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Here-s my criticism of and challenge to my former Lama - Spiritual Teacher - Guru and woman-abusing violent manipulative tyrant (as I have just discovered) the so-called Sogyal Rinpoche or Sonam Gyaltsen Lakar of Eastern Tibet - ostensible reincarnation of Terton Sogyal - founder and leader of the international Rigpa group of Dharma-Centres around the world - and raised and tutored by some of the very greatest yogis of the twentieth century -
Having this day read of his string of crimes - his resignation as leader of the Rigpa association - the accusatory letter signed by eight of his closest former students detailing years of habitual violence and sexual exploitation- the little incident of him punching a nun in the guts in the shrine-room in front of over a thousand people -
Whilst studying these horrors through the night I also followed up research on Kalu Rinpoche - the aged and venerable yogi who initiated me into Buddhism 30 years ago in Shoreditch - East London - and found that he too abused his consorts horribly so I also feel I must sever connection with this amazing person who died in the late twentieth century -
Interestingly I came across the confessional film made by his reincarnation - the 2nd Kalu Rinpoche - in which he describes with great sadness the sexual abuse he was subjected to which drove him to drug addiction and alcoholism before he eventually sent some decadent monks packing and - in the awareness of his own experiences - instituted a strict policy to protect the Sangha from the menace of sexual predation -
So in one night I feel I have lost the two Lamas who were my light for 30 years only to be deeply moved by the Honesty and Humanity of the 2nd Kalu Rinpoche and feel a growing devotion for this humble and thoroughly down-to-earth young man - I also have faith in the Karmapa and am sure he will play a massive role in this time -
I wrote the letter spontaneously and without revision - straight from the heart - straight to Sogyal-s heart -
An Open Letter To Sogyal Lakar aka Rinpoche          31:12:2017
Dear Sogyal –
I trusted you –
From Autumn 1987 until this day – for 30 years – I regarded you as my true Lama and even when going through long periods with no formal practice I still considered my link with you to be something of the very deepest significance and importance in my life –
I know you remember me – a hippy from London – from Cornwall – shaven head – drunk – Sikkim – Kathmandu -  French Alps – Harrow – attended teachings between 87 and 94 – my “seven years in Tibet” and you gave me probably more than any other human in terms of teaching reality and consciousness and profundity –
I keep seeing your fist hitting that poor nun in the stomach and just today I have heard all the terrible things about you from your closest students – I believe them to be true and that you are indeed a violent tyrant and vile sexual-predator –
I understand that your upbringing was most unusual and that you did not have normal human access to women nor the guidance or basic human culture of how to treat a lady – However this does not in the slightest degree exonerate you from your real crimes against many good-hearted trusting Chelas and also the grave spiritual crime you have committed against the Sangha – It is mind-blowing for me to say this Sogyal – coming from me – the lazy drunken hedonist who can-t let go of ignorance and pleasure-grasping – but you Sogyal have destroyed the Samaya – even His Holiness has called you “disgraced” and basically the game-s up!
I hear you are still teaching – this worries me – personally I think you should do one hundred thousand prostrations in the presence of every woman you have violated and bullied and also every man – prostrate to them and beg forgiveness with each prostration – that would be my answer –
Now I have to go and figure out how a pig like you – a violent beast – a tyrant who fucks women grunting and chucks them aside like the lowest whores – can also be the son of Manjushri!  The damage you have done to the cause of the Dharma is incalculable – the people you have turned away from the noble path are innumerable as the sands of the Ganges – You set up a glowing shrine of purity – kindness – profound vast knowledge – the mind itself – and you shat on it man – why did you do that ~ We gave you our hearts – in our way – us little westerners – we gave what we could and what we had – we followed you round the world listening to your wisdom and then you fucked it up!  You raised a beautiful lotus to emanate the blissful fragrance of truth  and loving-kindness and then you came back and stamped the lotus into the mud – spattering it in filth and breaking its fragile petals into pulp –
Can you grow another lotus ~
Can you retrieve the trust of all your students – followers – Chelas ~ can you ~ ever ~ I don-t think you are fit to teach until you have made good the harm you have done and I don-t know how you could achieve that -  not in one lifetime!
I also hear that you have cancer Sogyal and for that I am very sad and genuinely hope that you make a full recovery soon – My Christian friend in prison in Amerika – Harold Hempstead – says he would stand up to defend a Klansman from injustice just the same as he stood up for a disturbed Muslim drug-using convict who was steamed to death in a Florida prison shower – Harold is not full of shit and I trust him one hundred per cent – So just as Harold – the Caged Crusader – would defend the human rights of a fascist so in just the same way I wish you well and wish no harm on you ever – I know many people will now view you as All-Bad just as many once viewed you as All-Good and this will no doubt be a valuable part of your education –
How can you punch a nun ~ For fuck-s sake man!  How can you punch a nun ~
Well I can-t stop you punching nuns but I can cross you off the list of people who are worthy to teach me about ethics – let alone Enlightenment! 
This is very sad as I have also lost faith in Kalu Rinpoche (the 1st) having just read of his crimes against women – in many ways this news hit me even harder than news of your crimes as I regarded Kalu Rinpoche as a living Milarepa and to discover that he was also a brutal tyrant and harmer and user of women is vastly disturbing to me – but also curiously liberating in itself –
This is because your crimes have reinforced my Anarchist belief that it is foolish to give power and authority to any other human being – This corresponds perfectly with Shakyamuni-s instruction to the Sangha to challenge him and try to find fault with his teachings – not to blindly accept him as an “authority” -  not to give away their discriminating-awareness –
I clearly remember you saying that we should respect the teachings – not you personally – but what you taught – the lineage and all that goes with it – I am just Sogyal – you once said – with such seeming modesty – and your words were true – your warning was valid – I respect the teachings as much as ever and try to live up to their spirit and avoid creating harm in the world – I have not done particularly well at this but I do try –
So obviously I have lost respect for you and faith – belief – trust – etc etc – but am still curious – you still know what you know – you still have your highly cultivated consciousness and awareness and knowledge – but how could you justify such brutal actions to yourself – is this culturally normal in the Lamaic world ~ is it normal to grab women and fuck them like animals ~ knock them around and threaten them with black-magic ~
I remember in Nepal getting pressure from “older students” for “not being mindful” when I drank beer and got loud and getting criticized by an Amerikan woman for walking on the right-hand side of a pillar at Dilgo Khentse Rinpoche-s monastery – “to the left” she barked – like a cop – (It was actually a woman highly respected for her sensitive work with dying patients!)  Such was the reverence to the minutiae and fine detail of oriental etiquette – Fair enough perhaps – I didn-t want to offend anyone-s sensibilities –
Well over here in Europe we have a certain etiquette towards women – They are our equals and sex is something that can happen when two people both want it – within a relationship that at least aspires towards a form of equality!  In treating women as you have – you-ve tragically done them terrible and cynical harm but have also cut yourself off from knowledge of a true – natural and happy relation between man and woman  - You must atone for your evils -  How strange to say it but Guru – you must atone for your evils -
Then there was all that bullshit in Australia –  teaching “wisdom” to a select group of the 1% super-wealthy Capitalists that run the country – and that million dollar pad they built you!  Why weren-t you in the ghetto helping the poor – the dispossessed – the down and outs and homeless people that live on the street ~  Why did you chose to hang with all the rich-pigs I wonder and ignore the poor and suffering of that great nation ~  Shouldn-t a Boddhisatva go to the lowest place and help the people who need help most ~  What-s the big attraction with dollars ~ This kind of gross materialistic vulgarity is profoundly damaging to the Dharma and is also corny and low-class – I work as an unpaid human-rights activist so I have to call out power-holding-hypocrites all the time as my daily business – I have become accustomed to criticizing local government – national government – murderous police and prison-guards and their corrupt bosses – government people and leaders – but I never ever in a million years thought I would have to call out my own Lama and call him a violent woman-abuser and corrupt criminal – like these worldly men that I fight as an expression of Dharma and truth – but hey – what a long strange trip it-s been! 
I remember Nyoshul Khenpo Rinpoche in France in 89 talking about the ups and downs of his life – from enthronement to begging and back again – such is this life brother Sogyal – my bad brother – I am so sad for what you have done and trying to understand how such refinement of spirit could coexist with such evil and brutal selfishness and ignorance – that is truly mystifying so I guess that counts as a mystical experience! 
Don-t teach Sogyal – learn!  Learn learn learn – and atone –
You are a man and I am a man – You helped me and now I am helping you by talking to you directly and telling you that the best thing you can do for the Holy Dharma is stop teaching – purify yourself and find a genuine way of making good the vile damage you have done to these tender and mother-like sentient beings – these gentle ladies who put their lives in your hungry hands –
I wish you well Sonam Gyaltsen and would be very happy to interview you for youtube if you are happy to talk to me – go ahead!
Sincerely – Jeremy Schanche – aka Karma Mingyur Dorje – Kernow - Britain                  

