Monday, 18 July 2016


Press Release: 
Since Friday 15th July I have been on hunger-strike in an attempt to get a response from those involved in the attempted conversion of Mousehole Primary School in Cornwall into a so-called 'academy.'  I wish to talk to Chris Roynon, the head-teacher and Rev Sian Yates, vicar of Penzance C. of E. Church and Managing Director of Penlee 'Academy Trust' (PAT).  There has been a lamentable lack of response from those who wish to impose these changes on our school.  Letters have gone unanswered, debate has been rejected and the wishes of the public have been ignored.  The governors (MSG) of the school have a responsibility to represent the views of the parents, and the community.  The almost total failure of the governors to respond at all is simply dereliction of duty.  I also feel that Rev Yates should respond to my appeals, and not ignore me.  How can you love your neighbour if you won't even talk to him?  
  I don't think it's right for people to remove democratic rights to representation, change the nature of the school into a business model, and railroad the whole process through with a cynical disregard for the wishes of the parents, children and community and not even be prepared to discuss it.  
  Therefore, until the aforementioned people are ready to enter into discussions with me and my legal-assistant, I will uphold the strike.
Yours sincerely,

Jeremy Schanche, Parent.  17.7.2016

Please see my interview with human-rights whistle blower Harold Hempstead, the man .who exposed the murder of Darren Rainey by prison guards in Florida, 23.6.2012.
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