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The Caterpillar Dubs Away A Month Of Global Awareness - Latest! Cornwall Man Takes Globe Everywhere With Him -

We interrupt normal programming to make way for the voice of the caterpillar - 
The Caterpillar Dub is the echo of the voice of The Caterpillar - 
Please listen to these dub-echoes and observe the fusion of struggle and song as a caterpillar nudges its way into the realm of the limpet - nature is a constant re-balancing and adjustment - sometimes with great fundamental upheavals - Who would ever have thought The Caterpillar would be allowed to muscle in on The Limpet with such audacious temerity!  Mind you - Caterpillars do have over four thousand muscles - considerably more than you - oh puny human-thing!  So unscrew your political head and replace it with the cloud of luminous fog that a poet thinks will pass for a head and head on into the realm of the super-gorwir Caterpillar Dub - Dub - Dub - Dub - Dub - 
This goes out to The Ghost of Sid Vicious - forever leaning on the corner of Alexandra Road outside the Garden after the Sex Pistols played Penzance - Sid died at 21 - We must all die - even caterpillars have to wrap themselves in a cocoon of their own actions and melt into a fearless and featureless sludge - poor things!  Some of these foolish caterpillars even like to comfort themselves with the illusion of reincarnation - Obviously just their egos that can-t handle the obvious fact of their own extinction - - - - bla bla bla -  
Anyway I-m locked out of The Caterpillar Blogspot so meantime and for the foreseeable alltime The Invertebrate Press will be using this here website for artistic and political purposes and you-ll simply have to accept the juxtaposition of the two different halves of my brain - I expect it will be great fun for us all so let-s just shut up and get on with enjoying it shall we ~  (Oh I don-t know what happened to Johnny-s ear but it didn-t look like that on the night!)

Global Awareness Month
– A Thirty-Day Telluric Contemplation
As you might know - I-ve been celebrating A Month Of Global Awareness by carrying the globe around with me everywhere in an "open-carry" style - The echoes of this global-dream leached out from my dreamy head into the dream-heads of others - 
The Month Of Global Awareness kicked off on 31st January - the night of the Blue Moon - with a concert at Redwing Gallery - and a few more clips from the show have surfaced - thanks to my pal Allan - Songs featured are Man Of Constant Sorrow  (Traditional American) -  White Man In The Hammersmith Palais by The Clash - Panic In Detroit by David Bowie and I-m Set Free by The Velvet Underground -

Meh - songs mainly failed to upload - probably just as well  :-)
might try again later!  If not I-ll be singing them in the street
when it hits about 68 fahrenheit - - -  out to make a shilling -

Once the 45 quid jangly Les Paul Copy finally subsided into an erie silence and the Month of Global Awareness was launched good and proper - one of the main developments to come out of the experiment was in the realm of archaeology - Considering that the "open-carrying" of the gobe was an open-ended free-spirited free-form experiment - almost devoid of plan altogether it-s significant to me that the main event of the month was the discovery of The Druid-s Throne (or rather perhaps it-s rediscovery!)  and a wonderful menhir (longstone) I discovered two days ago on 24th February 2018 - My daughter has named it The Menhir Of The Setting Sun -  Check the previous issue of The Caterpillar which you can see on The Temporary Realm Of The Caterpillar Page on this very site!
Here-s a tiny clip of some menhirs above Madron - from autumn 2017:
Boswarva Carn Settlement Madron Kernow Britain
More on Boswarva here - 

The World Ends At St-Just 
A Lesson In Basic Awareness - 
1)  Remember - It gets quite windy up west - so - - -
2) Never take your eye off the ball - - -
- - - or you-ll end up with a ruptured globe!  

Globey slunk off to a phone-box after that to seek legal advice!
The Atomic Wind captured by the Impressionist Camera
Union of Consciousness and Matter - a moment of awareness -
Great Uncle Ingolf as Hamlet contemplating the skull of Yoric - Alas!  Death Comes Without Warning!  For I am Death - None can excell - I-ll open the doors to heaven or hell - - -

They-ve landed!

