Friday, 19 May 2017

Theo Blackmore Open Letter On Death And Politics

To:  Theo Blackmore, Liberal Democrat Party, Penzance, West Cornwall, Britain.
Dear Theo,
I've known you for many years and I consider you a friend so I was happy to hear of you standing as a Liberal Democrat Party local councillor and thought you had a good chance of getting voted in.  Back in February you came to my door with some of your Party colleagues, including a lady in a wheel-chair who I believe you said was a Baroness.  We talked briefly and I took some literature from you and also briefly described my work on the Rainey case.  Darren Rainey was the mentally-disabled Muslim who the Florida jail-guards Clarke and Thompson etc., steamed to death in a torture-chamber in the mental wing of Dade prison, Florida.  Your colleagues were very interested in what I had to say on the Rainey case and it was agreed between us all that I would forward material on the case to the Baroness - via you.
I sent spent some time writing you an email with several links to information on this matter on 14th February. 
Receiving no reply from you, I sent the same message on 15th March.
Receiving no reply from you, I sent a message on 18th March asking if you had received the others.  I was using the email address from your propaganda leaflet, so presumably you monitor it.
Receiving no reply from you I re-sent the message of 18th March again on 20th March.
Receiving no reply from you I became somewhat pissed off.
Meeting you on the road some weeks back I explained all this to you and you said you would respond.
Receiving no response from you, I became disillusioned. 
Voting day came round and you didn't get in, it was won by corrupt Tory Roger Harding, the car-salesman who chops down protected woodlands for a hobby.  It seems doubly sad and ironic that Roger won.  If only you had communicated with me as you said you would, you could have helped the human rights crisis in USA and I could have given you loads of dirt on Roger Harding.  These people, these Tories, these Conservatives are so openly corrupt, it's quite easy to collect good evidence on them.  I could have helped you demolish that corrupt joker, but instead, we're saddled with more years of right-wing, capitalist, austerity and general malaise.  Shame. 
From long years of unpaid political activism I've learned one thing.  Most of your time, if you are a writer, rather than a thrower of bricks, is spent chasing evasive politicians who do not like to get embroiled in various human rights and legal conundrums and crises that people like me constantly throw at them.  Rather than having the honesty to just say 'go away', most of these politicians will lead you into a time-wasting dance that can go on for years.  This was well-known to Charles Dickens in the nineteenth century who devoted a chapter of Little Dorritt to the 'Circumlocution Office' of the British Government, where they basically just fuck you around and play little tricks on you...  Well, while I'm dealing with the Circumlocution Office, people are getting their heads kicked in in Florida and in every state of the union where people are herded into cages like animals and tormented in the name of the law.  They are dying of starvation, dehydration, injuries, medical neglect, medicinal poisonings and many other forms of torture, cruel, unusual, degrading and inhumane treatment.  Which is why I hate having to spend hours writing chasing-messages to people who promise to respond and then fail to.
The information you said you would pass to your Party colleagues concerns an American prison that has descended to the level of a kind of death-camp.  The State has already admitted liability in the case, including torture and multiple fatalities.
Since discussing this issue with you in February, the State of Florida has found 'no wrong-doing' in the killing of Darren Rainey.  For those of us fighting to bring justice for a dead, black Muslim and the other disabled people and blind people being starved to death in the Amerikan prison system, the last thing we need is politicians wasting our time with false promises of help.
To earn the people's respect, and votes, politicians have to do what they say they are going to do.
Jeremy Schanche

P.S.  I made a critical remark about your politics to my mother who told me to "shut up" and slammed the phone down on me.  She hasn't spoken to me since...


Read how Florida's 'Caged Crusader' speaks out courageously for the rights of the disabled inmates incarcerated in the Florida Department of Corrections.  Harold Hempstead has been putting his safety in jeopardy to publicize the torture of mentally and physically disabled convicts by prison staff who are confident in getting away 'Scott' Free with their crimes - which include murder.

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