Monday, 12 February 2018

The Caged Crusader And The Fallen Teacher - Harold Hempstead Interviewed On Religious Abuse By Jeremy Schanche

"The students should try to help their fallen teacher.  It is always best to show love and compassion to those in need."  
Florida's Caged Crusader talks about religious abuse, prison, murder and The Bible with Jeremy Schanche - activist and author from Kernow.
When I asked Harold if hearing Darren Rainey screaming as he died in the special shower changed  his life  he answered simply "yes" but he has already said quite a lot about this - his darkest night.
This was the event that set him on a path of opposing evil in a very dynamic way - not only did he risk assault and murder by guards for exposing the torture at Dade but he has also given evidence of how FDC allows sexual predators exposure to children in prisons in Florida -  and he also advocates strongly for disabled rights in prison .
Apart from the shower-torture and murder - Harold Hempstead has written extensively on Florida DC's policy of starving prisoners to death - in particular he tells of the fates of Darrel Richardson and Oscar Davis - both of whom he has testified to seeing be starved to death.

My first interview with Harold from June 2016

The Miami Herald has a large collection of articles on Harold Hempstead - Darren Rainey and FDC -

George Mallinckrodt is a psychologist who worked at Dade CI and has written of the murder there

Madness - An in-depth article from the New Yorker about FDC

 A high proportion of Florida's prisoners are in long-term Solitary Confinement - despite international treaties declaring this totally unlawful and in contravention of UNCAT.  In an amazing and precedent-setting development - the British High Court has just refused to extradite Lauri Love to USA on the grounds that the US prison-system cannot guarantee the most basic human rights to convicts.

Florida Prisons to which Harold Hempstead 
has been transferred so far:
Wakulla CIWakulla CI AnnexOkaloosa CIJackson CISanta Rosa CIWashington CIApalachee CI East UnitJefferson CIEverglades CIDade CIMartin CIOkeechobee CIHardee CIColumbia CI; Columbia CI AnnexUnion CIFlorida State PrisonSuwannee CI AnnexHolmes CITomoka CILake CIZephyrhills CI;  Regional Medical CentreCentral Florida Reception CentreSouth Florida Reception Centre.

Video of Harold Hempstead

"It is always best to show love and compassion 
to those in need."  
Harold Hempstead - February 2018

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