It begins - - -
With Bronze-Age menhir on an ancient track from Carn Bosavern to Koth Valley -
At the Koth Valley (aka Mastadon Central UK)

At The Druid-s Throne 24:2:2018 - Awarth idhyowek menhir yw
In the picture above the globe sits atop what I suspected to be a fallen menhir -   just above The Druid-s Throne (See previous issue of The Caterpillar) - The globe wears a garland of Sticky Weed - proof of The Return Of The Spring -

Here we see the menhir half-clothed in a skirt of ivy

Starting to show through - This prehistoric beauty stood here around fifteen hundred years before Jesus was born - - -
Forgive the ten-year-off date-stamp - One day I-ll figure out how to get rid of it!  I didn-t want to trim down the picture and snip the nose of this fine megalith -  We are looking at the base - It tapers up towards the far end very gracefully -  The illuminated face which lies towards the setting sun is completely flat - in contrast to the gentle and typical curvature of its obverse side -  The piece also features the characteristic rising and falling cracks featured on so many of these objects - This one also has groovings that would run parallel to the ground when the stone was planted - Overall length: something over eight feet - Weight:  Heavy -

It-s All Over Now Baby Blue – 13th  Floor Elevators
I-m Set Free – Velvet Underground   

I was born in Texas - Raised in Tennessee - 
If you don-t like my peaches -
Don-t rattle my tree -

Brilliant Adventure – David Bowie

For in this World I have to ramble - 

Saturday, 24 February 2018

Marc Cole - The First Cornishman Killed By Police Taser - The Chief Constable - The Tory MP and The Busker

Marc Cole was the first person in Cornwall to die from a police taser stun-gun - This publication is dedicated to him and all those around the world killed - tortured and traumatized by tasers  -  a weapon the United Nations designated as an instrument of torture in contravention of the United Nations Convention Against Torture over ten years ago!  The RESIST CARDIAC ARREST CAMPAIGN has been trying to get answers from the British government and police about the UNCAT and taser for eight years and what follows is the latest attempt to get legal clarification on this lethal problem from Cornwall-s chief of police:
Image result for marc cole falmouth
Marc Cole
Public Message To:  Image result for chief constable shaun sawyer
Shaun Sawyer - Chief Constable of Cornwall and Devon Constabulary    24th February 2018

Re:  Death of Marc Cole by Falmouth Police - UNITED NATIONS CONVENTION AGAINST TORTURE - Illegality of Taser stun-gun - Lying MP Derek Thomas etc 

CC:  Diane Abbot - Shadow Home Secretary - 
       Alison Drive - Police and Crime Commissioner - Devon - Cornwall and  Scillies
       Clare Moody - Member of European Parliament

       Amnesty International - London

Image result for derek thomas mp
Dear Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer -
I wrote to you on 27th May 2017 requesting that you clarify the legal position of the stun-gun X-26 manufactured by Taser International and increasingly carried and used by British police -
You didn-t respond to my letter but rather passed it to the IPCC who of course took no action and also failed to respond to the legal matters I have raised - 
I would like to ask you again to clarify the law over stun-gun usage on humans - 
In 2010 I made an extensive study of the above phenomena and also started questioning the British government and police about the law and tasers -
To this day I have never had a satisfactory response - or even a genuine response at all from the government or police except for an admission from the now disgraced Tory cabinet minister Damien Green who agreed with me in a letter that the taser is indeed a lethal weapon - despite the multi-billion dollar campaign of Taser International to suppress any such legal argument even by suing coroners who had linked stun-guns to deaths by cardiac-arrest!
Against such a background I spent years having my letters on stun-guns being ignored by three separate British governments two Chief-Constables and various other police-people - and two MPs - my current Conservative Party MP Derek Thomas has maintained an almost total boycott of me and in effect I have no official  political representation - However on one rare occasion Derek Thomas gave me a filmed interview in which he promised to investigate what I had told him about the UNCAT - that it has never had Article 22 ratified by Britain and this is the loophole that allows British police to ignore the UN and effectively use stun-guns to torture and kill British citizens with no democratic mandate to do so -
On 27th May - four days after the death of Marc Cole by Falmouth police taser - I wrote to you - the Chief of Police for Cornwall and Devon - stating that the UN had declared taser-usage constituted torture in 2007 and asked you to explicate this situation - 
I formally requested that you as part of your duty as Chief Constable talk to the UN and get clarification from them and our British Government on the legal status of stun-guns - 
Since I have been informed by the UN that the British government can-t deal with taser-torture cases from British police due to the non-ratification of Article 22 - and since Derek Thomas refuses to do his well-paid duty and communicate with his constituents - or raise the life-and-death issues he has promised to raise with the government - I see no option but to repeat my request that you yourself respond over this as head law-man for the west-country - 
Surely if the UN is saying taser-usage contravenes the UNCAT and an MP has promised - on youtube - to raise the issue in parliament but is lying about this intention - then I would contend that this issue lands squarely on the desk of the presiding Chief Constable of the area in which the man - Marc Cole - was killed - 
After all - you are the highest Commanding Officer for the entire local jurisdiction - you are head of law and order and you have another death on your hands - 
I ask you again to talk to the UN and the British Government about the legal status of the Taser X-26 stun-gun in view of the Deaths of Marc Cole - Andrew Pimlott and all the others killed and the children electrocuted with these weapons - 
Specifically I ask you to look into the UN-s findings and declarations regarding Lisbon November 2007 and the case of police torture-slaughter in the cells over there in Portugal - This is when the UN made their declaration about the X-26 contravening the United Nations Convention Against Torture and obviously the UN will be able to provide you (and the British Government) with the paper-work on this - 
I-ve been telling the British police and government that taser is an illegal weapon of death and torture since 2010 -
Having provided legal argument supported by the United Nations - the Green Party and Mebyon Kernow I say to you Mr Sawyer will you please communicate with me fully on these matters - Preferably before the next person having a wobbler on the street is slaughtered with 50-000 volts -
Sincerely - Jeremy Schanche - RESIST CARDIAC ARREST