Calling Rigpa Sangha!
Well brothers and sisters I expect many of you are feeling it way way harder than me and are going through some most unwelcome changes – I have not seen any of you for over twenty years so don-t know who-s still alive or “on the scene” or anything but I had some very close and deep friendships with some of yous and I wanted to express my solidarity with you all and also to invite anyone who remembers me (or not) to contact me should they wish to discuss any of these bizarre and terrible happenings or simply just renew the old friendship –
In all my life I will never forget the amazing and profound loving-kindness I was shown by many of my fellow “practitioners” or “Buddhists” as the rest of the world calls us!  Mike from South London who used to drive me home to Shepherd-s Bush from Camden – you always embodied the soul of gentle kind wisdom and I-d love to hear from you man – so many other brothers and sisters – please get in touch – I miss you and love you all –
We must obviously not be too discouraged by all this shit but must learn from it – I guess we are all a little wiser – in a worldly kind of way – but wiser – It-s always better to know than not to know!

Cheers and kind wishes – Jeremy Schanche 

Sangha Contact

From the Australian press 

Resignation announcement in Buddhist press

Nun-punching pondered over

WHAT THE FUCK!  "You will die spitting up blood like Ian Maxwell" Sogyal-s quote about a good and kind man who I personally knew and respected deeply   Having read the letter from his close students and what Sogyal said about Ian Maxwell it-s hard not to despise and hate the guy - I-m a little shocked that the students believe Sogyal can be rehabilitated as a valid teacher rather than brought before a court of law for his many many many fucking horrible crimes - and I won-t let a corrupt fool like him destroy Buddhism for me - I think it is bigger than Mr Lakar -

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The pictures of James Clark-s severely mutilated hand are hard to look at - So is the footage of him being muscled into a British Police station by several burly constables - without due process of being booked in - and severely assaulted in a cell in Llanelli - Wales on 20th June 2016 after he was arrested following a complaint from a neighbour over noise during a domestic dispute -
The videos do not show him being threatened with a stun-gun - in contravention of the United Nations Convention Against Torture - and neither do they show him being gassed with chemical irritant - both these weapons were turned on Mr Clark during his physical subjugation and legal arrest by the squad - 
(18th December 2017:  CORRECTION:  It has emerged that Mr Clark was NOT sprayed with irritant - this lie was spread by The Sun  - Britain-s foulest newspaper - I apologize for any confusion caused by this)
They do show what happened after the man had been stripped naked and seriously worked-over by several large law-upholders - When they finally dismount him and leave him alone he goes to the door and it is slammed on his fingers - again - the film is very hard to watch - be warned -
There are certain inescapable similarities with so many other cases - Jordan Begley of Manchester - Andrew Pimlott of Plymouth - Marc Cole of Falmouth amongst others - police are called to what is often a potentially-controllable emotional-crisis and it ends in death or serious injury due to excessive and quite unnecessary use of force - In so many of these cases there seems little or no attempt to de-escalate a volatile situation but rather a gang of heavies wades in and starts throwing their weight around - (as with Sean Rigg for example)
Happily this is not always the case and my respect goes out to all police men and women who act with discretion and humanity when upholding the law - I have no problem with proper police-activity but will vigorously expose and oppose corruption and violence whenever I encounter it - This is one of the rights my family fought wars for and I am happy to enjoy my freedom as much as possible - Sadly my actual right of democratic representation has been violated and abandoned by my lying rogue-MP Derek Thomas but I am at least free to write - publish and speak my mind in public -
I only heard about what happened to James Clark today and will be publishing more about his case in the near future - The kind of police-behaviour described here is precisely what gives police a bad image in the public eye and undermines all the efforts of every good cop in the nation - Llanelli Police might inspire fear or perhaps contempt amongst the public they are paid to serve - but have they settled for the public-s fear at the cost of the respect that police can achieve when they act properly?
James Clark had to battle the "authorities" to get hold of the film-evidence from the police-cells that they wanted to suppress from public attention -

