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Derek Thomas MP Investigated for Dereliction of Duty and Failure to Provide Representation to Constituents in West Cornwall and the Scilly Isles

Derelict Derek and the Death of Democracy
Open letter to Derek Thomas, MP for St.Ives and Isles of  Scilly, Cornwall,  8th May, 2017

Dear Derek,
I wish to complain most strongly that since being our MP you have failed to reply to the majority of my letters and messages to you.  An MP's duty is to represent his or her constituents and this requires  responding to them.  You have a staff to help with correspondence.  On 9th July 2016 I interviewed you on youtube and you told me you would investigate the ratification of the UN Convention Against Torture which PM Thatcher signed in 1985 but did not ratify.  Ten months later you have not done so. When I asked you last autumn if there was any progress on this issue you told me you were conducting research... 
This January I sent you a series of emails and phone-messages imploring you to liaise with Foreign Secretary Johnson over the case of Krishna Maharaj, an innocent British citizen who's spent 30 years in Florida's prisons, including ten under death-sentence.  Mr Maharaj has been exonerated but not released.  When he recently contracted flesh-eating bacterial disease the Florida Department of Corrections were not permitting him to have medical treatment, though he risked losing a leg.  The Reprieve organisation was calling for our government to intervene and get this 78 year old into hospital.  I begged you repeatedly to help this man but you failed to respond to my pleas and turned a deaf ear.
I was very disappointed by this.
Jeremy Schanche 

An MP who doesn't respond to constituents' letters is no better than a policeman who does not arrest robbers, a doctor who refuses to treat patients or a fireman who will not attend a fire.  Criminal negligence and dereliction of duty - Derelict Derek. 
Anyone with nothing better to do could scroll down through this blogspot and find the tedious history, going back to the very beginning of his tenure, of the failure of Derek Thomas MP to reply to his letters.  There must be literally scores of unanswered emails quoted in this blog, plus numerous emails where I'm specifically asking him to respond to the heap of previous ones.  A fair bit of my correspondence is thus 'chasing-correspondence' which is a secondary problem to deal with and waste time over, if you can be bothered.  I have been more or less bothered and have kept pretty good, but not exhaustive records of Derek's non-communication and dereliction of duty, which I consider a serious offence against our democracy.  These are not just words to me.  I believe Derek Thomas guilty of criminal negligence and I'm happy to bark it into his face, as it were. 

Things came to a head between me and Derek when we had an Ancient Greek style debate on democracy in the street, early last summer.   At the time I angrily accused Derek of non-communication and after a slightly heated exchange - on my part - settled into a more friendly chat, we agreed to do the YouTube interview (there's a whole long back-story of faffing around about arranging the interview too....more wasted time). 
This interview was to be a kathartic meeting of minds, which, to some extent, it was.  At the time, it seemed to compensate a bit for the unanswered letters and I thought it was good of Derek to agree to talk to me on camera, unedited - most politicians are very wary about their public image, and live free-speech debate scares the hell out of most of them.  I enjoyed doing the interview and found Derek's company pleasant and friendly.  We talked for over an hour, we were both very tired but we went for it anyway and I think we both considered it a success.  Derek expressed an interest in repeating the experience in a few months time and I agreed that I'd be happy to do so.
The thing is, in politics, like everything else, you have to judge people by their actions and as soon as the interview was completed Derek went right back to ignoring my communiques.  I let it go for a long time, giving him the 'benefit of the doubt' that he was indeed putting some work into the project we'd discussed - namely the UNCAT ratification.  By the autumn though, I tried to summon Derek's help over a couple of British political prisoners overseas at risk of torture or death - no response. 
In January 2017 I made several desperate attempts to contact Derek over the fate of Krishna Maharaj, the innocent Brit in prison in Florida for 30 years now.  It was just before Kris' 78th birthday when he contracted necrotising fasciitis - flesh-eating bacterial disease - in the ghastly conditions of the Florida Department of Corrections.  I really thought Derek would respond or at least acknowledge my messages, but I never had a single word from him - he was quite happy to leave Kris to quite literally rot in jail, in extreme danger of losing his leg - if not his life.  This I find hard to forgive.  So despite Derek talking about 'being on the right side' and telling us how much he cares about women and children in Pakistan and Syria, and all he does to help the world, from Cornwall to Africa, when it comes to lifting a finger to try to help a British citizen who's life is in danger in a nightmarish gulag, Derek can't quite be bothered.  Perhaps if Krishna Maharaj was called Christopher Marshall and had a white face and went to church Derek would get off his proverbial.

Email of 18th Jan.2017 to Derek Thomas MP

Urgent Attention:  Derek Thomas MP
Dear Derek,          K R I S   M A H A R A J  /  FLORIDA
Thank you for your message.  I note your statement:  

"It is worth recognising that anyone who is found to be at risk of torture in their country of origin will not be returned."

Should we not apply this same level and principle of justice to securing the release of a sick and elderly man, exonerated of guilt after 30 years in a cell?
I am sure you have seen my last two messages about Kris Maharaj, a British prisoner of Florida.  I am extremely concerned about the welfare of this innocent man, who has already suffered unimaginable horrors in the Florida Department of Corrections, due to the corruption of the Miami-Dade police department and their collusion with the Escobar cocaine company.  
As I mentioned, this issue has been put on Boris Johnson's desk and I would be extremely grateful if you could ascertain from him what action the British Government has taken to secure urgent medical help for Kris. 
My home phone number is PZ xxxxxx and my mobile is xxxxx xxxxxx.  I'd very much appreciate an update.
With thanks and best wishes from Jeremy
Here you can find information on the case of Krishna Maharaj, an innocent British citizen who has so far spent 30 in the Florida Department of Corrections, including ten years under wrongful sentence of death.

Article about The United Nations Convention Against Torture

The Limpet 160 - Derek Thomas makes UNCAT promise, July 2016...

Here's the actual text of the UNCAT, see Article 22, Paragraph 1

Please check out the unfolding story of Darren Rainey, the black Muslim steamed to death by Florida prison guards on 23rd June, 2012; the cover-up of his killing and the deconstruction and explosion of said cover-up by Harold Hempstead, a.k.a. Miami Harold, a.k.a. The Caged Crusader.  I'm publishing Harold's blog for him - please check it out and join our fight to uphold the value of all lives.  Last year I interviewed the Caged Crusader and asked him about his history, events at Dade prison, Florida and also the Christian philosophy that inspires his activism and his struggle.
...Queueing for the House of Lords...


Don't you let my letter get you down...  The Battle for Britain...
Note:  The Queen offered Bowie a knighthood -nightwarp- but he
didn't need Babylon's gong, he knew who he was.

Down with Derek!

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