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Roynon Attacks Free Speech Limpet - Latest in Mousehole School Hunger Strike - 2016

Day Fifteen, Mousehole School Hunger Strike and I just had a curious, rustic adventure, but I'll tell you about that in a minute. 
When I got into writing The Limpet and started campaigning on various issues, I started to realize more and more how people in official positions attempt to conjure up an air of authority about them, as if their's is the only way things can be done, and to suggest otherwise is tantamount to insanity.  However, if you are a citizen who wishes to raise a grievance with a public official, you must treat them as any other person and not defer to their own view of their status.  Thus we should feel free to strongly criticize the police when they commit wrong-doing, yet still it's the same police we must turn to when we need their help.  The same goes in all areas of public life.
It's one thing dealing with officials remotely, by letter and message, when they are physically distant and you do not meet them.  When trying to get answers from officials closer to home however, the same approach of equanimity must be used.  I'm sure that to some extent people feel reluctant to criticize officials with whom they have regular contact, such as our children's teachers, for example.  Personally, I'd rather not have to be doing it either, but feel that basic honesty demands it.
Well, my last blog post took us up to 22nd July, the last day of term for Mousehole School, in Cornwall.  The phone call I made, asking for a meeting, was ignored and the school 'broke-up', perhaps more literally this time than ever before.  Several days later came the final mocking gesture from Chris, a letter, written in response to the email I'd sent on 21st July (see last blog).   In this letter, Chris keeps repeating that he once offered me a meeting, ignoring the actual, recorded history of what happened and all the offers of meetings I made that he rejected.  He repeats his preposterous claim that he wanted to talk to me all along and invites me to drop round to the office and arrange a meeting!  (A slight problem there is the fact that the school is closed until September, by which time the capitalist take-over will be a done deal.  So, if that isn't, as we say in Britain, taking the piss, I really don't know what is....

Well, as I said, today is day 15 of my hunger-Strike and I thought I'd get some exercise and publicize my STRIKE at the same time by doing a little rustic postering.  There's nothing like getting out on a bike and exploring the back-lanes of Cornwall, a beautiful and invigorating experience and if you use it to achieve a political aim at the same time, well, so much the better!  The birds were sweetly singing in the trees as I trundled forth about my little mission, always aware that I am lucky to enjoy Free Speech and a Free Press, not like many of my friends overseas.  I was up near the House on the Moor, and I'd just finished putting up my copy of The Limpet No.161, advertising the Strike.  As I cycled out of the hamlet I heard a sound that reminded me of an angry farmer.  It was a sort of rustic, bellowing roar and as it receded into the Cornish breeze, I thought I heard the roared words "they come down just as easily as they go up!" or something similar.  It was hard to tell as the wind was blowing the roar away and it was already somewhat distant and remote.  I vaguely took it to be an enraged farmer, if anything.
A few minutes later I was sharing my joyful freedom with the world by glueing another copy of The Limpet to a stout, granitic gatepost when I heard the subtle crunch of a bicycle drawing up near me.  I was genuinely surprised to see my child's head-teacher (CEO) mounted on a Chairman Mao bicycle, dressed in sporty garb and silently filming me.  I guess he was collecting evidence for the FBI or MI5.  What happened next was, as we say in Cornwall, gorwir, or surreal.  Sadly, what happened underlines the fact that off-the-record dialogue has no value, as a verbal exchange ensued...   Basically, I turned round and there he was filming me.... I said "Chris!  I've been wanting to talk to you..." and he responded rather robitically that he had offered me a meeting!  It was not a happy meeting.  Chris made it clear that his mission was to tear down The Limpet - obviously he wishes to suppress dissent and that is not too democratic, is it?  I pointed out the absurdity of the situation to him - I've never known anyone act like that before, except one cop when I was putting up a poster in Penzance calling them fascists after they murdered Ian Tomlinson.  Anyway, I had to physically stand in front of my poster to stop my child's enraged head-teacher from destroying my beautiful artwork...!  What a crazy world it is these days....  I pointed out to Chris that we could be having a productive meeting at that very moment - but he said that he was 'on holiday'.  This is what officials do - they hide behind officialdom.  Strangely, I'd imagined he'd spend his holiday on a sunny beach far away somewhere, rather than chasing me across the Shyre, frantically ripping down my samizdat posters and roaring like a crazy old farmer - hey ho, life's full of surprises!  When I asked him why he was afraid to meet me in public debate with a camera running, he could not formulate an answer at all, but just smirked silently.  When I pointed out the absurdity of the situation we were now in, and how this had resulted from his evasiveness and avoidance of me, he curiously tried to correct my speech and say the situation you are in.  To me, this demonstrated a sort of disconectedness whereby he refused to acknowledge that he was even part of an interaction with me.  It's almost as if some people only recognize 'official' dialogue, that they themselves have initiated and can control - anything else is irrelevant because it is spontaneous and free.  I've come across this attitude so many times before but it seemed so inappropriate then,  as I stood in front of a field-gate, physically protecting my self-expression from the predations of my child's teacher!  At no point did he mention the Hunger Strike or ask after my well-being.  After a while, Chris got bored of ignoring my questions and appeals for sincere dialogue and silently rode away, just as silently as he'd manifested in the first place.  I called after him that he worked for us and that we pay his wages.  He had no answer to this, but simply rode away without a roar or a murmur.

