Thursday, 29 November 2018

Derek Thomas MP Challenged On Mass Extinction Event

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Open letter to:  Rt Hon Derek Thomas MP -  29-11-2018
CC:  The Cornishman newspaper

Dear Derek
I am sure you are aware of the recent announcement by the IPCC that the governments of the world have a mere twelve years in which to drastically reduce carbon emissions for there to be any chance of keeping global temperature-rise to one and a half degrees -
I am sure you have also heard of the predicted consequences of failure to do this -
Currently around 200 species are becoming extinct per day in what scientists have declared to be the greatest extinction-event since a meteorite wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago -  Since 1970 we have lost half of the wild animals on earth as well as vast amounts of forest and wilderness -
In view of this emergency in which we find ourselves I would be very grateful to know what steps you - as political representative of this south-western part of Cornwall and the Scilly Isles - are taking to address this situation and press for the reduction of carbon-emissions and other forms of pollution in this area -  
My view is that we should all do whatever we can to prevent this Mass-Extinction-Event  from drastically degrading the world that our children will inherit from us -  
Obviously - sitting in the House of Commons - you are in a far stronger position to influence our climate and nature-protection strategy than the average citizen and I welcome hearing your response to this emergency -
With best wishes -
Jeremy Schanche
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Wednesday, 28 November 2018

FDC Medical Neglect Continues

Open message to:  
Julie Jones - Secretary - Florida Department of Corrections
                            David Richardson - Florida House of Representatives 
                            Rick Scott - Governor of Florida
                            Lester Fernandez - Inspector General - FDC
                            Ken Sumpter - Deputy Inspector General - FDC
                            Right Honourable Emily Thornberry - Shadow Foreign Secretary -  
                            Her Majesty-s Official Opposition
                            Casey Frank - Editor - Miami Herald Newspaper
                            Mathew Teague - The Guardian Newspaper - London - England    
                            Reprieve and Amnesty International - International Justice Organs 

Dear Julie Jones and Florida officials -
I am writing to you as I am extremely worried about the medical condition of Florida inmate Anthony Bellido-Carbonell (# D31307) -  A tumor was found in this man-s leg one year ago -  The leg has recently turned black and is losing sensation - these are typical gangrene symptoms -  I implore you to ensure that he receives immediate and appropriate medical care for this disease which is threatening his limb and quite possibly his life -
I do not know what crime this man committed but he is entitled to medical care as a fundamental legal right and I ask you sincerely to expedite this urgently before his condition worsens -
With many thanks - 
Yours sincerely -
Jeremy Schanche - Cornwall - Britain - 27:11:2018
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A lot of activism involves letter-writing and in some circumstances it is still an effective method of pushing for change -  It has the advantage of possibly prompting a response and also letters can be published which makes them powerful evidence in some cases (and helps get a response - especially if you can get them into the newspapers!) -  Even if emailing and writing to politicians and decision-makers had little effect on them I think it would still be worth doing - for documentary purposes if nothing else - So that activists can show that they have exhausted all reasonable routes of redress before considering direct-action -  
The problem is that when MPs and Chief Constables and various other people in positions of influence simply ignore written approaches to discuss policy they are seriously undermining democracy and forcing people to consider other ways to progress their causes -  This particularly applies to MPs who-s job is to represent the people and to the police who must be accountable to those they serve and protect -  
This brings us back full-circle to the topic of medical neglect in the Florida Department of Corrections -  When exonerated British citizen Krishna Maharaj was infected with flesh-eating bacterial disease in the Florida prison system that has wrongly held him for 30 years I made repeated attempts to ask my representative in the democracy - my MP - to ask the British Foreign Secretary (also a Conservative Party member) to speak to the Florida government in Tallahassee and get appropriate medical aid for Mr Maharaj my MP - Derek Thomas - ignored me -  He ignored my phone messages - my emails - letters -  everything!  He was quite happy to let Krishna Maharaj literally rot away in a foreign jail - knowing that he might lose his leg - or quite likely die - without immediate treatment -  
As far as I-m concerned - officials who neglect their duty to respond to the public are in breach of the social contract - 
When enough people consider the social contract to be broken it has to be re-written - 