It is typical in Britain - as elsewhere - in cases where police assault citizens  for the victim to then be accused of assaulting the police - as I can verify from the personal experience of a British citizen whom I interviewed in a previous case -

If James Clark assaulted a cop in front of several other cops as they claimed - why did the court believe otherwise and find otherwise - why were the police-s statements "inconsistent?"

Mr Clark was not booked-in on arrival at the police station as is customary and lawful but was forced along to the cells in a headlock - police were wearing blue rubber globes - a typical sign of impending police-violence -

After the savage assault was over three of James Clark-s fingers lay on the floor of the police station - This reminds me strongly of the case of Darren Rainey - the black Muslim man who was tortured to death by the State of Florida on 23rd June 2012 and whose skin was scraped off the floor and thrown into the trash - a similar disregard for basic humanity is demonstrated in both cases

The hours-long delay in getting Mr Clark the urgent medical attention required after finger-amputation is obviously another grave crime by the police -

The fact that the police committed the assault knowing the camera was watching suggests to me that they acted on an assumption of impunity -


BBC News report on the attack on James Clark

BBC News report about James Clark suing the police

Please share this blog and print and display the poster - it-s for justice!

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Happy Trails Poster

Look at the sky - What do you see - Aeroplane-Trails that leave dark shadows against the clouds - A profusion of trails criss-crossing each other sometimes like a net - plane-trails that dissolve into long linear clouds that dissolve into drizzle - Taint natural!  Just look up - it-s good for your neck anyway - 

To celebrate this new blitz - this airborne attack on British freedom and basic fresh air and nature I have created this lovely Chemtrails Souvenir Poster for your wall - or even better - for your street - so you can inform your local community about this new threat to nature and health and get labeled as a nutter for doing them the service - enjoy!
This movie shows the relationship between humidity and temperature which is significant in these phenomena - worth watching and you can always turn the sound down and listen to Quicksilver Messenger Service while you watch it!

Here-s to the day we all breathe free!

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THE RAPE OF HEAVEN - Chemtrails Over Kernow

Look Up With An Open Mind - Observe The Sky - What Do You See?  I-m particularly addressing this to the people of Cornwall though I hear the problem affects large parts of the globe - I-m talking about chemtrails - a subject I indulged a sceptical resistance to until midsummer-s day when I observed the sun rise from an ancient Roundago only to see the sky chopped into a grotesque net of trails just as I had heard described - - - It-s easy to apply an aloof and superior distance to other people-s tales of aerial shenanigans but you can-t deny the evidence of your own eyes and what I saw that day convinced me beyond any remaining doubt that the sky was indeed being regularly laced with these strange trails that gradually melted into a hazy cloud-cover that frequently dissolved into drizzle - this certainly appeared to be man-made interference in the weather in a very detrimental way - regardless of the constituents of the trails which - you can be sure - is a whole other can of worms - - -
A brief internet search will show you the Brit Gov-s official position is that there is no chemtrails programme occurring over Britain - nor has there been since 2003 - the period covered in the information request - Tellingly the document quotes Porton Down - Britain-s Top Secret Chemical and Biological Weapons Development HQ as saying that they don-t comment on "on-going research" - a rather significant phrase in my opinion!  
Britgov says there are no chemtrails yet all over Britain - and many other nations - there are little groups springing up to protest this phenomenon - are these people all mad?  Or are they simply the cutting-edge who have cottoned on to what-s happening before the mass of people?  It is precisely because groups like this often get labeled as "Conspiracy Theorists" that I wish to take a very sober and detached view of this business -
I ask you to approach the topic with an open mind -  I ask you to observe the skies as much as possible and take note of what you see - Discuss your findings with sensible people who you trust - If you eventually come round to the view that our skies are being tinkered with then please consider how best to react to this aerial event - Please don-t listen to rumors on this topic or unsubstantiated tales as they undermine the accumulation of hard-evidence and sober debate that is conducive to public clarity on the issue which might lead to focused action -  It is possible that the stakes are very high - with public and environmental health being top of the list - such is my personal opinion -
Carbis Bay - West Cornwall - Chemtrails contrasted with conventional trails
- a typical view of Cornwall-s messed-up skies - - -

Carn Brae - Cornwall-s slate roofs - sometimes gilded with a kind of lichen and our distinctive "Jynnjiow" or mine engine-houses with their old smoke-stacks can be seen pointing their accusing fingers at the repellent trails across the heavens in this excellent movie which also features a lightning-storm that broke out in the area where the trails were concentrated!

Time-lapse of unnatural clouds flying over Cornwall -
When looking for films of Cornish Chemtrails I was absolutely spoiled for choice!

Here-s some lovely footage from my good friend Mungo showing our local area - Penzance and Lesingey Iron-Age Roundago - in its pristine glory - and then with added aerosol enhancement courtesy of the shadowy forces of Babylon - Enjoy!

