when animals come and humans - The silver-worm the slow-fish the butter-fish and the bread-fish all swim together under the cleeves and the forest creaks and sighs in cyclonic gwynjak winds - From  blue to glas to grey like a whale-s back and back to glas-green and shimmering glas-glow - the ocean dark - night wet and howling gwynjak yw - Ivy rattles on elm-branches and owls pull their feathers in - Lizards know better and hide under stones and underground pedrevan and kramvil slither asleep tight-lipped without eyelids or colour - Chameleons of the Shyre curl together in the stone-cold hill - The Lizard-Kings of Oblivion off Albion at liberty to slumber saurian in secret Precambrian seance - Critters inumerable of species incalculable slide around the dark wet night and things with no name creep over ancient standing-stones planted so sure in the soil and leading straight back to the Bronze Age and before - The snails of the land chew and clip the petals of the pennywort that grows under the edge of the cromlech on the moor - A guttural grunt issued forth from up out of the earth and it was brogh - ol badger coming up out of the ground for foods - Don-t get in brogh-s way - he-ll just push straight through ya - nothing personal but he sees it different to you - And up on the hill - just under the Roundago howls the fox and slink some paws and snouts a certain nose!  A belly-up badger-corpse leers grinning with open mouth but foxy won-t touch it yet - let the ravens have first pick - foxy seeks sweeter meat and rushes through his bracken tunnels -
As dawn comes the snail raises antennae in salute to the blue - the good blue sky - the light - his bull-horn snail-horn feelers reverberating with joy as touched by the light - and the glawak spattery rain passes in curtains leaving a dripping land in the sun and sky - - -
Wet primal creatures of the dark cold wild night-s rain - what harm have you done ~  Who have you embarrassed or offended by your primal activity of going around at night ~  Why do you not pine for the things us humans have ~  Do you not all - every one of you - long to have your own computer so you can argue with other creatures you have never met in lands widely global and transcontinental locked in mental muttering bout a matter of right and wrong and who did what and wonder what the matter was and minding so much about it - minding so much speech spilled and splashed across screens of plastic light - your comment has been approved -
With summer it-s a different story and caterpillars green riddle the leaves - glas yw an gath vlewek - a little blue caterpillar creeps across a mossy stone in his native land as ragged clouds flit over and crows rook and rock the sky - Sunshine throws a different light through the green - ferns unfurl - all of life returns to the country - it-s really just the same old magic show coming back and it works every time -
All this was dreamed in a taxi-cab blazing down Holland Park Avenue where I once saw The Dead Man lying in the street - we all saw him - but this time just blazing down the avenue and across the seething city of fire-fly souls - Soon crossing familiar streets and glimpsing vistas and alleys and muses mewses courtyards and alleyways - dreamstreets - mind-s wandering vistas - maps of past experience and memory-s shadow - distant echoes - voices on the streets - surging humanity - people in coats and hats - shoppers by the countless million parade the streets - different ages of the city flash by - medieval - pre-war and Edwardian - all in the flash of a cab and the signs are changing - the journey surges on and streets unfurl - throngs pass like ocean tides and the hive buzzes with the great pulse - the cab rolls on towards wherever it trundles - lamps lit on the nose of the cab throw faint green light onto the road like the long arm of Lugh - the chariot rattles along slowly and the countless images wash over the windscreen as the driver weaves his way through well-known ways - spinning the wheel and keeping an eye on the road -
A Limpet Takes Hold
You can usually find The Caterpillar and its sister-paper The Caterpillar Dub published monthly on their own site - where you will also find all the back issues - Happy reading!

Velvet Underground - Beginning To See The Light
Small Faces - My Mind-s Eye
“Who  are  you?”  said  The  Caterpillar. This was not an encouraging opening for a conversation. Alice replied, rather shyly, 'I — I hardly know, sir, just at present — at least I know who I WAS when I got up this morning, but I think I must have been changed several times since then.'   

Upadate: 19th February 2018: The Caterpillar No.107 -
Global Awareness Month 

– A Thirty-Day Telluric Contemplation

Some forces of Nature pulled this great globe together from atomic dust and set it spinning and evolving from withering white-hot lava-blob to green and pleasant land and all varieties of terrain and countrie peopled and populated by all manner of wild and wonderful beasts and fabulous tribes of people beyond measure or imagination teeming forth into the dream – into the day – into the world and around the globe – the eternal ephemeral mosaic of embodied life rippling and scintillating by like an ephemeral flesh parade winding and unreeling into the dark distant light -  Forms countless coming and going in and out of existence and ghost-realms and universal atomic realities known only to those who know those realities only or so it seems clearly -  Dwelling ever in clarification and ever deeper clarification they quietly sit – unnoticed by the work-a-day World rushing by on important business – so quietly they sit and clarify and clarify the mind into clarity and ever-more-clear-clarity -  Clearly Kindness lights their smiles – Luminous they glow – ever-real – never-faking – nature-s wild ones – Quietly they sit – content in their Wildernesses – alone in their globallocal contemplation of all humanity as so many children – So quietly they sit – content in tents they sit in rain – in sun – in shade of summer trees – buzzing flies drone and Winter storms roar all sweet music to those who quietly sit – listening to the sounds of the world – the sounds of nature – the birds – the wind – the sea – insects – rustling noises in the grass – chirpings and drones – buzzings and flutters – The wind – especially sweet and fragrant the sound as it rustles the leaves in gentle soughing nostalgia – the leaves of the seasons of gold and silver of blet – frost and bloom – The wind that stirs and rustles the leaves of the trees stirs and stalks around the globe and roars around anti-cyclonic across the bleak and eldritch Aleutian Gap where the dark herring-studded waters swirl deep between Alaska and Kamchatka – Siberia and the Arctic wastes of floating pancake-ice clinking like a cold glockenspiel - - -  -  But either way and regardless these great natural forces pulled this World together some time ago and our species evolved and popped-up and now here we are today – riding the globe through space – and the more we see The Globe the more aware we become as the Globe of the Earth is an Awareness-Raising Symbol (well it is in my book anyway)
Boswarva Carn Settlement 
Madron Kernow Britain
More on Madron-s menhirs here mon
Preparing The Druid-s Throne

The Throne
The Globe Enthroned
Howlsedhes!  Setting Sun-s rays illuminate Globe atop suspected menhir - Druid-s Throne 15:2:2018 
What do we know of the globe that carries us ~  Of the countless cities – farms and cultures of humankind – scattered all around this globe – even Antarctica now the proud primate swarms the planet -  a monkey in a top-hat riding a steam-train and puffing a cigar – look out World!  Here comes Homo sapiens sapiens and we mean business – Homonids – the Great Ape-Men – the proudest and tallest of these erect homos seeming superior in culture – charisma and general pizzaz – Nine Queens gathering at the circle under the midnight moon – Nine Muses –  Nine Maidens – Nine Moons – Boscawen Un – Cregynbysk bloom – sunken doubloons – ululations of the owls of the silver-tongued night – shatter the reverie – scatter the memories – rattling temerity of cyclonic barbarity – the howling tornados of time-s twisting symphony – the cauldron is kicked and the potion spills over – Wake the stones – trace the pattern of prehistory – the Sun-Trails of the Druids and the stone-studded paths of the moon – The granite fingers pointing at eternity – pointing at the sky – space -

It-s All Over Now Baby Blue – 
13th  Floor Elevators
I-m Set Free – The Velvet Underground   

Funtime - Iggy Pop 
Brilliant Adventure – David Bowie

All I know is we-re stuck to this globe for the foreseeable – 
like it or not -    

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