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British Buddhists totally reject any tolerance of any form of abuse whatsoever being practiced in the name of religion - We demand Pure Teachers - We do not welcome fraudsters who teach Dharma one minute and punch Nuns and other Buddhists the next - We do not support organizations or events that will not openly declare for ZERO-TOLERANCE OF ABUSE IN BUDDHISM - 
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Open Letter To:  The Lama Formerly Known As Sogyal Rinpoche
Date:  4th January 2018
Re:   Conduct

Dear Sonam - I sincerely hope you are recovering from your period of illness and wish you to be healed as soon as possible - From now on you must look after your health properly -

Were it not for the scale of the matter I would not disturb a man recovering from a recent operation but sadly I am compelled to do so 

You have posed quite a riddle for your students Sogyal - How can what seems so high co-exist with what is so low - I will puzzle over that one day perhaps -

I am an anarchist and I think - speak and act for myself - using my conscience as the highest authority - I have learned that relinquishing autonomous sovereignty leads to downfall - a valuable lesson - I also think Shakyamuni Buddha held the same attitude - as did Sokrates - 

If the Buddha-Dharma is to continue to flourish in the World it will need to be seen as something wholesome and its teachers need to be good people to whom we can  entrust our daughters and sons- 

I have asked you to never teach again as you are utterly discredited as a man fit to teach the Dharma - 

If you ever emerge in public and try to present yourself as a man worthy to speak the Dharma I will nail your ass to the nearest telegraph-pole -  

Ian Maxwell was a good man - an apology would be nice -

Later - Jeremy

Open Letter To:  Patrick Gaffney &; Phillip Phillipou - Bored Members of the Rigpa mind uk Corporation International
Date:  5th January 2018
Re:  Zero-Tolerance of Abuse As An Offering To The Three Jewels

Dear Patrick and Phillip -
You and the other members of the Hallucination Bored (the organization that took over control of Primordial Essence Of Mind Incorporated) such as Phillip Phillipou still cling to the position that Sogyal aka Rinpoche (The Precious One) is worthy to teach Buddhism -
This board has failed to denounce a man who is considered by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama as "disgraced" -  as the world knows - and owing to the sordid and disgusting nature of Sonam-s crimes this is not acceptable to me - the vast majority of other Buddhists who have ever had any connection with Sogyal or the general public - perhaps you would like to check with the latter two groups for confirmation -
In the view of this - combined with your fascistic refusal to honour free speech and communicate with the Sangha properly - and your wasting Dharma-funds on lawyers to try to frighten and bully the people into silence - I thought I-d just defame you and your cronies on the jewel-net and see what happens -
Defamation:  Patrick Gaffney and Phillip Phillipou are a pair of slack - unreliable - pignorant -Dharma-warping - cheap - lying - stealing - embezzling - collusive - dishonest nun-humping- rubber-necked - unworthy - treacherous  - false - duplicitous - greedy - slimy - disrespectful - cowardly - exploitative - drunken -nun-punching - drug-abusing - womanizing - gamboling - poodle-grooming - shit-eating - anathemic - money-lifting - malfeasant - egregious - iconoclastic - dehumanizing - gang-banging - pant-wetting - pickpocketing - car-stealing - crack-piping - sheeple-rustling - tax-avoiding - work-shy - fare-dodging - jay-walking - litter-dropping - fly-tipping - acid-tripping  - self-aggrandizing - copyright and art-stealing - good-for-nouts who couldn-t organize an orgy in a Fake-Lama-s five-star hotel room - and you both secretly dress as girlies and dance around the room to disco music turned up moderately loud - so there goes your fame -but does a yogi care for name and fame and worldly games or does he humbly eat the blame for bringing Dharma into shame -
Therefore until such time as Vision Board Inc publicly denounce Sogyal ex-Rinpoche as a man who-s public verbal teaching was legendary - but - and it-s a big-butt - whose secret conduct was disgusting and vile - and until a real public apology is made to the survivors of Sogyal-s egoic tyranny and until such time as Vision Board Inc agrees to a revolution of democracy within its system -
You can expect trouble -
This will take a number of unpredictable forms and names - never violent or illegal of course - just nice friendly Buddhist ways to kick yo ass to Chicago - suckers -

Jeremy Sch@nche - Newlyn - Kernow - Great Britain

CC:  Casey Frank - Editor in Chief - Miami Herald - U    - perhaps we should discuss this Casey ( PS Please say hi to Joe for me)


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