Thursday, 7 July 2016

Defend Rights Mousehole School Free Speech Clash Summer 7.7.2016

Public Declaration to Mousehole School Governors and Persona Ficta PAT                     7.7.2016
C.C. Archbishop of Cantebury;  Rev. Sian Yates, Vicar of Penzance, Managing Director, Penlee ‘Academy’ ‘Trust’;   All Governors of Mousehole School (as promised);  Lucy Powell MP; etc.
Re:  Attempted forced ‘academisation’ of Mousehole Primary School, 2016.
I am opposed to the above as I believe that the ‘academisation’ agenda is originating from a morally bad place.  The programme was originally approved by Tony Blair, the well-known war-criminal and the man who admits being partly responsible for the rise of ‘ISIS’ - not an auspicious beginning.  The fundamental problem with ‘academisation’ is that it robs parents and pupils of rights and recasts education in a capitalist mould.  Essentially, it trades off the best interests of the community for those of business and materialist concerns.  This is explicitly clear in the numerous cases where ‘academies’ have dumped their parent-governors, thus robbing the pubic of a precious democratic right to be heard by their peers.  Head-teachers typically take on draconian and far-reaching powers, holding kids back on frivolous grounds and expelling pupils into a second-class education system, which can be owned by overseas capital, such as the Canadian insurance company that owns one such chain of these ‘sink-schools’ for troubled children.  Local Education Authorities are typically replaced by direct rule from Westminster and ‘academies’ are run as businesses, often with head-teachers awarding themselves and their ‘colleagues’ excessively large salaries.  Unqualified people are brought in from the money-world to teach ‘skills’ to the youth.  This is an insult to my idea of education.
When I think of the Somme and my Grandfather who was a Colonel in the trenches and my Great Uncle Arthur who was an ordinary Tommy and got gassed but survived, and when I hear people talk about all that, it makes me think that those who gave so much, ostensibly for our freedom, would want us to enjoy our freedom and also to fight to protect our democratic rights.  We don’t have to face lead, steel and mustard-gas, after all, only paper and computers. 
Since trying to deal with Mousehole School Governors, Chris Roynon, Nigel Carter-King, Rev.Yates the Freedom of Information Office, etc. I have met a stone-wall.  Letters have gone unanswered.  The  offer of a one-on-one debate was sadly wasted.  The vast majority of the governors never responded to me at all, despite my repeated invitations to talk.  The microscopic ‘consultation’ period at the end of more than five years of secretive planning was a cynical exercise in nothing at all really, as it was not tied to any democratic process whatsoever.  The parents and community have been offered no vote, only told that what’s happening is for the best – a gambit that seemingly lets everyone off the hook, unless anyone was mad enough to challenge it, that is. 
I feel I have been very unfairly treated indeed, as I have made numerous sincere approaches to MSG for dialogue and have been cynically ignored by those charged with the responsibility of representing my views on the education of my child.  The whole process has been manipulated to exclude debate and dissent and this is unacceptable to me.  By not giving me enough time to investigate your process, you are negating my right to meaningfully engage or express my objection, as your secrecy has concealed all the evidence I would need to look at.  When I pointed this out recently and asked for an extended consultation period, I was told that this was impossible.
Since central government, local government and our local Member of Parliament claim to no longer be behind the ‘forced academisation programme’, and since I have pointed out that the process as applied in Mousehole is a violation of the community’s basic right to representation, self-determination and the protection of its own interests, I feel that time is running out and things must resolve.  Some of the other parents might have no objection to the ‘academisation’ – perhaps they understand it in more depth than me and see it as something good.  That does not detract from my right to speak to my representatives and pursue my own beliefs.  Since I have been met with such non-cooperation and closedness, and since I have so little time in which to pursue my case, I see no alternative but to resort to industrial action.  Unless I receive a confirmation that MSG are prepared to meet and negotiate with me and my chosen assistant-lawyer within seven days, this action will commence.
Most sincerely,  Jeremy Schanche

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