Sunday, 26 November 2017

Derek Thomas Unfit For Office - Scared to Debate Andrew George!

Derek is an anomaly - a deviant from expected standards and norms - seemingly either illiterate or willfully ignorant of his Contractual Obligations in Law as a Member of Parliament - perhaps he-s forgotten he-s not actually a God - that Westminster is not Olympos and that he once took an oath to the Queen - supposedly to act right and be a proper people-s representative - he took the oath and took the money and all the prestige and power that go with it -
Sadly what Derek failed to take on board were the Responsibilities that are the very core of the job - a representative who will not even talk to the local people is a woefully inadequate politician - an aspiring statesman who can not even respond to his own constituents is rather like a doctor who turns away patients on the basis of personal prejudice - in other words he is a fraudulent version of the real thing as he is refusing to perform his most fundamental duty - which - believe it or not Derek - is not to the precious Party - but to the People of West Cornwall!
As blog is my witness Derek is an abysmal public servant - from the day he got into power this website stands - or hangs in space - as an archive of and monument to his crimes - particularly that of ignoring the letters - emails - phone-calls and even personal promises he has made to his constituents -
Well as the bodies pile up Derek perhaps it-s time you learned to write to the People - after all - you have some explaining to do - and some mourning for your dead constituents - you know - the old - the ill - the homeless - the damaged - the young - the unstable - people suffering crises - no-one of any importance to you Derek but People none the less-

The tragic reality is that Derek was voted in in this area and his reactionary Party hold great power here by somehow fooling the people that they will benefit them - the Conservatives play on people-s greed and fear - they try to turn the poor against the even-poorer!  They want to divide and rule - How ironic that as the fate of the World hangs in the balance we have a Victorian-minded backward-looking Capitalist reactionary for our Member of the House!  Such is the political climate of Britain-s far South West - reactionary and paranoid - stuck in a bad dream that-s peddled as some kind of reality and at the heart of it all - there-s Derek Thomas the dishonourable and heartless liar posing as some kind of Man of the Spirit!  (One of my friends is a Christian and he is about as different from Derek as you could possibly get)

Me and Derek have met before

Economic Murder - brought to you by Derek Thomas and his pals:

And now for something completely different: My wonderful novel The Kramvil - aimed at the local Japanese community  

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