Email to Rev Sian Yates, Vicar of Penzance, 29:7:2016;
Dear Sian,
I've heard a rumor that you're position is that you're not 'officially' allowed to talk to me on the above. Could you not have told me this by responding to my initial approaches, long before the Hunger Strike started? Rather than using intermediaries, I'd take it as an act of Christian love and virtue if you would acknowledge my communications and start responding to me.    Chris is clinging to his 'official' position of being 'on holiday' - although he seems to find time to chase me down the street and film me.
The reason I started this strike is because the people who wish to capitalize education are refusing to talk to me, a parent.  As part of PAT, you're right at the centre of this drama and can approach me in any capacity you wish, official or real.  When public bodies seek to monetize education, whilst stifling debate on the topic, that's what's known as 'class-war'.  
Bon appetite!


To The President of Indonesia:
Mercy For The Prisoners:
Dear President,
I write to ask you to please intervene and protect the life of the prisoners who have just had a stay of execution from firing squad.  Since their crimes were drug-offences, the death penalty is not the answer.  I suggest that your nation would gain a great deal of very real respect in the international community if these and all future executions were stopped.  
I implore you to remember the value of a human life, how this is a spiritual thing that no man has the right to take away.  Please show mercy, and show the world that Indonesia is great enough to show mercy and start rehabilitating, rather than executing criminals.
Yours sincerely,

Jeremy Schanche, Great Britain, 29.7.2016
Well, take it easy, but take it.... as some folks used to say once...   :-)

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Limpet Speaks Truth In Hunger Strike Conflict

JUST TO CLARIFY...   The basic game being played here is evasion.  Stalling, to use up the 'consultation time'.  This is done by replying late, if at all, to letters, then failing to answer the questions originally asked.  This initiates another letter and more time wasted... cynical, cyclical and futile. 
Chris Roynon to Jeremy Schanche, 5th May 2016, excerpt:  "As discussed, I decline your offer of a public debate.  I do not think it appropriate to debate with a self elected spokesperson.  If you wish, I can arrange for a member of staff to minute any meeting we have and, subject to us all agreeing the minutes, you can use them as you wish." 

Jeremy Schanche To Chris Roynon, 6th May 2016, excerpt:  "Openness and Transparency:  As regards the recording of open dialogue, it works like this:  Each party swears to be truthful.  Each party makes their own recording in whatsoever form they chose.  Each party is free to publish the entire unedited debate in any media.  If any party believes their words have been misquoted or misrepresented, they take action.  This is the basis on which Derek Thomas has asked me for a debate, and it is standard operating procedure in public life.  The debate over the future of Mousehole School will take place in public.  All attempts to stifle and suppress that debate will undermine your case."
{I recently had that debate with Derek Thomas MP and it can be seen here:   I appreciate Derek giving me the time for a one hour interview, with no 'terms or conditions' necessary.  He was happy to stand up (metaphorically) in public and spontaneously speak his mind, on the public record and on youtube.  If only all public officials were so fearless...}

I wrote to Rev Sian Yates, Vicar of Protestant Penzance and Managing Director of the persona ficta Penlee 'Academy' 'Trust' on 10th May, posing her some questions.  To this day, she has not answered me or responded in any form whatsoever.  {Matthew 22: 36-40:}  

On 26 May 2016 I wrote to Sian Yates, Chris Roynon and Nigel Carter-King (Secretary/Governor Mousehole School) asking them to at least swear that procedure had been carried out in full accordance with the law.  Curiously, no-one would give such a promise!  