Previous correspondence from me to Chief Constable Sawyer - all unanswered:
Public Message To:  Chief Constable Sean Sawyer, Cornwall and Devon Police, 27th May, 2017
Dear Chief Constable,
Since 2010 I have been attempting to get the British authorities to uphold the law regarding torture, namely the UNCAT.  I have had communication with your predecessor, the former Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall Constabulary;  Andrew George MP;  Derek Thomas MP;  various members of the British Government and police.  I have a written admission from a cabinet minister that stun-guns are indeed lethal, despite contrary claims by the manufacturer.
Since a young man has just died having been shot with a stun-gun by Cornish police in Falmouth, I thought I would point out to you that the use of the taser x-26 and similar weapons is illegal.  
An MP recently let me know that this fact is virtually unknown in the House of Commons.  However, it is know to some, including the Prime Minister, the Law Lords and the United Nations.  Taser usage became illegal in Britain in 2007, following the UN declaration in Lisbon.  The fact that this change in the law has not filtered through the British Government to the Cornish police in no way diminishes the legal reality of the situation. I believe ignorance of the law is not a recognized defence. 
I understand that the UN Committee Against Torture can not order the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary to cease using their illegal weapons of torture, and I also understand the mechanism by which the British Government avoids its legal obligation to uphold the UNCAT.  I know this from having communicated directly with the United Nations in Geneva myself.  The reason I took a complaint to Geneva was because Falmouth police (who have just been involved in a taser-killing) (and also shot dead a man who had an air-gun) were torturing a handcuffed man in the street with a taser.  Since Penzance police falsely told me they could not take my complaint, I took it to Geneva, that being the obvious route to justice which was not available in this jurisdiction.  My communication with the UN in Geneva explicated for me the mechanism of deception by which the British government(s) since Thatcher in 1985, have been evading their responsibility to uphold the UNCAT by failing to ratify Article 22.  
As a result of the continuing illegal use of stun-guns in Cornwall and Devon, resulting from the British government and police failing to properly engage with my legal objections to this weapon's deployment, constables of our local force recently burnt a disturbed young man to death by electrocuting him when he was doused with petrol - proving they were incapable of following the basic guidelines that are supposedly taught to ensure the 'safety' of this weapon.
We now have a second disturbed man apparently killed by an illegal stun-gun in Devon and Cornwall.  I know other injuries were involved in this case, but it seems highly likely that the stun gun was a major contributory factor.  
Have the Devon and Cornwall police been warned that the batteries in their weapons are known to be carcinogenic, and highly dangerous if damaged?  Since this warning comes in printed form with each new weapon, I trust you have put the safety of the constables first and informed them of the carcinogenic nature of their weapons.  Failure to do so would seem to be placing their health in jeopardy unnecessarily.  
If you have any doubt about the validity of what I am imparting to you, then I request that in your role as head of law and order in Cornwall and Devon that you please contact the United Nations Committee Against Torture in Geneva and request them to inform you of their judgement given in Lisbon in 2007.  I believe they will make it clear to you that the UN's Investigative Committee has indeed defined the said weapon as an instrument of extreme pain and torture, likely to cause death.  They recommended its use be discontinued instantly as it was in violation of the United Nations Convention Against Torture.  Please verify this information for yourself and liaise with the British Government and respond to me on this (preferably before anyone else is killed in the street with one of these weapons.)
It is my informed belief that Great Britain is in breach of UNCAT by our continued use of taser and similar weapons.  I have informed the government and police of this many times and have never received a satisfactory response from any official, clarifying the government and police's position in law.  It is my belief that Britain's continuing breach of UNCAT has led directly to the deaths of Andrew Pimlott in Plymouth and Marc Cole in Falmouth as well as numerous other deaths in Britain.  Politicians who have evaded discourse on this issue bear some responsibility for these deaths.  Derek Thomas has broken a public promise to me over this and failed to raise the matter of UNCAT ratification with the British Government.  I believe Mr Thomas is criminally negligent in this regard and I will be proceeding against him.
I have informed you of the law, as I see it and am sincerely asking for remedy by the steps mentioned above.  I am extremely distressed that a human life has been taken, I believe unnecessarily and this is a crime against nature.
I trust you will respond promptly to me and engage with me, over this point of law, and over this wasted human life.
Jeremy Schanche
Newlyn, Cornwall.
Image result for marc cole falmouth
Marc Cole
Public message to: Chief Constable Sean Sawyer,  Devon and Cornwall Police Headquarters, Exeter, Devon.  1st June, 2017
Re:  The killing of Marc Cole by Falmouth Police, 23rd May, 2017
Dear Chief Constable Sawyer,
It is my understanding that usually when the police kill someone, the family is offered the chance to speak with a Liaison Officer.  To the best of my knowledge, no such offer has been made to the Cole family.  Would you please take appropriate action on this?