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"On 3/17/17 I was ghosted out of the Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) and Involuntary Interstate Compacted to the Tennessee Department of Corrections (TDOC) with none of my law work or property I had in FDC.  Since my 3/17/17 arrival to TDOC, I haven’t had any access to Florida law.  In this blog, I’m going to from memory attempt to address three Florida statutes that concern the FDC Inspector General’s Office, I believe the Florida Statute numbers I’m going to be addressing are Florida Statutes 944.31, 944.32 and 944.33.  I believe Florida Statute 944.31 explains the duties of FDC Inspector Generals and one of the things it says they’re obligated to do it so conduct a physical inspection of all the institutions in FDC once a year.  This Florida Statute shows us that in 2011 and 2012 the FDC Inspector General’s Office was obligated, and more than likely did conduct a physical inspection of the Dade C.I. Transitional Care Unit.  If they conducted this inspection this statute would’ve obligated them to look in the closet where the unlawful shower equipment was, next to the shower stall that Darren Rainey was killed in.  This means they would’ve seen the unlawfully rigged shower that killed Rainey, and they took no action to order the shower equipment be disconnected.  I believe Florida Statute 944.32 says the FDC Inspector General’s Office is obligated to complete a written report on their physical inspections of all the institutions they physically inspect.  Also, I believe Florida Statute 944.33 explains what type of trouble an FDC Inspector General can get in if they don’t complete written reports of the physical inspections of the institutions in FDC.  
Please google the Florida statutes and read them.  From my knowledge of these statutes, what they say hasn’t changed from 2011 till the present.  I’d really like to obtain a copy of the FDC Inspector General’s Reports of the Dade C.I. TCU from 2011 and 2012 and see if they mention the unlawful shower that killed Darren Rainey.  Also, to see, if they do mention said shower, what they say about said shower in their reports.  I know from seeing the illegal shower where Rainey was killed, in the Dade C.I. TCU in 2011 and 2012 that it was there when they conducted their physical inspections in these years.  These reports could possibly be evidence that shows us the FDC Inspector General’s Office knew that the unlawful shower/torturing device that killed Rainey was in the Dade C.I. TCU and they took no action to have it disconnected but instead allowed it to be used as a torturing device to punish and kill mentally disabled inmates.  
Please share this blog with your friends and anybody you think would like to join us in our fight for the value of life.  Please sign our petition on entitled THE LIFE OF BLACK, MENTALLY DISABLED MUSLIM PRISONER DARREN RAINEY DOES MATTER."

Harold Hempstead, aka ‘The Caged Crusader’ - aka The Witness - aka Miami Harold -
From his cell in a Tennessee prison - 2017

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Derek Thomas Unfit For Office - Scared to Debate Andrew George!

Derek is an anomaly - a deviant from expected standards and norms - seemingly either illiterate or willfully ignorant of his Contractual Obligations in Law as a Member of Parliament - perhaps he-s forgotten he-s not actually a God - that Westminster is not Olympos and that he once took an oath to the Queen - supposedly to act right and be a proper people-s representative - he took the oath and took the money and all the prestige and power that go with it -
Sadly what Derek failed to take on board were the Responsibilities that are the very core of the job - a representative who will not even talk to the local people is a woefully inadequate politician - an aspiring statesman who can not even respond to his own constituents is rather like a doctor who turns away patients on the basis of personal prejudice - in other words he is a fraudulent version of the real thing as he is refusing to perform his most fundamental duty - which - believe it or not Derek - is not to the precious Party - but to the People of West Cornwall!
As blog is my witness Derek is an abysmal public servant - from the day he got into power this website stands - or hangs in space - as an archive of and monument to his crimes - particularly that of ignoring the letters - emails - phone-calls and even personal promises he has made to his constituents -
Well as the bodies pile up Derek perhaps it-s time you learned to write to the People - after all - you have some explaining to do - and some mourning for your dead constituents - you know - the old - the ill - the homeless - the damaged - the young - the unstable - people suffering crises - no-one of any importance to you Derek but People none the less-

The tragic reality is that Derek was voted in in this area and his reactionary Party hold great power here by somehow fooling the people that they will benefit them - the Conservatives play on people-s greed and fear - they try to turn the poor against the even-poorer!  They want to divide and rule - How ironic that as the fate of the World hangs in the balance we have a Victorian-minded backward-looking Capitalist reactionary for our Member of the House!  Such is the political climate of Britain-s far South West - reactionary and paranoid - stuck in a bad dream that-s peddled as some kind of reality and at the heart of it all - there-s Derek Thomas the dishonourable and heartless liar posing as some kind of Man of the Spirit!  (One of my friends is a Christian and he is about as different from Derek as you could possibly get)

Me and Derek have met before

Economic Murder - brought to you by Derek Thomas and his pals:

And now for something completely different: My wonderful novel The Kramvil - aimed at the local Japanese community  

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Derek Thomas MP Liar Fraud Thief Souvenir Poster

Well Hi Kids!  This month we are celebrating our wonderful democracy and its noble embodiment - the Right Honorable Derek Thomas MP with a FREE SOUVENIR POSTER OF DEREK for your room - or your street!
Well it all started some time ago - years back in fact - when I first met Derek and he broke his first promise to me - that was about eight years ago - he-s probably forgotten but I haven-t -
Anyway since the election when he somehow snuck back into office in June 2017 I have sadly neglected Derek and you know what they say - you have to work on your relationships if you value them - - -
So I thought it was time I gave Derek some of my attention again - I know that always pleases him - and I thought I-d celebrate our relationship publicly by inviting you to print out and proudly display my painstakingly produced hand-lettered souvenir poster in pencil and biro - signed copies are available if you wish to request one - 
Sometimes in a relationship you can boil it all down to three magic little words - well I can honestly say that when I think of Derek and all the times we-ve had together there are just three little words that come to my mind - from my heart - and I have to say these three little words to my Member - my Man in Westminster - my Democratic Representative and Member of Her Majesty-s House of Commons - yes Derek - just three little words - LIAR - FRAUD - THIEF - I could say more but why guild the lily - these three words say it all as far as I am concerned - they just say it all - - - - - -

Note:  You can print and colour the poster in the colour of your choice:  Black for Anarchist - Red for Socialist - or Yellow for Don-t Know - even better make your own propaganda - 

