Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Derek Thomas MP Liar Fraud Thief Souvenir Poster

Well Hi Kids!  This month we are celebrating our wonderful democracy and its noble embodiment - the Right Honorable Derek Thomas MP with a FREE SOUVENIR POSTER OF DEREK for your room - or your street!
Well it all started some time ago - years back in fact - when I first met Derek and he broke his first promise to me - that was about eight years ago - he-s probably forgotten but I haven-t -
Anyway since the election when he somehow snuck back into office in June 2017 I have sadly neglected Derek and you know what they say - you have to work on your relationships if you value them - - -
So I thought it was time I gave Derek some of my attention again - I know that always pleases him - and I thought I-d celebrate our relationship publicly by inviting you to print out and proudly display my painstakingly produced hand-lettered souvenir poster in pencil and biro - signed copies are available if you wish to request one - 
Sometimes in a relationship you can boil it all down to three magic little words - well I can honestly say that when I think of Derek and all the times we-ve had together there are just three little words that come to my mind - from my heart - and I have to say these three little words to my Member - my Man in Westminster - my Democratic Representative and Member of Her Majesty-s House of Commons - yes Derek - just three little words - LIAR - FRAUD - THIEF - I could say more but why guild the lily - these three words say it all as far as I am concerned - they just say it all - - - - - -

Note:  You can print and colour the poster in the colour of your choice:  Black for Anarchist - Red for Socialist - or Yellow for Don-t Know - even better make your own propaganda - 

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