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Chief Constable Challenged To Live Debate On UNCAT - Taser - Death of Marc Cole - Falmouth 23 May 2017

To:  The Editor etc - The Cornishman newspaper - Please consider printing this in the letters section thank you -
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Open letter to:  Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer - Devon and Cornwall Police     4:3:2017
Re:  The Death of Marc Cole -Falmouth - UNCAT
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Dear Chief Constable Sawyer-
Four days after Marc Cole was killed by Falmouth Police taser in May 2017 I wrote to you requesting clarification on the legal status of the taser weapon -  As I have been pointing out to the British government and police for eight years now the UN declared the taser x-26 a weapon of torture in violation of the UNCAT back in 2007 - To this date I have never received a satisfactory response from any representative of the government or police - You responded to my letter by sending it to the IPCC as a complaint!
My Conservative MP Derek Thomas promised me on youtube to look into the UNCAT back in 2016 but he has never responded over this and refuses to respond to me or represent me at all -
I asked you to liaise with the British government and the UN to clarify the legal status of the Taser X-26 Stun Gun - You have now told me you are passing this matter to a Superintendent to deal with - This is not satisfactory as a Superintendent lacks the authority required to liaise with the government and United Nations - 
Since I have been campaigning against tasers I have watched the death toll grow from just one in Britain to over ten - Andrew Pimlott was burned to death in a taser-incident in Plymouth and now Marc Cole from Falmouth is also dead for no justifiable reason whatsoever -
Since I am the main anti-taser activist for this area and you are the main policeman I suggest you rise to my challenge - if you really represent open - transparent and democratic policing as you claim - and meet me in the arena of public debate - An unedited youtube interview would easily clarify this legal and moral problem for the public - You can hardly expect the police to start using lethal weapons on the streets of Britain without some kind of open public discussion of it -
I have no legal training and am a busker by trade - I challenge you to debate me on taser and UNCAT -
Sincerely - Jeremy Schanche

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