Monday, 6 May 2013


Believing tasers to do far more harm than good, to kill far more people than they save and that they leave the public wide open to abuse and unjust suffering, we call for an end to the use of these weapons.  As the vast majority of people killed by tasers were unarmed and alone, we say ‘No more deaths’, ban the taser now.  Before another pregnant woman, another blind man, handcuffed youth, or unarmed teenager is dropped to the concrete by 50,000 volts of electricity surging through their body, before another young life is cold in the grave, we say ban this sinister new weapon that has no legitimate place in a civilized society. 
 Sometimes people get the idea that to be anti-taser, you have to be anti-police.  This is an absurd assumption to make.  We realize the police have to deal with extremely dangerous situations and people, but we Brits have always prided ourselves on our unarmed police, and see the cattle-prod as an insult to our Human dignity.  Whilst the police need to protect themselves when dealing with violent people, there are many more safe and humane technologies available, such as nets, or even tranquilizer darts.  The taser has already done a great deal to harm the image of the police and this will take time to remedy.  The taser will inevitably disappear soon, as the reality of its consequences rapidly overtakes the myth of its safety and effectiveness.  Until that time, we ask you to remember the many people who have been killed by tasers and to protect the living by signing the Abolish Taser Petition. 



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Moberly, Missouri T.A.S.E.R. Victim Memorial

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RESIST CARDIAC ARRESTThe Limpet  No.53:  A selection of taser videos, an in-depth investigation into the whole subject of tasers, a letter to Parliament & the launch of a public safety campaign:

Text of the United Nations Convention Against Torture:

Andrew George is MP for West Cornwall, NOT Plymouth, where Andrew Pimlott died following the incident involving a police taser and inflammable fuel.  However, I have asked Mr George to take action on tasers many times in the past.  Please consider e-mailing or writing to your local MP and telling them your views on tasers.    

OVERSEAS READERS:  Why not consider writing to your political representatives about tasers.  Has your government signed Article 22 of the UNCAT?  Without it you have no legal protection against torture – with it you have a legal basis on which to challenge taser. 

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