My letter to Chris Roynon of 9th June was never answered at all.

 On 14th June, I again wrote to Chris Roynon and pointed out that due to delays from MSG and CC FOI Office, who referred almost all my questions back to Mousehole School, I was in the absurd position of beginning my enquiries on the last day of my 'official' right to do so.  I requested that the 'public consultation-period' be extended to give me a chance to start asking some questions.

A week later, on 21st June, Chris told me that they would not extend the consultation-period.  

On 7th July, I posted two dozen (24) posters outside the gates of Mousehole School and around the area.  (This was meant to coincide sympathetically with the Teachers' Strike, but I got the day wrong!  Hey ho, that what happens when you don't follow mass-media so much...)   I also sent Chris a declaration on 7 July, saying that if he wouldn't meet me for a talk within a week I would be forced to take 'industrial action'.  Surely this is the voice of a man who wants to talk to another man..  I've spent countless unpaid hours on this case that could have been spent elsewhere.  All my attempts to communicate with MSG/PAT are on this blog.  I swear that I've been sincerely trying to open a dialogue since 21st April and the evidence is there to prove it, as blog is my witness.  

Chris Roynon's response to this final, heartfelt appeal from me for dialogue  was to totally ignore it and utterly fail to respond to me in any way whatsoever.  According to Chris though, he's been willing to talk to me all along!  

On July 18th, having still had no response from the elusive Chris, I put out a statement to MSG/PAT that I had started a hunger-strike on July 15th, and would uphold the strike  until they were ready to start talking:   In my naivete I imagined that I'd get a phone-call in the next day or so, saying 'why not drop in for a chat', but after seven days on hunger-strike, Chris is continuing his inflexible policy of ignoring me.  This suits his purpose, after all, why do you think they call it 'forced academisation'?  What advantage could he or Sian derive from talking to me?  How would it help forward their plan?  

On Thursday 21st July, The Cornishman printed their piece about my Hunger Strike.   Sadly, they didn't mention the fact that some of the Board of Directors of PAT are multi-millionaire trawler-owners - and this is nothing to do with money, right?   Having read in our local paper that Chris is now claiming he's 'open' to talk to me, I emailed him at 11:24am today, asking him to make contact with me.  Chris knows I've been on Hunger Strike for a week now, and knows I'm desperate to talk to him.  Did he bother to lift his phone and call my mobile or home number?  No.  Did he put a note in my child's book-bag, saying he'd love to meet and talk?  No.  Did he email me?  No.  The ignorance continues.  It is obvious to any critically thinking person whos's studied the evidence, that Chris Roynon, Sian Yates, and all, have no wish to talk to me whatsoever.  Chris Roynon's implication in The Cornishman that it's me who's declining dialogue is ridiculous, cynical and perhaps a little calous, under the circumstances - still, there is money at stake here...  
Tomorrow is the last day of term.  The forces of business and 'academisation' are totally determined to push ahead and 'academise' Mousehole School by September, when the holiday is over and the children return to school.  Chris' tactics have totally undermined any attempt at discussion, investigation, representation etc.  I'm after some proper process in this case.  Apparently MSG voted in March to push for 'academisation'.  Legally the parent-governors are tasked with representing the wishes of the parents and community.  To fulfill this duty they would have needed to establish the views of the parents by ballot before taking the decision any further.  MSG failed to do this public duty.  Chris and Sian still ain't talking, time is getting late and I'm getting a tad peckish.....