Wednesday, 4 October 2017


From a prison-cell in Tennessee - USA - Harold Hempstead - former child-police-agent - wrongfully imprisoned for one hundred and sixty-five years in one of the World-s most brutal penal systems and witness to the ghastly torture-murder of the non-violent mentally disturbed black Muslim convict Darren Rainey - asks some questions about the glaring inconsistencies in the official version of events in the Rainey case-
Darren Rainy
This is the fifty-fourth blog Harold has published on this topic and other grievous human rights abuses within the Florida Department of Corrections - the same dubious entity that will almost certainly murder an innocent man in a few hours time - Michael Lambrix - not the only innocent man trapped in Florida-s disgusting house of the condemned-
Harold has told me he has plenty more to say regarding the death of Darren Rainey-  In fact it is his continuing tenacity and insistence in witnessing the truth about the extreme brutality of the Florida prison system that gave birth to his epithet - The Caged Crusader - he-s also known wryly as Miami Harold in tribute to the paper that broke the story to the world - The Miami Herald-
Some people just call him The Witness-  I believe this "common criminal" will one day be recognized by the world as a true friend of humanity and a moral example to look up to with admiration-  The US authorities have yet to come round to this view-
Jeremy Schanche 5th October 2017
"In the beginning of 2012, while I was incarcerated in the Dade Correctional Institution Transitional Care Unit (TCU), I was told by several Lieutenants, Sergeants and officers that a new camera system had been installed in the TCU, that the new camera system was digital, that it could tell if a dime on the ground was on heads or tails and it had very clear footage.  The reason why so many security staff told me the foregoing was because I was the primary Orderly for all the shifts and Lieutenants in the TCU and they wanted to make sure I knew a new camera system was watching security and I when we were working on the floor in the TCU.  Security always kept me aware of issues with the mounted camera system solely because a lot of bad things happened in the TCU, and the cameras were always a threat to the staff when the cameras were operating.  My diary from 2012, that State, Federal officials and the media have, shows that in 2012 there was multiple staff-related investigations into issues that happened in the TCU.  Because I was the primary Orderly for security, I was often placed under investigation with the staff, solely because I was often present when security staff were doing things they shouldn’t have been doing.  There’s several 2012 entries in my diary that talk about the mounted security cameras.  The reason I’m bringing this up is I know from personal knowledge how clear the footage was from the mounted digital cameras in the TCU in 2012 and I’ve been told the camera footage from 2012 in the Darren Rainey murder case that the Dade County Florida State Attorney released to the media and others was unclear / blury.  I haven’t personally got a chance to view the camera footage but two people who have the video footage on the Rainey murder told me how unclear / blury the footage is that they received from the Dade County State Attorney.  Did the Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) intentionally provide the Miami-Dade Police Department and Dade County State Attorney with unclear / blury video footage from the night Rainey was murdered and this is why the Dade County State Attorney provided unclear / blury camera footage to the media etc?  Did FDC provide clear video footage to the police and the Dade County Florida State Attorney intentionally provided unlcear / blury camera footage to the media etc. to aid in their attempt to cover up Rainey’s murder?  I don’t know the answers to these questions.  I just know that my 2012 diary proves I had several dealings with the mounted security cameras and from my personal experiences with them and knowledge of them, the footage from said mounted security cameras were very clear.  This is another issue / problem with the Rainey case I wanted to bring to light.  Please share this blog with your friends and with anybody you believe would like to join us in our fight for the value of life.  Please sign our petition on entitled THE LIFE OF BLACK, MENTALLY DISABLED, MUSLIM PRISONER DARREN RAINEY DOES MATTER."

Harold Hempstead

Tuesday, 3 October 2017


On 3/17/17 when I was ghosted out of the Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) at 3:30 am, the Dade County Florida State Attorney released their written decision to not prosecute Rainey’s killers.  About ten days after my 3/17/17 ghosting out of Florida against my will, I received the Dade County State Attorney’s 3/17/17 foregoing written decision and I was advised that since 3/17/17 the Dade County Florida State Attorney had told the media and numerous other people that one of the primary reasons they weren’t going to prosecute Rainey’s killers was because Darren Rainey’s skin allegedly wasn’t burned.  Now the people of Dade County Florida and the whole World can see the condition of Rainey’s skin when he was taken out of the shower, in the photographs of Darren Rainey’s dead body that the Miami Herald newspaper released on 5/6/17.
Now everybody can see why several inmates, two Dade C.I. security staff, and FDC Inspector General, three nurses, a Fire-Rescue Lieutenant and I, all said that Darren Rainey’s skin was burned.  Now everybody can see what I saw on the night Darren Rainey was murdered.  Now everybody can see that the Dade County Florida State Attorney and Medical Examiner didn’t uphold their oaths to be truthful when they both said Darren Rainey’s skin wasn’t burned.  The photographs the Miami Herald newspaper published in an article on 5/6/17 show how much the life of poor, black, mentally disabled, Muslim prisoner Darren Rainey don’t matter to the Miami-Dade Police Department, Dade County Florida State Attorney, and the Dade County Florida Medical Examiner.  
Now you can see what they did to Rainey, what do you think about this case?  Do you think it’s right what they did to Rainey?  Do you think it’s right that the Dade County Florida State Attorney is allowing Rainey’s killers to stay free?  Do you think it’s right that the Dade County Florida State Attorney and Medical Examiner lied to you and everybody in saying Rainey’s skin wasn’t burned?  My desire is to move you to join our fight for justice for Rainey and our fight for the value of life.  Please sign our petition on entitled THE LIFE OF BLACK, MENTALLY DISABLED MUSLIM PRISONER DARREN RAINEY DOES MATTER.

Publisher’s note:  The canvas shoe you can see in the shower is the same shoe that a convict was ordered to fill with Mr Rainey’s skin, the day after he died in the locked shower.  This convict was later ordered to “throw it in the trash.”  Thus a crime-scene was destroyed, with collusion from the police and prison authorities.
Jeremy Schanche


