Thursday, 7 December 2017

THE RAPE OF HEAVEN - Chemtrails Over Kernow

Look Up With An Open Mind - Observe The Sky - What Do You See?  I-m particularly addressing this to the people of Cornwall though I hear the problem affects large parts of the globe - I-m talking about chemtrails - a subject I indulged a sceptical resistance to until midsummer-s day when I observed the sun rise from an ancient Roundago only to see the sky chopped into a grotesque net of trails just as I had heard described - - - It-s easy to apply an aloof and superior distance to other people-s tales of aerial shenanigans but you can-t deny the evidence of your own eyes and what I saw that day convinced me beyond any remaining doubt that the sky was indeed being regularly laced with these strange trails that gradually melted into a hazy cloud-cover that frequently dissolved into drizzle - this certainly appeared to be man-made interference in the weather in a very detrimental way - regardless of the constituents of the trails which - you can be sure - is a whole other can of worms - - -
A brief internet search will show you the Brit Gov-s official position is that there is no chemtrails programme occurring over Britain - nor has there been since 2003 - the period covered in the information request - Tellingly the document quotes Porton Down - Britain-s Top Secret Chemical and Biological Weapons Development HQ as saying that they don-t comment on "on-going research" - a rather significant phrase in my opinion!  
Britgov says there are no chemtrails yet all over Britain - and many other nations - there are little groups springing up to protest this phenomenon - are these people all mad?  Or are they simply the cutting-edge who have cottoned on to what-s happening before the mass of people?  It is precisely because groups like this often get labeled as "Conspiracy Theorists" that I wish to take a very sober and detached view of this business -
I ask you to approach the topic with an open mind -  I ask you to observe the skies as much as possible and take note of what you see - Discuss your findings with sensible people who you trust - If you eventually come round to the view that our skies are being tinkered with then please consider how best to react to this aerial event - Please don-t listen to rumors on this topic or unsubstantiated tales as they undermine the accumulation of hard-evidence and sober debate that is conducive to public clarity on the issue which might lead to focused action -  It is possible that the stakes are very high - with public and environmental health being top of the list - such is my personal opinion -
Carbis Bay - West Cornwall - Chemtrails contrasted with conventional trails
- a typical view of Cornwall-s messed-up skies - - -

Carn Brae - Cornwall-s slate roofs - sometimes gilded with a kind of lichen and our distinctive "Jynnjiow" or mine engine-houses with their old smoke-stacks can be seen pointing their accusing fingers at the repellent trails across the heavens in this excellent movie which also features a lightning-storm that broke out in the area where the trails were concentrated!

Time-lapse of unnatural clouds flying over Cornwall -
When looking for films of Cornish Chemtrails I was absolutely spoiled for choice!

Here-s some lovely footage from my good friend Mungo showing our local area - Penzance and Lesingey Iron-Age Roundago - in its pristine glory - and then with added aerosol enhancement courtesy of the shadowy forces of Babylon - Enjoy!

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