Email To: Chris Roynon, Head Teacher, Mousehole Primary School, Cornwall, Britain. 21.7.2016    11;24am 
Dear Chris,
I've just seen in the paper that you claim you want to meet me and talk.  Curiously, I feel the same.  Perhaps you would like to approach me and propose a possible time when we can all get together with our representatives and finally begin the democratic process.
You know how to reach me.
Bon appetite!
Email To: Hazel Murray, Reporter, The Cornishman, Penzance, Cornwall, 21.7.2016  (Day 7)
Dear Hazel,
I have to be honest and say I wasn't happy with the article.  The headline dilutes the impact of the strike by renaming it 'No solids', as opposed to 'Hunger', which is actually what it is.  In para one "hunger strike" is put in inverted commas, this implies a relativity to the use of the term.  Para three says I struck because Mousehole plans to join Penlee 'Academy' 'Trust' - this is false.  I struck because MSG (Mousehole School Governors) and PAT are failing to respond to me.  With time ticking away and MSG/PAT totally ignoring me, I had to make a move, an attempt to break this absurd stalemate.
I didn't actually set up the Mousehole School Preservation Society, it's merely a label to help people find my campaign on the internet.  
It's not The Cornishman's fault however, that you printed a false statement from Chris Roynon.  He claims I was verbally offered a meeting.  This is false.  
Initially I offered him a meeting, which he declined, as I was proposing a serious formal debate for the public record, youtube etc.  He didn't want to do that.  When I suggested that I could set up some public meetings for discussion, he dismissed the idea sarcastically, accusing me of trying to be a 'self-elected spokesperson', rather than a democrat trying to initiate dialogue which is how I see my role in this.  Eventually, he counter-proposed a meeting on ridiculous terms - they were not happy for me to simply go and have a recorded discussion.  They wanted editorial control over the discussion and were not happy for me to freely record and print verbatim what was said.  I then replied to Chris and the 'governors', again proposing discussion, but this has never been responded to in any meaningful way.  All the evidence is on my blog.
 Who gets the last word in a newspaper article carries a lot of weight.  In the article about the anti-nuclear demo, The Cornishman gives the last word to tory MP Derek Thomas, who sees the atom bomb as a tool for peace.    In our 'no solids' article, the last word is given to Chris, and the last sentence is false.
Funilly enough, I started my own paper, The Limpet, after I read the first article by The Cornishman describing a demo I'd put on for Save The Holy Headland.  I felt the article trivialized the action.  This makes it very easy for typical readers to form a negative image of an action and ridicule it.  
Well, sorry to be so negative about the article, but at least I'm being honest.  
Best wishes,
Yours sincerely,

Oh yes, this just in:  a story about a Head Teacher and CEO of an 'academy' chain who's done a runner when an investigation was started into his activities, what a coincidence..
Please read my articles about Harold Hempstead, the 'Caged Crusader' of Florida -

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Update:  22.7.2016:  Today being the last day of the school term, I thought I'd see if it was possible to communicate with Chris Roynon.  I rang Mousehole School at 11:28 and heard the taped voice of Nigel Carter-King, inviting me to leave a message and assuring me that I would be responded to.
The funny thing is though, that although I waited, the response never came.  I guess that's the cherry on top of the cake...  In the depths of my soul, I somehow feel that Chris doesn't really want to talk to me.  Perhaps this will be taken as final proof.  Well, either way, the strike goes on.  :-)

Monday, 18 July 2016


Press Release: 
Since Friday 15th July I have been on hunger-strike in an attempt to get a response from those involved in the attempted conversion of Mousehole Primary School in Cornwall into a so-called 'academy.'  I wish to talk to Chris Roynon, the head-teacher and Rev Sian Yates, vicar of Penzance C. of E. Church and Managing Director of Penlee 'Academy Trust' (PAT).  There has been a lamentable lack of response from those who wish to impose these changes on our school.  Letters have gone unanswered, debate has been rejected and the wishes of the public have been ignored.  The governors (MSG) of the school have a responsibility to represent the views of the parents, and the community.  The almost total failure of the governors to respond at all is simply dereliction of duty.  I also feel that Rev Yates should respond to my appeals, and not ignore me.  How can you love your neighbour if you won't even talk to him?  
  I don't think it's right for people to remove democratic rights to representation, change the nature of the school into a business model, and railroad the whole process through with a cynical disregard for the wishes of the parents, children and community and not even be prepared to discuss it.  
  Therefore, until the aforementioned people are ready to enter into discussions with me and my legal-assistant, I will uphold the strike.
Yours sincerely,

Jeremy Schanche, Parent.  17.7.2016

Please see my interview with human-rights whistle blower Harold Hempstead, the man .who exposed the murder of Darren Rainey by prison guards in Florida, 23.6.2012.
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Jeremy Schanche Derek Thomas MP Limpet Interview July 2016

Jeremy Schanche talks to Derek Thomas, Tory MP for St.Ives and the Scilly Isles:  After a lengthy written correspondence, I finally got to sit down with my MP and discuss various points of domestic and international politics.  Miv did all the camera work.

Contact Jeremy Schanche:

Please also read my interview with Harold Hempstead, the 'Caged Crusader' of Florida, a.k.a. 'Miami Harold';  the Christian who is risking his life to seek justice for Darren Rainey, a black Muslim, tortured to death by Florida prison guards, 23rd June 2012.
Justice for Darren Rainey, Justice for Harold Hempstead and Justice For All.....