Katherine Fernandez Rundle
In this blog I’m going to address numerous statements made by the Dade County Florida State Attorney in her 3/17/17 written decision to not prosecute Darren Rainey’s killers.  The Dade County State Attorney’s statements that I’m about to address are somewhat trivial, but I feel I should give them some attention.  Why?  Because they add up to more attempts to cover up Darren Rainey’s murder.  
All the page references herein are to the Dade County Florida State Attorney’s 3/17/17 written decision to not prosecute Rainey’s killers.
  1. The last sentence on page 30 says I asked “inmate (Daniel) Medbury if he would talk with reporters.”  Rainey was killed on 6/23/12.  The possibly hundreds of pages of grievances and letters I wrote between July 2012 and February 2014 on the Rainey murder and the events that happened at Dade C.I., will show not one reference to the media.  My writings after March 2014  show hundreds, if not thousands of references to the media.  What does this show?  It shows I never thought about contacting the media between July 2012 and February 2014.  To further prove that I never thought about contacting the media prior to February 2014, not one media outlet in the World will say I contacted them prior to February 2014.  The first media outlet I contacted was in February 2014 and it was through another person.  That media outlet was the Miami Herald newspaper, the Dade County Florida State Attorney could easily verify through Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) Housing Logs and Records that I haven’t been incarcerated with or communicated with Daniel Medberry since prior to December 2012.  Since I never thought about contacting the media in 2012, I would’ve never asked Medberry if he’d talk to reporters.  Again, I never thought about communicating with media / reporters prior to February, 2014.  I did give the Miami Herald in 2014 Daniel Medberry’s name, but since I never spoke with Medberry from December 2012 till the day I’m writing this blog, I never had a chance to bring up the media to Medberry.  I could be wrong, but I don’t believe Medberry made this claim.
  2. In the first paragraph on page 43, it says Gregory Shevlin didn’t “have any direct knowledge of the death of inmate Rainey.”  I explained in detail in a blog I wrote just on Shevlin how I believe Shevlin was in fear of his life when the police questioned Shevlin about Rainey’s murder while he was still housed in the Dade C.I. TCU and how Shcvlin was one of the orderlies working on the night Rainey was killed.  
  3. In the first sentence, second paragraph, on page 59 it says “inmate-interviews taken later were likely tainted or influenced by the statements made by inmate Hempstead as several of those interviewed mentioned they had spoken with inmate Hempstead.”  I underlined ‘likely’ because this is just the State Attorney’s bias opinion.  The State Attorney presents contradictive positions in her own document.  The Dade County State Attorney throughout her 3/17/17 written decision contends the testimony of other inmates and I were inconsistent.  In the above cited sentence on page 59 the State Attorney contends other inmate’s interviews were likely tainted or influenced by statements I made to the other inmate-witnesses.  If I allegedly “tainted or influenced” their testimony, then that would mean the statements of other inmates had to be consistent with mine.  I’m sure she wouldn’t allege I “tainted or influenced” their statements to be inconsistent with mine.  Because the Dade County State Attorney is attempting to twist the truth, her writings are full of obvious contradictions like this one.  
  4. In the last two sentences of the third paragraph on page 61 it states “in addition, Hempstead asserted that Rainey began to scream as if in pain as well as kicked the shower door because the water in the shower was too hot.  Therefore, it is Hempstead’s position that Rainey was deliberately scalded in the shower by the excessively hot water.”  This is another lie and twisting of the facts by the Dade County State Attorney.  I’ve consistently stated from June 2012 in my diary, FDC Grievances, letters and interviews that inmates placed in the shower for punishment could avoid getting the hot water on their bodies, and that the primary punishment with the shower was the extreme heat and steam in the shower caused by the hot water.  I really don’t know what to say about this far-fetched lie and twisting of the facts by the Dade County State Attorney.
  5. In the last paragraph of page 61 it states that I encouraged/solicited some of the inmates I spoke with to file complaints and contact the media.  It is a well-known fact that I did ask Daniel Medberry and Mark Joiner to file complaints on the Rainey case.  I didn’t ask any other inmates to do such because the majority of other inmate-witnesses were mentally unstable or very fearful.  If I could’ve spoke with Medberry or Joiner after I started talking with the media in 2014 I would’ve asked them to speak with the media, but to this day I haven’t got a chance to speak with them.  The last time I spoke with Medberry was prior to December 2012 and the last time I spoke with Joiner was January 2013.  Since I haven’t got a chance to speak with these inmates since the foregoing times, when I started talking with the media in 2014, I gave the media these inmates’ names.  This might just be a trivial lie by the Dade County State Attorney, but it’s still a lie.  
  6. On page 64 the Dade County Florida State Attorney says I was incorrect in saying Ofc. Thompson found Rainey dead in the shower and that Ofc. Clarke actually found Rainey dead.  Since 2012 I stated in my diary, FDC grievances, letters and interviews, that Ofc. Thompson found Rainey dead, left Rainey dead on the shower floor for approximately eight minutes while Ofc. Thompson told Ofc. Clarke and his co-workers that Rainey was dead, and that Ofc. Clarke came back to the shower and acted like he found Rainey dead.  A review of the Dade County Florida State Attorney’s 3/17/17 written decision to not prosecute Rainey’s killers shows that the Dade County Florida State Attorney just chose to believe what the Dade C.I. staff said who killed Rainey (and have a reason to lie), over what I said (even though I have/had nothing to gain by speaking out in this case.)
These are some of the small lies and twisting of facts in the Dade County State Attorney’s written decision to not prosecute Rainey’s killers I wanted to address.  Please share this blog with your friends and with anybody you believe would like to join us in our fight for the value of life.  Please sign our petition on entitled THE LIFE OF BLACK, MENTALLY DISABLED MUSLIM PRISONER DARREN RAINEY DOES MATTER.

Harold Hempstead, 'Caged Crusader', Tennessee D.C., 2017

Monday, 2 October 2017


In the Dade County, Florida State Attorney’s 3/17/17 witten decision to not prosecute Darren Rainey’s killers, they have an Exhibit 7 which they say is a timeline from the mounted security cameras in Wing J3 of the Dade Correctional Institution Transitional Care Unit (TCU).  I was told that several people now have copies of the footage that the Dade County State Attorney alleges their timeline in their Exhibit 7 came from.  
As of the date I’m writing this blog, I haven’t been able to review any of the alleged actual footage the Dade County State Attorney released in the Rainey murder case.
If you’re reading this blog and you have a copy of the video footage that the Dade County Florida State Attorney allegedly used to make their timeline in their Exhibit 7, will you please help me by doing the following:
  1. The video footage allegedly starts at 7:38:54 and runs to 9:33:17.  That is a total of fifty-four minutes and twenty-three seconds.  Will you please use a watch and time the video footage you have from start (7:38:54) to finish (9:33:17) and let me know if it’s fifty-four minutes and twenty-three seconds long?
  2. The timeline in the Dade County Florida State Attorney’s Exhibit 7 shows no entries between 8:17:36 and 8:56.  Will you please let me know if the time stamp on the video footage you have jumps from 8:17:36 to 8:56, or if it shows the seconds and minutes that happened between these two listed times?  Will you please help me with the foregoing?  Please mail me your findings and/or send them to my friend Jeremy that manages this blog.  I really appreciate it.  
Please share this blog with your friends and anybody you believe would like to join us in our fight for the value of life.  Please sign our petition on entitled THE LIFE OF BLACK, MENTALLY DISABLED MUSLIM PRISONER DARREN RAINEY DOES MATTER.

