Saturday, 9 December 2017

Happy Trails Poster

Look at the sky - What do you see - Aeroplane-Trails that leave dark shadows against the clouds - A profusion of trails criss-crossing each other sometimes like a net - plane-trails that dissolve into long linear clouds that dissolve into drizzle - Taint natural!  Just look up - it-s good for your neck anyway - 

To celebrate this new blitz - this airborne attack on British freedom and basic fresh air and nature I have created this lovely Chemtrails Souvenir Poster for your wall - or even better - for your street - so you can inform your local community about this new threat to nature and health and get labeled as a nutter for doing them the service - enjoy!
This movie shows the relationship between humidity and temperature which is significant in these phenomena - worth watching and you can always turn the sound down and listen to Quicksilver Messenger Service while you watch it!

Here-s to the day we all breathe free!

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