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The Caterpillar Dubs Away A Month Of Global Awareness - Latest! Cornwall Man Takes Globe Everywhere With Him -

We interrupt normal programming to make way for the voice of the caterpillar - 
The Caterpillar Dub is the echo of the voice of The Caterpillar - 
Please listen to these dub-echoes and observe the fusion of struggle and song as a caterpillar nudges its way into the realm of the limpet - nature is a constant re-balancing and adjustment - sometimes with great fundamental upheavals - Who would ever have thought The Caterpillar would be allowed to muscle in on The Limpet with such audacious temerity!  Mind you - Caterpillars do have over four thousand muscles - considerably more than you - oh puny human-thing!  So unscrew your political head and replace it with the cloud of luminous fog that a poet thinks will pass for a head and head on into the realm of the super-gorwir Caterpillar Dub - Dub - Dub - Dub - Dub - 
This goes out to The Ghost of Sid Vicious - forever leaning on the corner of Alexandra Road outside the Garden after the Sex Pistols played Penzance - Sid died at 21 - We must all die - even caterpillars have to wrap themselves in a cocoon of their own actions and melt into a fearless and featureless sludge - poor things!  Some of these foolish caterpillars even like to comfort themselves with the illusion of reincarnation - Obviously just their egos that can-t handle the obvious fact of their own extinction - - - - bla bla bla -  
Anyway I-m locked out of The Caterpillar Blogspot so meantime and for the foreseeable alltime The Invertebrate Press will be using this here website for artistic and political purposes and you-ll simply have to accept the juxtaposition of the two different halves of my brain - I expect it will be great fun for us all so let-s just shut up and get on with enjoying it shall we ~  (Oh I don-t know what happened to Johnny-s ear but it didn-t look like that on the night!)

Global Awareness Month
– A Thirty-Day Telluric Contemplation
As you might know - I-ve been celebrating A Month Of Global Awareness by carrying the globe around with me everywhere in an "open-carry" style - The echoes of this global-dream leached out from my dreamy head into the dream-heads of others - 
The Month Of Global Awareness kicked off on 31st January - the night of the Blue Moon - with a concert at Redwing Gallery - and a few more clips from the show have surfaced - thanks to my pal Allan - Songs featured are Man Of Constant Sorrow  (Traditional American) -  White Man In The Hammersmith Palais by The Clash - Panic In Detroit by David Bowie and I-m Set Free by The Velvet Underground -

Meh - songs mainly failed to upload - probably just as well  :-)
might try again later!  If not I-ll be singing them in the street
when it hits about 68 fahrenheit - - -  out to make a shilling -

Once the 45 quid jangly Les Paul Copy finally subsided into an erie silence and the Month of Global Awareness was launched good and proper - one of the main developments to come out of the experiment was in the realm of archaeology - Considering that the "open-carrying" of the gobe was an open-ended free-spirited free-form experiment - almost devoid of plan altogether it-s significant to me that the main event of the month was the discovery of The Druid-s Throne (or rather perhaps it-s rediscovery!)  and a wonderful menhir (longstone) I discovered two days ago on 24th February 2018 - My daughter has named it The Menhir Of The Setting Sun -  Check the previous issue of The Caterpillar which you can see on The Temporary Realm Of The Caterpillar Page on this very site!
Here-s a tiny clip of some menhirs above Madron - from autumn 2017:
Boswarva Carn Settlement Madron Kernow Britain
More on Boswarva here - 

The World Ends At St-Just 
A Lesson In Basic Awareness - 
1)  Remember - It gets quite windy up west - so - - -
2) Never take your eye off the ball - - -
- - - or you-ll end up with a ruptured globe!  

Globey slunk off to a phone-box after that to seek legal advice!
The Atomic Wind captured by the Impressionist Camera
Union of Consciousness and Matter - a moment of awareness -
Great Uncle Ingolf as Hamlet contemplating the skull of Yoric - Alas!  Death Comes Without Warning!  For I am Death - None can excell - I-ll open the doors to heaven or hell - - -

They-ve landed!

It begins - - -
With Bronze-Age menhir on an ancient track from Carn Bosavern to Koth Valley -
At the Koth Valley (aka Mastadon Central UK)

At The Druid-s Throne 24:2:2018 - Awarth idhyowek menhir yw
In the picture above the globe sits atop what I suspected to be a fallen menhir -   just above The Druid-s Throne (See previous issue of The Caterpillar) - The globe wears a garland of Sticky Weed - proof of The Return Of The Spring -

Here we see the menhir half-clothed in a skirt of ivy

Starting to show through - This prehistoric beauty stood here around fifteen hundred years before Jesus was born - - -
Forgive the ten-year-off date-stamp - One day I-ll figure out how to get rid of it!  I didn-t want to trim down the picture and snip the nose of this fine megalith -  We are looking at the base - It tapers up towards the far end very gracefully -  The illuminated face which lies towards the setting sun is completely flat - in contrast to the gentle and typical curvature of its obverse side -  The piece also features the characteristic rising and falling cracks featured on so many of these objects - This one also has groovings that would run parallel to the ground when the stone was planted - Overall length: something over eight feet - Weight:  Heavy -

It-s All Over Now Baby Blue – 13th  Floor Elevators
I-m Set Free – Velvet Underground   

I was born in Texas - Raised in Tennessee - 
If you don-t like my peaches -
Don-t rattle my tree -

Brilliant Adventure – David Bowie

For in this World I have to ramble - 

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