Harold Hempstead, ‘Caged Crusader’
Darren Rainey


I’ve been told that as of the date I’m writing this blog the Dade County Florida Medical Examiner continues to refuse to allow the Miami Herald newspaper’s retired medical examiner to review the skin slides and samples of Darren Rainey.  

Why did the Dade County State Attorney tell the media and others that Darren Rainey’s skin wasn’t damaged from the shower water, and then have the Dade County Florida Medical Examiner refuse to allow the Miami Herald newspaper’s retired Medical Examiner to review the skin slides and samples of Rainey?

What are they hiding?

If they had nothing to hide then they’d follow the law and allow the skin slides and samples from Rainey to be reviewed.  The Dade County Florida State Attorney and Medical Examiner obviously thought they could make the far-fetched claims they made on the Rainey case, concerning the condition of Rainey’s skin, and that nobody would try to have an independent examiner look at the skin slides and samples from Rainey.

It’s very easy to make a statement unsupported by evidence, but when somebody says prove it by showing me the evidence, and you don’t show the evidence, you clearly tell all people that your statements about the condition of Rainey’s skin, Ms. Katherine Rundle, were false.  
Please share this blog with your friends and with anybody you believe would like to join us in our fight for the value of life.  Please sign our petition on entitled THE LIFE OF BLACK, MENTALLY DISABLED MUSLIM PRISONER DARREN RAINEY DOES MATTER.
Harold Hempstead, ‘Caged Crusader’ - Tennessee DC

Sunday, 1 October 2017


Katherine Fernandez Rundle

From June 2014 till May 2016, I was incarcerated in two Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) Protective Management (PM) Units.  During my time incarcerated in FDC PM Units, I knew and talked with numerous ex-Florida law enforcement officers and detectives who were incarcerated with me for all types of crimes committed in Florida.  Several of these ex-law enforcement officials who were from Dade County, Florida showed a high interest in speaking with me when they found out I was the inmate who told the Miami Herald newspaper about the murder of Darren Rainey at Dade Correctional Institution.  As ex-law enforcement officials from Dade County, Florida they had a lot of personal dealings with the Dade County, Florida State Attorney’s office and they thought I was wasting my time and hope, in thinking the Dade County State Attorney would prosecute those who killed Darren Rainey.
It was brought to my attention that I had personally met probably less than fifty caucasians from Dade county in my approximately fifteen years of incarceration and thousands of African American inmates from Dade County, Florida in that same time period.  It was also said that the Dade County State Attorney only developed racist beliefs after day in day out dealing with so many arrests year after year of African Americans.  The most shocking thing that was said was that the Dade County State Attorney commonly had the singer David Allen Coe playing in her office and that she and several Assistant State Attorneys found David Allen Coe’s music to not only be true but to also be funny.  To those reading this blog who are not aware of who David Allen Coe is, he is said to be the most racist country singer in the World and a legend and an icon to the KKK skinheads and all white racists.  David Allen Coe’s music is so racist he has been banned from performing in several states in America.  I don’t know if what I was told is true, I just know what I was told.  However, this is an issue that should be of great importance to all the citizens of Dade County, Florida and the World.  Why?  Because there is other things that show that the Dade County State Attorney is racist.  If this information I got concerning the Dade County State Attorney is accurate then this is a serious problem.  
If you’re not aware of who David Allen Coe is, I ask that you please google his name and read the materials you find.  Also google David Allen Coe ‘X Rated Album.’  When you find his X Rated album you’ll see why he is considered to be the most racist country singer in the World.  What type of State Attorney is representing the people of Dade County, Florida?  In my blogs I’m doing all that I can to provide everybody with all the information I know so we can all join together and stand in love, unity and peace for the value of life.  Darren Rainey’s life mattered and all lives matter.  Please share this blog with your friends and anybody you believe would like to join us in our fight for the value of life.  Please sign our petition on entitled THE LIFE OF BLACK, MENTALLY DISABLED MUSLIM PRISONER DARREN RAINEY DOES MATTER.

Harold Hempstead, ‘Caged Crusader’
Harold Hempstead is currently incarcerated in Tennessee - a Federal Investigation continues to look into the events around the death of Darren Rainey who was confined to a super-heated torture-chamber in a Florida prison-

Monday, 25 September 2017

Falmouth Police Killed Marc Cole With Stun-Gun - Killed Antony Kitts with Soft-Tip Bullet,Tortured Stefan Naumczyk, Acting Unaccountable - Unacceptable To Public

50,000 (fifty thousand) volts into a human, from a taser, yet the authorities still quibble over 'cause of death' in so many cases!  Vacillation by politicians of the Big T'ree (Lib-Lab-Con have all evaded discussion on the status of the UNCAT,) has contributed to ongoing deaths and torture on adults, the vulnerable and the young, by police taser in the UK.  The Green Party and Mebyon Kernow have both given me statements saying they support my assertion that taser violates UNCAT.  Conservative Member of Parliament Derek Thomas in particular has been lying to me and dodging this issue for nearly a decade now, as is the Tory way...
  The recent death of Falmouth man Marc Cole (30) brought the issue of taser back into stark focus here in Cornwall - Marc was the first person in Cornwall to die after being hit by a police stun-gun.


Antony Kitts (20), shot dead by Falmouth Police with soft-tipped bullet.

Andrew Pimlott was burned to death in Plymouth, Devon, after being tasered by Devon and Cornwall Police Force when soaked in petrol, contrary to police-training guidelines.