Monday, 12 November 2018

The Limpet Strikes Terror Into Trump-s Stunted Psyche

In a way I hate to give him any publicity because really it-s all a diversion and the world would be far more interesting if we were all focused on cultivating our innermost nature instead - 
Sadly though the reigns of power typically lie in the least worthy hands and this here personage is a classic case in point -   So rather than enumerate and elucidate his innumerable crimes which most of you know about anyway I thought I-d draw his portrait instead -   It ain-t brilliant I-ll admit - but I think I got one of his eyes right!  The pointillist scarlet face seems to have been enhanced by the scanning process - makes him look kind of sick don-t it~ 
And if you don-t believe The Limpet strikes terror into Trump-s stunted psyche then why do you think he has never granted it a Press-Pass for the White House~ ~ ~

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Justice For The Mentally Ill

The state should be protecting the mentally ill - not using the police to kill them and the prisons to torture them in as they do in Florida and so many other states and nations around the world -
Anybody can suffer an emotional crisis and at least in the so-called more "civilized" world we supposedly have systems in place to help - protect and support the most vulnerable - those going through the frightening and traumatic experience of mental illness -
Anybody can go through a temporary or long-term period of confusion - pain and disorientation - perhaps to the level of psychosis which could include auditory or visual hallucinations -  There are many causes for these types of crisis - Particularly in the developed Western world stress is so common as to be an almost universal disease -  Suicide is the number-one killer of the 18 - 30 age-group in both Britain and the USA - To me this suggests a cultural sickness that affects societies - not just individuals -
In other words a healthy culture - a healthy socially-integrated life in a positive environment would not produce runaway suicide figures - let alone the other types of crime and distress that result from the dehumanization of our daily lives in the name of progress - modernity - security - money and material goods -
In these highly stressed conditions it is hardly surprising that so many people reach crisis-point - particularly with so many financial worries - austerity - lack of opportunity - bad-diet - vast social pressure to conform to somebody-s idea of a standard - all these and many other factors contribute to emotional crisis and when it comes it can often be a public incident - a public outburst - and this is where the police all too often get involved with tragically fatal results due to over-reaction to people who are not a genuine threat in many cases -  
Having been writing about and campaigning on this issue for many years it is still deeply distressing to discover the extent to which people are dying when police intervene in what is commonly termed a mental-health crisis -  All too often the police use over-kill tactics - particularly if the "suspect" or "patient" has picked up any kind of weapon - no matter how ineffective it might be - the police frequently shoot first - whether with taser or gun - and ask the questions afterwards -
My correspondence with the British Government over the issue of taser goes back to 2010 - Just recently the MP for North Norfolk stated that the UN regard taser-usage as potential torture - This is the first time I have heard of an MP making such a statement so it is very encouraging that someone in his position is listening to the UN -  After all - we did draft the treaty against torture in the 80s so surely our nation should live up to the spirit and meaning of the convention -
With my own MP refusing to talk to me on this issue - despite a filmed promise to do so! - and the Chief Constable for Cornwall and Devon Police also failing to deliver a promised response on this issue - it is hard to have much faith in the credibility of the British democracy -

Help with depression - suicidal feelings and other problems:   The Samaitans

  the luminous nature of mind - how consciousness is seen in Buddhism -


Pushing through the market square, so many mothers sighing
News had just come over, we had five years left to cry in
News guy wept and told us, earth was really dying
Cried so much his face was wet, then I knew he was not lying

From "Five Years" by David Bowie - 1972
The latest warning from the World-s most eminent climate scientists is by far the most dire yet and essentially says that we have 12 years to contain temperature-rise to a one and a half degree Celsius increase or  face harrowing consequences for natural life on this planet (and that includes us!)  
There-s a lot of pessimistic talk in the media along the lines that people are too divided and individualistic to tackle this threat to our future-survival - Obviously if we give in to a negative attitude to this terrible problem we will have no chance whatsoever of tackling it - Alternatively - with serious cooperation and effort from all of us - there is still time to limit the damage mankind has already done to the planet Earth -
It-s time for us all to take an extremely good look at the way we live and start making the changes necessary to keep down the temperature-increase to one point five - if we want to leave our kids a planet that is not tragically degraded and sick beyond hope of healing -
In a related issue Britain-s Guardian newspaper is suggesting that Stratospheric Aerosol Injection "might be used in the future" to combat climate-change - This statement is disingenuous however as in reality large areas of the World are already subject to this highly controversial procedure commonly called "chem-trails" - they can be seen over Cornwall and numerous areas of Britain and elsewhere - See The Limpet-s previous coverage of this issue here

