Friday, 23 November 2012


5 Years ago today, on November 23rd, 2007,  the U.N. defined the use of the taser x-26 as torture and stated that it is known to be lethal.  Since then many hundreds of people have been killed by tasers and thousands more tortured, traumatized and abused.  How is it possible that in a country like Britain (or your country) which has signed the United Nations Convention Against Torture, that weapons such as these are routinely used by police?  As part of the ongoing advocacy of the RESIST CARDIAC ARREST Campaign,  ‘The Limpet’ looks into the murky world of electro-coercion and international law.  

If legislators have their fingers crossed behind their backs when signing international treaties, how valid are these treaties….?  Your correspondent has been informed by the U.N. High Commissioner For Human Rights, in Geneva, that they cannot investigate accusations of torture in the U.K. because when Britain signed the UNCAT in 1985, under Thatcher, the government did not sign the declaration regarding Article 22, without which the U.N. cannot look into cases alleging torture in any signatory nation…  What this means in practice is that the international agreement which Britain made with many other nations of the World, cannot be applied or actually put into practice here - it is invalid and impotent, a mere abstract equation.  Meanwhile in Britain’s streets, children, old people,  innocent bystanders and a disproportionately large number of black people have suffered the trauma of street-electrification, courtesy of the State.  Despite being continually ignored and fobbed off by the British authorities, ‘The Limpet’s political correspondent sends an open letter to the Right Honourable Member of Parliament, Mr Jeremy Corbyn, presenting the case for Britain signing Article 22, upholding the UNCAT and abolishing the use of torture-devices in this, our land.  

RESIST CARDIAC ARREST CAMPAIGN LAUNCHED:  Link to RCA’s mission statement, evidence, linguistic analysis and essay on history of Electro-Coercion with numerous other articles and links:

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Attempts by RCA to discuss legal status of taser with Britgov & Britpol:

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These flyers can be printed out and distributed….   Note:  Since the flyers were designed, the taser-death toll in North America has reached 758.

Flyers for 'The Limpet':

Ongoing list of those killed by tasers in USA/Canada:

Link to the text of The United Nations Convention Against Torture – see Article 22, which could be viewed as a ‘key’ that activates and initiates the Convention….  Know your Rights!

In other news:     

Brave Police Constable Tasers Disabled Old Blind Man in the Back:

Man Burns Flower!!!

Beware of the Flowers……

Give Him A Flower…
“You're lying in your bath one day and looking at your toes
And sixty policemen bust in through the door
Don't you know it's an offense to strike a public pose
Cos even bathrooms aint not private anymore
"Cos we're all here lookin' at you, aint we?"
Give him a flower
Give him a flower
Give him a flower
Give him a flower…..”  Arthur Brown, 1967

Let a Hundred Flowers Bloom!