After Falmouth police repeatedly tortured Stefan Naumczyk with a stun-gun during a 'royal street-party,' I tried to register a complaint of torture.  He was stunned, cuffed, then stunned again, in front of a large crowd.  This constitutes torture - in my book, and also in the book of law... The police's lying response to me that they could not hear my complaint eventually led me to communicate with the U.N. in Geneva, which is how I discovered that Britain had not ratified Article 22 of the UNCAT which would have allowed UN Investigators into the realm.  Thanks for the tip, Falmouth Police, I'd never have found out without you!

Due to corruption at all levels in the British State, my MP has totally failed to fulfill his on-camera promise to raise the UNCAT Article 22 Ratification issue with the British Government.  This has stalled any progress on the issue and been a major contributory factor in the unlawful slaughter of Marc Cole by these policemen.  My MP, Derek Thomas, also claims to be a Christian, but won't lift a finger to save an old man, a British citizen proven innocent, from dying of flesh-eating bacteria in a vile foreign jail, namely Krishna Maharaj, who languishes in the Florida Department of Corrections.

Soft-Tipped, a.k.a. Dum-Dum Rounds, a.k.a. Hollow-Tipped Bullets have been banned in warfare by international law since at least World War One.  That didn't stop police in Falmouth, Cornwall from slaughtering Antony Kitts with one, back on 10th April, 1999.  These rounds cause massive internal damage, because they expand as they go through a person, thus ripping out a much bigger tunnel than a typical bullet.  Not legal to use on enemies in wartime, but legal for the British Police to use for culling troublesome citizens in the streets.

The United Nations Convention Against Torture

UN Rules Taser Stun Gun Usage Constitutes Torture And Violates UNCAT

"The use of TaserX26 weapons, provoking extreme pain, constituted a form of torture, and that in certain cases it could also cause death, as shown by several reliable studies and by certain cases that had happened after practical use," the UN Committee said in a statement, November 2007.  

Another article discussing the UN's findings on taser-torture.

My letter of 13th June, 2017, to the Commanding Officer of Police for Cornwall and Devon, UK:

Public message to:Chief Constable Shawn Sawyer, Cornwall & Devon Pol., Mrs. F.Wills, Complaints Dept., 13.6.2017     RE:  RESIST CARDIAC ARREST CAMPAIGN / ILLEGAL INSTRUMENTS OF TORTURE & DEATH
C.C.  United Nations, Geneva;  Jeremy Corbyn, Labour Party Leader;  Richard Burgon, Shadow Minister of Justice; Dick Cole, Mebyon Kernow;  Andrew George; Julie Girling MEP;  Danette Chavis, National Action Against Police Brutality and Murder;  Amnesty International; The Guardian newspaper, The Independent Newspaper, The Cornishman newspaper;  BBC Radio Cornwall; etc. 
Dear Chief Cons.Sawyer and Mrs F.Wills,
I am rather surprised to receive a letter from you asking why I am unhappy with police using stun-guns on humans when your constables have recently burned a man to death in public and now slaughtered another young man in the streets of Falmouth, Cornwall.
Strange as it may seem to some, the average citizen is not too happy with cops that publicly burn citizens to death with illegal weapons of torture or kill people with 50,000 volts when they are having emotional crises. 
I've requested that you seek clarification with the British Government (if we have one) and the United Nations, as the rightful, lawful and legal authorities who can clarify the legal status of the x-26 stun gun for you.
You have not responded to me, Chief Constable.
Please do so urgently.

I shall be further clarifying my complaint to you in writing within your statutory complaints period of three weeks.

Further to my original communique, would you please inform me whether Marc Cole's bereaved and grieving family have been offered a Liaison Officer from your department yet?  This question was not answered by you.

Please let me know as soon as possible what the United Nations and the British Government have told you about the X-16 being defined in international law as an INSTRUMENT OF TORTURE by the United Nations Committee Against Torture in Lisbon in 2007.

Please do not ignore this communication but respond to it fully in accordance with your lawful responsibilities.

Yours sincerely,
Jeremy Sch@nche
Newlyn, Kernow, Britain.

When I wrote to Chief Constable Sean Sawyer about the above, he passed it the IPCC - this is their response.
The IPCC is the 'Independent Police Complaints Commission,' which, I have to say, has a notorious record for either bungling investigations, or basically functioning as the police's alibi-department.  A frequent technique of the police is to use the IPCC as a kind of shield, granting them protection and an aura of 'justice.' The so-called 'watch-dog' lives in a kennel adjoining the police-station and seems to live on scraps thrown to it from said building.
  I believe that Marc Cole's family had an experience when they contacted police about Marc's death, only to have the matter described as a 'complaint' and referred to the IPCC, who did not respond satisfactorily.  The same thing happened to me when I approached Cornwall's Chief Constable about the matter recently.  I pointed out the matter of the UN's ruling in 2007 that taser-usage constituted torture, and asked him to liaise with the government and the UN.  He did neither, but merely referred the matter to the Independent Police Complaints Commission, who responded in an unsatisfactory manner.  They even said that I had not been affected by the killing of Marc Cole - how can anyone assume that?
There are ways to approach a person in emotional crisis, even in danger, that de-escalate and calm the situation.  This takes a basic understanding of human psychology, in which our constables urgently need to be trained to avoid further unnecessary killings.  Rather than 'portable electric-chairs' that zap the recipient with 50,000 or more volts, better to issue cudgels to the constabulary, for surely two big strong cops with broom-sticks could easily floor a citizen who's out of order and borderline violent, without inducing cardiac arrest and putting a temporarily unruly citizen and father of young children into a permanent grave.
Tasers are undemocratic, murderous, torturous, illegal cattle-prods that have no legitimate, or even vaguely legal, human use.  They also cause cancer in those who use them, as found by the State of California.  It's time for genuine debate on how society protects itself from violence, without going to the other extreme and taking the current 'overkill' approach.  I appreciate the protection of the police in this quasi-free society and am under no illusions about street violence, but I contend that if policing is claimed to be done by consent, then that claim has to be proven by those who make it, if they wish to retain the 'democratic' image.
Jeremy Sch@nche, 26..9.2017
Image result for marc cole falmouth
Marc Cole of Falmouth.

Derek Thomas MP lies on camera about protecting the People from state-torture.  Good old tories!