Among the many things you can do to personally combat climate-change are using less energy at home - for instance turn off lights when not in use - -  Drive as little as possible - give lifts when you do and share transport - -   Avoid wasting food -  grow as much of your own food as possible - -  Buy and consume as little as possible - -  Germinate and raise some trees - you don-t need land to do this - there is always somewhere to plant them - just make sure they can flourish undisturbed - -  Have discussions with everyone you know about these issues and keep them in the public-focus - -  Best of all - think up your own ways and methods -
It-s up to you -

STREET PRIDE - Homeless Affirm Rights

If you have walked down the main street of any small town or big city in Britain you will have seen them - an army of displaced people - huddling in doorways - asking for money to survive - swaddled in sleeping-bags - trying to keep warm - these are the homeless - a phenomenon not limited to the streets of Britain - but rather to most of the so-called developed world -
Haven-t hundreds of years of technological advancement been capable of putting roofs over the heads of our citizens~
Is one of this planet-s richest countries incapable of housing its own people~
Could it be that Britain is financially capable of housing us all and the true reason for homelessness is not only the gaping chasm of wealth-inequality but also the tragic inhuman fact that too many people simply do not care -
So as long as we have spiraling wealth-inequality combined with general lack of human compassion we can expect to see this army of displaced persons on every street in our nation - huddled in sleeping-bags and begging for change -
This is where our outmoded system of Capitalism has got us -  Hundreds dying on England-s cold streets every winter as the rich glide past in their large warm automobiles choking the planet -  and rather than challenge the wealthy or the holders of power - we have constant reports of people turning their frustration and anger against those least able to protect themselves - those with only a millimetre of nylon between their head and the boots of any thug who passes by -  Attacks on the street-homeless are a tragic sign of just how sick some elements of society have become -
A much smaller class of displaced persons is the Rustic Homeless - those who choose to live secluded in nature rather than on the public streets -  With the prevalence of dependency-issues among the street-homeless one of the reasons for being in town is to be close to a dispensing pharmacy - or other supplier of drugs including alcohol -  Also in town there is the chance of acquiring money and having companionship - For these reasons the vast majority of homeless people choose the streets rather than nature -
However - for the small minority of Rustic Homeless the opportunities are many -  Peace and quiet in nature-s beauty -  Access to agricultural and wild food -  the chance to live in hermetic peace in a beautiful spot in the country-side -  It is a life-style that appeals to some -  The main requirement is discretion and stealth -  Camping is not generally encouraged in many wild country places so often your tenure is dependent on how well you can either defend your territory or preferably avoid discovery altogether!  Attacks on rustic camps are also common - this is partly because many people pitch up in places that are habitually used by the public rather than going truly off-road and looking for some deep-cover -  If you are intending to spend any protracted time in the country-side you will need to think strategically about how to cover your tracks -  Either that or acquire permission to camp if you can get it!
Ultimately nobody should have to be considering any of these options but under Capitalism shelter itself is a commodity so if you want to keep warm and dry you need to offer up your soul to the money-beast -
Or put your efforts into fighting the Capitalist system -

Social Housing in Cornwall  Click here to put yourself on the housing-list if you live in Cornwall -  Other areas have similar schemes -

Saturday, 3 November 2018

Harold Hempstead Caged Crusader To Publish Book On Florida Prisons And The Darren Rainey Murder

Press Release:
From Florida's most-known prisoner civil rights activist - Harold Hempstead (A.K.A "The Caged Crusader") 
Harold Hempstead has been written about in the Miami Herald newspaper, Tampa Bay Times, New Yorker magazine, Huffington Post and dozens of other newspapers and magazines.  He has also appeared on WTVT Fox 13 Tampa, Florida news and CBS4 Miami, Florida news.