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Defend Rights Mousehole School Free Speech Clash Summer 7.7.2016

Public Declaration to Mousehole School Governors and Persona Ficta PAT                     7.7.2016
C.C. Archbishop of Cantebury;  Rev. Sian Yates, Vicar of Penzance, Managing Director, Penlee ‘Academy’ ‘Trust’;   All Governors of Mousehole School (as promised);  Lucy Powell MP; etc.
Re:  Attempted forced ‘academisation’ of Mousehole Primary School, 2016.
I am opposed to the above as I believe that the ‘academisation’ agenda is originating from a morally bad place.  The programme was originally approved by Tony Blair, the well-known war-criminal and the man who admits being partly responsible for the rise of ‘ISIS’ - not an auspicious beginning.  The fundamental problem with ‘academisation’ is that it robs parents and pupils of rights and recasts education in a capitalist mould.  Essentially, it trades off the best interests of the community for those of business and materialist concerns.  This is explicitly clear in the numerous cases where ‘academies’ have dumped their parent-governors, thus robbing the pubic of a precious democratic right to be heard by their peers.  Head-teachers typically take on draconian and far-reaching powers, holding kids back on frivolous grounds and expelling pupils into a second-class education system, which can be owned by overseas capital, such as the Canadian insurance company that owns one such chain of these ‘sink-schools’ for troubled children.  Local Education Authorities are typically replaced by direct rule from Westminster and ‘academies’ are run as businesses, often with head-teachers awarding themselves and their ‘colleagues’ excessively large salaries.  Unqualified people are brought in from the money-world to teach ‘skills’ to the youth.  This is an insult to my idea of education.
When I think of the Somme and my Grandfather who was a Colonel in the trenches and my Great Uncle Arthur who was an ordinary Tommy and got gassed but survived, and when I hear people talk about all that, it makes me think that those who gave so much, ostensibly for our freedom, would want us to enjoy our freedom and also to fight to protect our democratic rights.  We don’t have to face lead, steel and mustard-gas, after all, only paper and computers. 
Since trying to deal with Mousehole School Governors, Chris Roynon, Nigel Carter-King, Rev.Yates the Freedom of Information Office, etc. I have met a stone-wall.  Letters have gone unanswered.  The  offer of a one-on-one debate was sadly wasted.  The vast majority of the governors never responded to me at all, despite my repeated invitations to talk.  The microscopic ‘consultation’ period at the end of more than five years of secretive planning was a cynical exercise in nothing at all really, as it was not tied to any democratic process whatsoever.  The parents and community have been offered no vote, only told that what’s happening is for the best – a gambit that seemingly lets everyone off the hook, unless anyone was mad enough to challenge it, that is. 
I feel I have been very unfairly treated indeed, as I have made numerous sincere approaches to MSG for dialogue and have been cynically ignored by those charged with the responsibility of representing my views on the education of my child.  The whole process has been manipulated to exclude debate and dissent and this is unacceptable to me.  By not giving me enough time to investigate your process, you are negating my right to meaningfully engage or express my objection, as your secrecy has concealed all the evidence I would need to look at.  When I pointed this out recently and asked for an extended consultation period, I was told that this was impossible.
Since central government, local government and our local Member of Parliament claim to no longer be behind the ‘forced academisation programme’, and since I have pointed out that the process as applied in Mousehole is a violation of the community’s basic right to representation, self-determination and the protection of its own interests, I feel that time is running out and things must resolve.  Some of the other parents might have no objection to the ‘academisation’ – perhaps they understand it in more depth than me and see it as something good.  That does not detract from my right to speak to my representatives and pursue my own beliefs.  Since I have been met with such non-cooperation and closedness, and since I have so little time in which to pursue my case, I see no alternative but to resort to industrial action.  Unless I receive a confirmation that MSG are prepared to meet and negotiate with me and my chosen assistant-lawyer within seven days, this action will commence.
Most sincerely,  Jeremy Schanche

Please look at these blog-posts about the Human Rights whistle-blower Harold Hempstead, the man who's exposing a systematic pattern of extremely serious abuse in the Florida Department of Corrections, which has led to the murder of Darren Rainey, a black Muslim convict, diagnosed with severe schizophrenia.  Harold Hempstead shares the belief that #black lives matter, as do all lives.  Please read and share.  I'm not on f/b, so please put it up and spread the word for justice.  Don't let the 'authorities' get away with murder...