Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Marc Cole, Cornwall's First Taser Death

30-year old Marc Cole - a painter from Falmouth who  had a recent history of severe and enduring mental-illness - a severe condition of the brain called hydrocephalus and a family history of Bi-Polar Disorder died on 23rd May 2017 after being shot by Devon and Cornwall police with a Taser stun-gun when they were called out to attend a mental-health-crisis - Mr Cole is the first person in Cornwall to die after being stunned with a taser - 
Letter to:  The Cornishman newspaper  Cornwall, Britain and other press, 29:5:17
Dear Editor,
I was extremely distressed to hear that 30 year old Marc Cole, a painter from Falmouth died on Tuesday 23rd May, having cut himself in the street and been shot by police with a taser stun-gun.  
Over the last seven years I've had a lot of communication about tasers with the police, government, UN and human rights organisations.  The law around tasers is something I have touched on with Derek Thomas MP, who has kept me waiting eleven months for a response.  
As a citizen of a democracy, I expect my representatives to engage in discussion with me over the issue of arming our police.  I agree with the UN that the taser is not safe for street-use.  As I've watched the taser-fatalities accumulate in this country, I'd imagine the relatives of the deceased might agree with me. Safer weapons are available.  May we as a people discuss this?
Jeremy Schanche
I am very keen to speak to the family of Marc Cole, the man who was killed in the above incident.  They can contact me at: save the holy headland at yahoo dot com - I'm a human-rights activist who has worked on taser-law issues for several years and would like to offer them any help I can give.  
Jeremy Schanche
note:  since writing the above notice, I have made contact with the family of the man apparently killed by police in the street in Falmouth.  If anyone else has been shot or threatened by police with a stun-gun, please contact me for free legal advice.

Please check out my in-depth investigation of everything related to taser RESIST CARDIAC ARREST  written in 2010, when I launched my campaign against these illegal and vicious weapons of torure, having seen what was happening in the USA, where people were dying on a very regular basis from being shot with these weapons.  The town of Falmouth, in West Cornwall, Great Britain, has played a very important part in the RCA campaign, as it was a previous incident of Falmouth police taser-torture that led to my communicating with the United Nations and learning about how Britain's politicians have lied to us since '85 on this issue. This is an interesting example of 'cause and effect,' or a 'chain of causality.'

Nutshell Version:  tasers arrive in UK, RCA Campaign starts after death of Brian Loan, 1st fatality;  UN Declaration says tasers are illegal instrument of torture; Brit Gov non-communication and evasion after many, many letters from me about legal basis of weapons;  UNCAT never ratified as politicians won't go there or talk about it;  police continue to stun-gun people;  man dies in Cornwall, as predicted in 2010.
Welcome to the Western Democracy.  Bullet-proof jackets are available for going shopping.

A brother speaks of a lost brother - dead after police taser attack.

Tributes to Marc Cole from the community.
Please remember Marc Cole, 'Colsey' of Falmouth, Britain and his family, in this most distressing situation.  Please respect the family's request to be left in peace.  

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