Book title:
By Harold Hempstead
A historically factual book about the Darren Rainey murder, the systematic culture of corruption in the Florida Department of Corrections and the murdering, torturing and abuse of Florida prisoners.
A compelling expose of the hidden world of brutality and corruption in the Florida Department of Corrections. 

Harold Hempstead was incarcerated in the Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) for 17 years.  On 17th March, 2017 he was involuntarily Interstate Compacted to the Tennessee Department of Corrections in an attempt to censor him on the Darren Rainey case and stop him from engaging in prisoner civil rights activities.
During his years incarcerated in Florida he was incarcerated at the majority of Florida's most violent prisons.
In this historically factual book Harold Hempstead chronicles:
1)  A tremendous amount of facts on the Darren Rainey case that have never been told to the public.  Harold Hempstead exposed the brutal scalding death of Darren Rainey to the Miami Herald newspaper.
2)  The murdering, starving, torturing and abusing of Florida inmates by prison staff.
3)  The mass-poisoning of the food that inmates eat,  with pills, chemicals, feces and urine by FDC staff.
4)  The extreme physically and sexually violent conditions in the Florida Department of Corrections.
5)  The rise in gang membership and violence in Florida prisons.
6)  Drugs, cellular phones and contraband-smuggling activities.
7)  A tremendous amount of facts about the culture of corruption and the unconstitutional conditions of the Florida Department of Corrections.

This eye-opening factual book truly exposes the world behind the walls in the Florida prison system and shows why reform and independent oversight are needed in the Florida Department of Corrections.

Harold Hempstead has a Doctor's Degree in Biblical Studies from Calvary Christian College and Seminary and a Paralegal Certification from Blackstone Career Institute.  He was incarcerated for 17 years in the Florida Department of Corrections prior to his March 17, 2017 involuntary Interstate Compact to the Tennessee Department of Corrections.  In 2015 the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida awarded him with the Maurice Rosen Act of Courage Award for placing his life on the line to expose the brutal and fatal scalding of Darren Rainey and for exposing the systematic culture of brutality in the Florida Department of Corrections.  Harold Hempstead is serving 165 years in prison for burglaries and dealing in stolen property.

Miami Herald newspaper - (Reporter Julie K Brown: 8/8/2015)
"Hempstead didn't set out to be a hero and, perhaps to some people, he isn't a hero at all.  But it is likely that no-one would have ever known about the death of mentally ill inmate Darren Rainey, or about the systematic culture of physical and mental abuse of inmates in Florida prisons. had it not been for Hempstead. "
  "Hempstead's steadfast determination to expose the monstrous acts he says he witnessed ultimately brought about an overhaul of the prison system, the firing of top corrections officials and officers, federal arrests and an ongoing investigation by the US Department of Justice ."
  "Hempstead did all this from a prison cell and in spite of threats, intimidation and a haunting fear that one day he would suffer an accident and never wake up."

Tampa Bay Times (8/11/2015)
"Convicted burglar Harold Hempstead is responsible for helping to lift the curtains on systematic corruption in Florida's prison system."

Miami Herald newspaper - (Reporter Julie K Brown :  8/8/2015)
Article name:  The Inmate Who Exposed Florida Prisons Culture Of Cruelty
"He saw something was wrong and he took a stand.  What he did took real courage."
  "The interests of all the people in Florida have been served by this inmate (Harold Hempstead) revealing the horrors and violence of both corrections officers and inmates.  Because of him, we are better for it."
(Malcolm Tomlin - FDC Chaplain)

WTVT Fox 13 Tampa Bay, Florida 
(Reporter Craig Patrick 11/9/2015)
"Harold Hempstead helped expose a scandal that rocked the prison system."

Title:  DEPARTMENT OF CORRUPTION - Darren Rainey - The Untold Story
Publication Date:  Prior to the end of 2018 
Contact Harold Hempstead:
Mailing address:  Harold Hempstead, I-M # 577366
                             Northeast Correctional Complex
                             P.O. Box 5000, Mountain City, Tennessee 37683-5000
email:                   haroldandwindy at gmail dot com
Darren Rainey