I gather that it is your policy to conceal the identity of officers who kill citizens - we can all see why.  I'd like to ask you whether the constable(s) involved in this latest killing have been suspended, if so are they still being paid?  What is the current employment status of the constables involved in the killing of Marc Cole?

Jeremy Schanche

So much for our open and transparent democracy where the police are public servants who police by consent - taking their instructions from our government who represent us and uphold international law for us -   Anyway here-s the article I wrote to start my campaign against stun-guns in 2010 -
Image result for marc cole falmouth

Monday, 12 February 2018

The Caged Crusader And The Fallen Teacher - Harold Hempstead Interviewed On Religious Abuse By Jeremy Schanche

"The students should try to help their fallen teacher.  It is always best to show love and compassion to those in need."  
Florida's Caged Crusader talks about religious abuse, prison, murder and The Bible with Jeremy Schanche - activist and author from Kernow.
When I asked Harold if hearing Darren Rainey screaming as he died in the special shower changed  his life  he answered simply "yes" but he has already said quite a lot about this - his darkest night.
This was the event that set him on a path of opposing evil in a very dynamic way - not only did he risk assault and murder by guards for exposing the torture at Dade but he has also given evidence of how FDC allows sexual predators exposure to children in prisons in Florida -  and he also advocates strongly for disabled rights in prison .
Apart from the shower-torture and murder - Harold Hempstead has written extensively on Florida DC's policy of starving prisoners to death - in particular he tells of the fates of Darrel Richardson and Oscar Davis - both of whom he has testified to seeing be starved to death.

My first interview with Harold from June 2016

The Miami Herald has a large collection of articles on Harold Hempstead - Darren Rainey and FDC -

George Mallinckrodt is a psychologist who worked at Dade CI and has written of the murder there

Madness - An in-depth article from the New Yorker about FDC

 A high proportion of Florida's prisoners are in long-term Solitary Confinement - despite international treaties declaring this totally unlawful and in contravention of UNCAT.  In an amazing and precedent-setting development - the British High Court has just refused to extradite Lauri Love to USA on the grounds that the US prison-system cannot guarantee the most basic human rights to convicts.

Florida Prisons to which Harold Hempstead 
has been transferred so far:
Wakulla CIWakulla CI AnnexOkaloosa CIJackson CISanta Rosa CIWashington CIApalachee CI East UnitJefferson CIEverglades CIDade CIMartin CIOkeechobee CIHardee CIColumbia CI; Columbia CI AnnexUnion CIFlorida State PrisonSuwannee CI AnnexHolmes CITomoka CILake CIZephyrhills CI;  Regional Medical CentreCentral Florida Reception CentreSouth Florida Reception Centre.

Video of Harold Hempstead

"It is always best to show love and compassion 
to those in need."  
Harold Hempstead - February 2018

Friday, 9 February 2018

Hunger Strike For ZERO-TOLERANCE OF ABUSE IN BUDDHISM - Rigpa UK - February 2018

The Rigpa organization needs to deal honestly with the problem of the abusive character who founded it.  Sogyal aka Rinpoche is a violent and sexually abusive man who used his unique position of power to manipulate countless people, cynically exploiting and bullying his way through a life-long career of greed and indulgence - and watching endless television - whilst ostensibly operating as a spiritual teacher.  Since all my attempts to get Rigpa Org to even talk to me about this grave problem have been ignored, I am staging a one-day Hunger-Strike to coincide with Rigpa UK's one day retreat - THE HEART OF COMPASSION - Read more in The Limpet...

