Thursday, 31 January 2019


A new blog from Harold Hempstead "The Witness" challenging the US authorities to follow up the evidence on the murder of Darren Rainey that he is providing -  Whilst the Inspector General of the Florida Department of Corrections is seemingly focused on investigating credit-card and tax fraud there remains much work to be done reviewing the fresh evidence into the murder of Darren Rainey - a prisoner who was tortured to death in a cubicle of super-heated steam - Basically he was steamed to death and this crime will continue to get publicity until some kind of resolution is reached -
The sham-justice overseen by State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle in 2017 is a cynical and deliberate failure of the principles of justice and the rule of law in Florida - 
If you open the image in a new tab it will be easier to read -

For a truly encyclopaedic body of irrefutable evidence on the Rainey case please see Harold Hempstead Caged Crusader Wordpress - the blog I manage for Harold - 

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Harold Hempstead Requests Statement From SPPD On Detective Mike Brown

On 11th January 2019 Harold Hempstead had an email sent to St Petersburg Police Department asking for a statement on investigations into the improper activities of a predatory former police officer whom Harold had reported –
“Re:  Request for official statement from St Petersburg Police Dept – Florida
Attn:  Media Relations – SPPD
Dear St Petersburg Police Department spokesperson:
Harold Hampstead has published a book entitled “Department of Corruption”  – Darren Rainey – The Untold Story –  His book can be located at
Question 130 of Hempstead-s book states:
 “130 – Question:  When was the first time you spoke out against a state official who did wrong~”
“Answer:  The first time was with Roosevelt Copeland when I was a teenager –  He was a guard at the Pinellas County – Florida – Juvenile Detention Center –  As a result of me speaking out against his improper conduct he lost his job –  The second time I spoke out was against St Petersburg Police Officer Mike Brown –  He was committing sexual misconduct with kids at the Police Athletic League –  The police set me up with two frivolous felony charges for it –  The State Attorney knew I was set up – so they dismissed the charges -“
This above matter concerning Detective Mike Brown is more thoroughly explained in Hempstead-s book – “Used And Abused By The St Petersburg Police Department” which will be released in February 2019 –
Will you please provide the citizens of St Petersburg with any and all information in your agency-s possession concerning any investigations conducted into any misconduct by Detective Mike Brown~
Will you please provide the citizens of St Petersburg with any and all information in your agency-s possession concerning any juveniles that reported being sexually abused at the Police Athletic League ~
Will you please provide an official response to Hempstead-s statements in his books concerning Detective Mike Brown~
Please provide your official responses to these questions to the parties listed in the CC section below –
It should be noted that all attempts to communicate with Harold Hempstead concerning the matters herein should be directed to his Attorney – John Trevena at
This letter and any response or failure to respond could be published in future book(s) and used in court proceedings –
Sincerely –
Harold Hempstead – I-M # 577366
Northeast Correctional Complex
P-O Box 5000
Mountain City – TN 37683-5000
John Trevena
Solly Granatstein
Adam Playford”
– Message Ends –
You can find Harold-s Sworn Affidavit concerning his history with the SPPD here

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Witness Harold Hempstead has Audio Recording of Roland Clarke admitting to killing Darren Rainey and torturing mentally disabled inmates at Dade CI

Roland Clarke
The following email was sent on 10th January 2019:

Attn:  Dade County – Florida – State Attorney
         Dade County – Florida – Medical Examiner
Dear Dade County State Attorney and Dade County Medical Examiner
Harold Hempstead has published a book entitled “Department of Corruption – Darren Rainey – The Untold Story”  – His book can be located at Crusaderbooks dot com –  In his book he explains in extensive detail how he obtained covert recordings of Roland Clarke admitting to killing Darren Rainey and torturing mentally disabled inmates in the Dade CI Transitional Care Unit –  The March 17 – 2017 State Attorney-s memo doesn-t mention these recordings that Hempstead wrote about in his book –  Also it should be noted that Hempstead said he has access to the covert recordings that he obtained –  Will you please let me know why you didn-t mention these recordings in your memo~  Will you also let me know how the Medical Examiner could say what she said about Rainey-s body when Hempstead said Roland Clarke admitted that the shower was “extremely hot” on the records~
Will you please respond to these questions as soon as possible~
Sincerely –
Harold Hempstead
Howard Simon
Steve Wetstein
Randal Berg
Casey Frank
Julie Brown
Adam Playford
Craig Patrick
Susan Chandler
Windy Hempstead
Roland Clarke leading Darren Rainey to his death in the torture-shower - Dade CI

Friday, 4 January 2019

Department Of Corruption - Darren Rainey - The Untold Story by Harold Hempstead - Out Now

Crusader Books is happy to present its first publication:  DEPARTMENT OF CORRUPTION - Darren Rainey - The Untold Story by Harold Hempstead 
The author gained his epithet of The Caged Crusader through his dangerous and lengthy struggle to seek justice for Darren Rainey - a Muslim man who-s murder at the hands of Florida prison guards he witnessed -   In the ultra-violent climate of the Florida Department of Corrections Harold literally risked his life to reveal what he knew about this horrific torture-murder -  Driven by his conscience - Harold felt compelled to pursue the course of justice and spent almost two years writing to various official departments before finally getting his story published in the Miami Herald newspaper - 
This initiated a belated police investigation and also a major overhaul of the FDC -  Sadly the killing of Darren Rainey was covered up by Florida-s corrupt officials such as State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle and Dr Emma Lew -  No-one has been charged over the torture and killing of Rainey - nor the torture of various other convicts in a specially rigged torture-shower at Dade C I - Florida - 
Harold was illegally used as a police spy from the age of 13 and in his early twenties was incarcerated for 165 years under questionable circumstances -  In prison he underwent a profound religious conversion and this has guided his courageous activism under the most harrowing circumstances -  The story he has to tell is testimony to all the ills of America-s tragic policy of mass-incarceration - and of how an absolute belief in the power of good can animate a man to struggle so hard against such cruel and unjust captors and the injustices they perpetuate -
This is truly a story of the triumph of the human heart and its refusal to keep silent in the face of evil -

You can buy the book here and also see a list of upcoming publications from Harold Hempstead-s publishing house CRUSADER BOOKS
Harold Hempstead also has a blog with a large collection of articles he has written on the Rainey murder and various other human rights and constitutional violations in FDC -
Darren Rainey

Harold Hempstead
4th January 2019 - Jeremy Schanche - The Invertebrate Press - Kernow - UK