Saturday, 27 May 2017


On 4/18/17 I was told the Miami Herald published an article on how Dade County Medical Examiner Dr Lew is refusing to allow an independent medical examiner to review the skin and blood samples etc. from Darren Rainey that are the records to support her findings.  Also, I was told the reason why Dr Lew is doing the foregoing is because she’s alleging the skin and blood samples etc. that the independent examiner wants to review are not public records.

 If  that was true then why do medical examiners across Florida disagree with her.  You can find several articles by the Miami Herald newspaper on prison deaths that county medical examiners across Florida allowed independent medical examiners to look at the skin, blood etc. samples in other prison death cases.  Also, you can find several other cases in Florida where county medical examiners allowed independent examiners to examine skin, blood etc. samples in murders and deaths they were assigned to.  Were all the medical examiners in Florida legally wrong for doing what they did and only Dr Lew’s office is right?  Of course not.  Florida lawyers also say Dr Lew’s office is legally wrong.  I can only think of two logical reasons why Dr Lew’s office would refuse to allow an independent medical examiner to review the skin, blood etc. samples from Darren Rainey.  Dr Lew and the Dade County State Attorney know the skin samples prove Rainey’s skin was burned and that he didn’t die like Dr Lew alleged.  
Option One:  They don’t want the independent examiner to expose Dr Lew’s lies, so they’re going to fight tooth and nail to prevent the foregoing.  
Option Two:  Dr Lew refused to allow the independent examiner to review the record samples from Rainey until she had time to replace Rainey’s record samples with another dead person’s samples.  
These are the only two logical reasons I can come up with.  If you can think of another one will you please share it with me?  In other blogs I addressed problems with Dr Lew’s findings and how a lot of the reasons why Dade County officials don’t want to prosecute Rainey’s killers is because Rainey was a poor, black, mentally disabled Muslim prisoner and to them Rainey’s life wasn’t worth how much it’ll cost to prosecute Rainey’s killers.  
I haven’t yet explained the impact the Rainey case would have on the Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) and Florida and how much it’ll cost these two entities if a murder prosecution was instituted (and was successful.)  I believe it’s fair to say that if the Dade County Florida State Attorney (and Dr Lew) said Rainey was killed based on the conditions in the shower it would show the DOJ and the people of the World the extent of the evil to which FDC staff will subject inmates.  It would more than likely cause the DOJ (and the people of the World) to see that the DOJ (or some type of independent oversight committee) really needs to take over, supervise, monitor FDC and it would lead to millions and millions of dollars in liability and problems for FDC that they’d have to pay to have fixed to prevent future inmates from being harmed.  
Despite all of the things I’ve mentioned, these things shouldn’t matter.  Those who killed Rainey shouldn’t be allowed to remain free and Rainey’s killers should be prosecuted.  If Rainey’s killers would be prosecuted their prosecution would be a statement to all that the lives of poor people, black people, mentally disabled people, Muslims and prisoners matter.  By not prosecuting Rainey’s killers it is a clear statement that the lives of the lives of these people don’t matter and the life of poor, black, mentally disabled Muslim prisoner Darren Rainey doesn’t matter to Dade County Medical Examiner Dr Lew, and to the Dade County, Florida State Attorney who led Dr Lew to make false findings on Darren Rainey’s murder.
Please share this blog with your friends and anybody you believe would like to join us in our fight for the value of life.  Please sign our petition at entitled THE LIFE OF BLACK, MENTALLY DISABLED MUSLIM PRISONER DARREN RAINEY DOES MATTER.

Harold Hempstead, a.k.a. Caged Crusader, Tennessee D.C., April 2017

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