Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Rainey Not Hot From Shower Rainey Hot From Madness

What do we know?  We're not doctors!  We have no background in science!  Why don't we just shut up and listen to the experts?  These people know what they're talking about.  They've been to university and studied medicine for years.  They know what they are talking about - we do not, so please shut up.
These people, Medical Examiners and the like, have also taken the Hippocratic Oath and presumably other oaths too, to serve their community in a lawful and proper manner, without prejudice, etc., so they're obviously not going to lie.
I promised my friend Harold Hempstead to publish whatever he has to say on the Rainey case, as, after all, he was downstairs, right below the shower, listening to Darren Rainey scream and beg for mercy as the 'guards' taunted and mocked him.  Well, he was a madman, after all.  Apparently he got so mad he over-heated, his skin fell off and he dropped dead.  How mad must you be for your skin to just peel off and drop onto the floor?
Anyway, for some obscure reason, Harold Hempstead chooses to dispute these expert findings from a highly qualified public official and since I promised I'd publish for him, I s'pose I'll have to go ahead, even though he's a convicted robber, so presumably can't be trusted, whereas Dr Lew is a celebrated and highly qualified, long-serving, medical professional, so presumably can be relied on one hundred per cent to pursue and expose the truth in a fearlessly honest and scientific manner - obviously.
Oh, to be fair, Dr Lew said it wasn't just his 'schizophrenia' that killed him - she pointed out the high death-rate of 'schizophrenics', but I think this is largely down to the police shooting them - it was also the result of 'confinement'.  Being in a room is not known to be fatal, without other significant factors, like a knife-wielding maniac being locked in the room with you, etc..  She also cited the 'warm, steamy atmosphere' as one of the reasons his skin fell off.  I'm never bathing again, I don't know about you, but I ain't risking it!  I never knew how dangerous it was - thank God I still have my skin.....  to think of all those times I've been in a warm, moist, steamy atmosphere, in a room with the door closed!  To wit, my own shower at home!  All this time I was living with an un-exploded bomb in the next room!  Thank God Dr Lew warned me about the dangers of that one!  She also mentioned a 'previously undiagnosed' heart condition - that had never caused him any problems in life and could hardly be substantiated independently, after they pushed for a quick cremation of Mr Rainey's earthly remains.  As I think about this, I can feel a kind of anger rising.
Well that's enough from me, let's go over to our man in Tennessee, a man who actually knows what he's talking about.  A brave Crusader, yes, but a gentle soul, a kind-hearted old-style Christian who takes Jesus at his word.  A man whose weapons are those of a true warrior - a ball-point-pen and the Spirit.
Brothers and Sisters, please read Harold Hempstead's blog, and for God's sake share it around.  It's not a story on the internet - it's murder - for real - and torture - starvation - rape - indefinite Solitary - and everything else - please join our fight for the Value of Life and help spread this information.  Let's show those miserable gits in Florida that even if they don't care about brother Rainey's unthinkably vile death locked in that torture-chamber they rigged up down there in Miami - plenty of us around the World do - and the noise around this case is going to get louder and louder until it stops people like Dr Lew, Katherine Fernandez Rundle, Julie Jones and the whole damn corrupt gang of 'em from getting any sleep.
Please print out The Limpet and pass it around.  It can also be stuck to walls as a poster - don't hold back...

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