Sunday, 21 January 2018


Open Letter To:  Patrick Gaffney - Right-Hand-Man of Sogyal Aka Rinpoche and Head-Insider at Rigpa International Inc    21:1:2018
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Dear Patrick -
You might possibly remember me from London - Kathmandu - The French Alps - Cornwall - Sikkim etc etc - I remember sharing a table with you once at the Bir Hotel in Boudhanath - Nepal - I seem to recall you complaining about the service!  Anyway Patrick I address you today as I have had no response whatsoever from you or Phillip Phillippou or Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche or Sogyal or anyone at all at the Rigpa business organization and time is running short - I have made numerous sincere attempts to initiate a dialogue with all of yous but you continue a policy of ignorance towards me -
I appeal to your sense of reason - what is best in this situation ~  I suggest the best thing is if you talk to me very soon - I have already set out my objections to the Rigpa Organization in London hosting teachers who have failed to denounce Sogyal the Abuser - If you continue to ignore me and go forward with this plan I will initiate my high-profile campaign of public attention on the Rigpa organization and all it stands for - and all it has hidden - and I know things that not a single living person has yet alluded to in the press - things that will make quite a stir - 
This isn-t a boast but just to let you know what is possible:  In my first ever campaign I was one of a tiny group of Cornish citizens who defeated a business consortium that included the future King of England - Charles Windsor - They withdrew their stupid plan and the Holy Headland of Penzance was saved from being buried under thousands of tons of Royal concrete!  Our weapons were felt-tip pens and photocopiers - 
Basically Patrick I am becoming a bit cheesed off with taking time out from my work to squabble with a bunch of Buddhists about whether or not anyone thinks it fit to discuss the rampant sexual exploitation and violent tyrannical madness of poor deluded Sogyal - whilst the show carries on as normal like nothing ever happened!
I have tried to point out to yous that the general public are going to see this thing in a very different light to the Buddhist community and in many ways a religious organization should be answerable to the general public whom it is ostensibly liberating from darkness - Hypocrisy will be rooted out and exposed to the eyes of the world - is this the way you wish things to go ~
So this is your final friendly word of advice to talk to me right away - or brace yourself for a fire-storm of Truth like you-ve never seen - Or perhaps a pathetically weak and ill-thought-out campaign from a well-meaning but clueless nutter - View it how you wish - it will soon manifest in your physical face - 
So come on Patrick - why not do the decent thing like an English gentleman and talk to an old Dharma Brother who like so many others is wrestling with a huge Dharma-problem!  
I warmly await your response - Kind Regards - Jeremy Schanche

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