Saturday, 3 June 2017

Derek Thomas - Enemy of Democracy

Derek Thomas you broke your promise - 
You say you're into Jesus - 
But with Austerity you squeeze us -  
You give the rich still more - 
And say you're for the poor - 
Well, we met in the street - And we talked with some heat - 
You said you'd do an interview - But I ain't even into you - 
Then you lied to my camera - You're in my YouTube lens - 
But you can't lie to the People - So your Soul you must cleanse - You're meant to be The Right Honourable - 
But you talk sheer bull and it's horrible - 
You wasted so much of my valuable time - 
And I don't just charge by the nickle and dime - 
You owe me something - And you promised the Nation - 
For 68 Grand you'd give REPRESENTATION - 
But time has gone by and you get no better - 
You can't even answer a blinking letter! - 
You Tories are a bunch of sly little rats - 

Derek Thomas plots Britain's 'Snooper's Charter,' Europe's most invasive and draconian piece of communication-surveillance legislation

This open letter to The Cornishman newspaper about Derek Thomas's dereliction of duty was published in the paper, despite my doubts that it would be.

Derek Thomas MP promises to investigate Britain's failure to ratify the UNCAT - this was in July 2016 and I still have not heard a word back from Derek. So much for a Conservative promise.

Derek attacks the disabled.

Housing scam - is Derek a landlord or not? Does anyone know?

One of many times I challenged Derek Thomas to debate with me

Call this democracy? How things are done in Cornwall...

Derek drops 200,000 children into poverty

Things got a little ugly there for a while...  and we started getting crazy headlines about farm-yard goings-on amongst the Conservative Party, hence Derek's Pig-Gate Denial  in which he said he had no interest....

Then it got to the point where Tory Depression started to smother Britain....

The Limpet challenges Derek Thomas on Human Rights....
not for the last time...

Defend Human Rights  This is the poster that went up around all the country lanes of St. Buryan when Derek and Co. were still threatening to remove the Human Rights Act.

Derek Thomas MP challenged on Fox-Hunting - he says the issue should be decided on principle - it already was - I asked him which principles it should be decided on - I never found out... which principles, Derek?

Derek's little threat to liquidate the Human Rights Act

Derek Thomas - Exterminator!  Reynard the Fox is argued over by me and Derek, in an early encounter.  Right-wing politicos in Britain always threaten to 'bring back fox-hunting' - it's guaranteed to cause a storm of protest (which I endorse) but is also a great diversionary tactic.  While we're all off chasing the fox, the Tories are looting the town.

Version 2 - Tory Class-War

Introducing Derek.... this was in the early days of our romance, before we started taking each other for granted.  Even then, I had a hunch he wouldn't be right for me.

Derek on film:  We finally got to have our 'little chat'...

Derek lies to me about the United Nations Convention Against Torture:

Derek Thomas' disgraceful record on Human Rights  is reflected in this letter to the Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall police about the tragic and unnecessary police-killing of Marc Cole, a 30 year old man in Falmouth on 23rd May, 2017.

This London cabbie has got a message for you young voters out there who would like some clarity on what it's all about....  believe me, this guy's got the knowledge.

Some Traditional Songs About Derek Thomas and The Conservatives....

No Future For You, Derek Thomas!

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