Sultstreik Rigpa

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Questioning The Heart Of Compassion

Another plea for dialogue in the controversy over the abuses of Buddhist Lama (teacher) Sogyal aka Rinpoche - This time I address Corinne and Dan Ewen who are holding a retreat under the Rigpa banner in Lewes - Sussex - UK-
I ask them to respond to me and also threaten imminent industrial action if they do not - Two days to find out what happens folks!
corinne-1-copy-2        Image result for sogyal rinpoche 
Open Letter To:  Corinne Ewen and Dan Ewen – Rigpa UK Registered Charity – South Downs Group – Leaders of Rigpa Mini-Retreat Day:  The Heart Of Compassion – 10th February 2018 – Linklater Pavilion – Lewes – Sussex – Great Britain –
Dear Corinne and Dan – Namaste!                                                                        Date:  8:2:2018
As you may possibly know I have been attempting dialogue with various involved parties in the controversy surrounding the decades of physical – sexual – psychological – spiritual – financial and other forms of abuse and exploitation perpetrated by Sonam Lakar aka Sogyal aka Rinpoche etc etc – My interest in this case – as a thirty-year student of Sogyal and coincidentally also a human rights activist – is a sincere interest in what is best for the people who have come into contact with Sogyal in the past – present and future as well as a deep concern for what is best for the Holy Dharma –
I have published several articles on this topic which have been read by thousands of people in every continent except Antarctica - and tried reaching out to various people including Sogyal – Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche – Patrick Gaffney – Rigpa London Vision Board – etc etc with only dukkha for my reward – no response from anyone! 
I wrote a letter to all teachers scheduled to teach under the auspices of Rigpa London in which I reasoned with the teachers that they should publicly declare for ZERO-TOLERANCE OF ABUSE IN BUDDHISM – Please see the link attached to this to clarify my position towards Rigpa London-s teachers -   I am asking the staff at Rigpa London to forward this to you and trusting that they will please do so – as I have previously asked them to forward my messages to the people they work for which seems only reasonable -
Even Patrick Gaffney who knew me personally from thirty years ago is trying to blank me and I have been chucked out of the What Next Rigpa discussion group on fb without justification – I set up the RIGPA FREE SPEECH UNION a while back - in the event of such shenanigans –
The other day a Tibetan Lama taught at Rigpa London – I received no message or reaction about my abuse-question that I have posed these teachers – They seem to be just carrying on like it-s business as usual and nothing evil and sick has happened!  I did not take the industrial action that I had threatened because frankly I was not organized enough – that is the only reason –
I must continue to apply pressure to Rigpa London until they start to at least talk to me and deal with the points I have repeatedly put to them – I speak as someone who wants Buddhist centres in the West to be safe refuges of true Dharma where the spiritually hungry (a particularly vulnerable social group) can pursue the path of truth and kindness without fear of predation and exploitation –
Furthermore it is screamingly obvious to me that in a situation such as this it is in the best interests of the Dharma that Rigpa International in all its branches and organs has a very sincere public reaction to this whole abuse-issue – The secular public do not want another vaguely sinister foreign religion springing up – but I am sure the public do welcome genuine Buddhism as a commonly-perceived force for good – Let-s try and keep it that way for all of our sakes!  Only clean Dharma will be welcome in the West – It is only reasonable to expect Dharma-standards of conduct to at the very least respect ethical standards of western countries – let alone respecting their own sacred code!
Dear Corrine and Dan I am asking you sincerely to read my letter to teachers visiting Rigpa London and respond urgently to the three main points – I see that on the publicity on the website for the retreat you say how long you have studied with Sogyal (since 98) but make no mention of his disgusting history of crime – Will you please respond very urgently to me on this – before the retreat please – otherwise I promise to you now that I will start industrial action on the day of the retreat – Saturday 10th February 2018 – and continue it on every day that someone teaches at Rigpa London without dealing with the issues I have publicly raised concerning the sexual and physical abuses of Sogyal aka Rinpoche –
Needless to say I will be seeking maximum publicity for my Ahimsa-inspired protest at the hypocrisy within Buddhism that seeks to conceal - collude and collaborate with those who dare to fuck with our human rights –
Please respond to me as a brother in the Dharma – I mean what I say – Please talk to me –
Kindness Regards The World –

Jeremy Schanche - Newlyn – Kernow – Great Britain